Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 17/11/2019

Dinner and a show, breakfast and a hangover, doctors appointment and a massive hike in your life insurance premiums.


10) MCW & Evie’s presents G.IRL 5

17th November

What: Introducing G.IRL, Australia’s premiere women’s wrestling brand, hosted by Melbourne City Wrestling and Evie’s Disco Diner! More action! More excitement! And more of the good times that you’ve come to expect from our previous events at Evie’s! Witness the best female wrestlers from around Australia (and the world) under the one roof, with DJ’s and pre-show entertainment before the main card kicks off.

Why: Who says mindlessly beating the s*** out of each other for the approval of drunken idiots is just for men?’s-presents-G.IRL-5/b35e4480-0727-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


9) Big Love Fest

22nd-24th November

What: Love is a many splendored (and at times very complex!) thing. It comes in all shapes and sizes. All genders and preferences. It’s what connects us to ourselves, to others, to the planet and the multiverse. So what better way to celebrate and explore it in all its glory and manifestations than at BIG LOVE FEST? If you LOVE tantra and embodiment, transformational closed space workshop experiences, illuminating talks from keynote speakers and presenters on relationship, intimacy, sexuality & embodiment, epic evening socials infused with dance, music, ritual and ceremony, time to celebrate, connect and love one another in a freely expressive and safe way, delicious healthy eats, elixirs and tonics that support feelings of body bliss, massage, reiki, bodywork and more healing modalities designed to connect you to your highest, most loving self, then come to BIG LOVE FEST.

Why: You know how a nude beach sounds brilliant until you see the most common clientele of said beach? Keep that in mind.


8) Gruel by Gruel

23rd November

What: Experience the launch of GRUEL 01, an experimental dinner series in Melbourne. This month’s meal will be four courses, all vegan, inspired by the namesake. Come open-minded and without expectations. They cannot wait to serve you.

Why: Well, it is going to be vegan. So, they can’t really instruct you to come open minded and without expectations. It’s really going to be one or the other.


7) #MeToo Founder Tarana Burke

18th November

What: For the first time in Melbourne, hear Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo movement, civil rights activist, and feminist speak at the Collingwood Town Hall. Tarana will be joined on stage for a panel discussion with local feminists Tracey Spicer AM (journalist); Dr. Kyllie Cripps (proud Pallawah woman and violence prevention expert); Kate Jenkins (Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner) and Mary Crooks AO (panel moderator and Executive Director, Victorian Women’s Trust).

Why: Participate in the monetisation of a genuinely affecting cause.


6) Experimenta Social #32

20th November

What: Hear from two artists using the power of chemical compounds to fuel their creative practices. By harnessing the energies from chemical reactions, they are vividly transforming the ways we experience sound and light in live performance and dynamic installations.

Why: Just like that guy from down the road who has a cupboard full of burner phones.


5) Ela Melbourne and Blackhearts & Sparrows present Dinner and a Show

23rd November

What: Ela Melbourne and Blackhearts & Sparrows present: dinner and a show! Enjoy a seasonal, three-course meal made by Ella Mittas of Ela Melbourne, with a wine list curated by Blackhearts & Sparrows to the sounds of the darkly acoustic Melbourne singer-songwriter cum technicolour pop indie musician, Jess Ribeiro.

Why: There’s nothing more tonally appropriate to accompany an extravagant, expensive gourmet feast than…indie rock. Well, at least Ribeiro and the gluttons at this event share the same habit of interjecting in French for no apparent reason.


4) A Midnight Visit

17th November

What: An epic 36 rooms a await you in an abandoned warehouse. Explore a dark dreamworld of shadows, thrills, obsession and mystery in a performance experience like no other. Inspired by the life and works of the granddaddy of gothic, Edgar Allan Poe, A Midnight Visit is part choose your own adventure, part performance, part sound world, part surreal playground – and all parts unforgettable.

Why: It is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, but the choose-your-own-adventure aspect is not license to screw your underage cousin.


3) East Malvern Food + Wine Festival

17th November

What: Mark your diaries because the 4th annual East Malvern Food & Wine Festival is back. Last year saw over 4,000+ Melbourne food and wine lovers flock to picturesque Central Park, East Malvern. They spent the day savouring over 100 wines, craft beers, ciders and small batch distillers as well as a curated selection of local and regional culinary exhibitors. This year will be no exception.

Why: The best reason to go to a place you’ve never heard of. A sentence beginning with, “Over 100 wines”.


2) Melbourne Night Noodle Markets

17th-24th November

What: The eagerly-awaited Melbourne Night Noodle Markets return to Birrarung Marr! Serving up savoury, sweet and spicy street-food from China, Vietnam, Thailand and beyond, the Night Noodle Markets will transform the banks of the Yarra into a vibrant hawker-style market for 18 noodle-filled nights. The food festival will not only offer delicious dishes – there’ll be live music, DJs and plenty of good vibes.

Why: If living as a student hasn’t permanently turned you off the consumption of noodles, then you’re wealthy enough to fully enjoy these markets.


1) Urban Wine Walk

23rd November

What: The sun is shining, the weather is sweet! That’s right everyone, spring is here and that means it’s time to gather your friends because Urban Wine Walk is back! As a part of their biggest series to date, the city will light up as a line-up of the neighbourhood’s best venues each transform into an Urban Cellar Door for you to visit on a self-guided wine tasting trail without having to leave the city! You and your friends will enjoy amazing hospitality at a hand picked selection of local bars and restaurants whilst of course sampling a range of beautiful wines from the best winemakers Australia has to offer.

Why: Copious amounts of wine coupled with walking. Seems a like a well-thought-out event.

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