Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 16/06/2019

You’ll emerge from this week like a butterfly with a hangover.


10) IoT Festival 

18th June

What: Welcome to Australia’s premier Internet of Things industry event! Now in its 3rd year, the 2019 Australian IoT Festival is a celebration of the increasingly-connected world and the possibilities it creates for business, government and consumers. In a single day of intense information exchange, the Festival will reveal thought leader insights into how the IoT creates new opportunities, showcase new and emerging IoT technologies and share IoT success stories from practitioners across all sectors of the economy.

Why: Because the mark of any successful entrepreneur is convention attendance.


9) OK Wines Launch: Tempranillo and Paella Party

22nd June

What: The paintings of Benjamin Aitken will provide a visceral backdrop as you taste two vibrant wines: 2018 Tempranillo Adelaide HIlls, and 2018 Tempranillo + Pinot Noir, Adelaide Hills. Enjoyed in true Spanish-style with a plate of authentic Paella by Carni Carlus, and plenty of jamón and cheese to share!

Why: There’s no better way to appreciate contemporary art than having it in the background whilst you focus on gorging.


8) Superlunary Room 2: Andrew J Pearson (Opening Night)

18th June

What: Andrew Pearson’s latest exhibition is part of an ongoing utilisation of actual and virtual space to provide opportunity for transcendence. The principal concept for Andrew is the unification of humanity and the natural world. Collected footage of the world around us is presented as kaleidoscopic imagery, constructed around a meditative soundscape to evoke our feelings and emotions.

Why: A more intellectually nourishing event than your last attempt at transcendence. (The stains will never wash out, you should just throw your sheets away.)


7) Grey Sands Wine Dinner

21st June

What: A milestone Wine Dinner with Grey Sands Vineyard. 2019 represents the 30th year since first vines were planted; making these some of the oldest vines in the Tamar Valley wine region. Winemaker-Owners Bob & Rita Richter from Grey Sands will host the celebration of, in their words, ‘the coming-of-age’ for their vineyard.

Why: How every thirty-year-old celebrates their coming of age. Litres of wine.


6) Boatrocker X Starward: Barrel-Aged Boilermakers

20th June

What: Come on down to the White Oaks Saloon for a special evening of Barrel-Aged Boilermakers by Boatrocker Brewers & Starward Whiskey. Expect rare barrel-aged beers from Boatrocker matched with some special releases by Starward Whiskey.

Why: How apt. They’ve already referenced the resultant feeling comparable to seasickness of excessive amounts of hard liquor.


5) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 

16th-23rd June

What: Anthony Warlow – Australia’s original Phantom – is set to play ‘demon barber’ Sweeney Todd, while Gina Riley plays pie-shop owner Mrs. Lovett in Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s 1979 musical masterpiece. Together they bring high-wattage star power to this unique new concert production.

Why: The plan for post-Brexit food production in the form of a musical!


4) Beer Tasting With Fixation Brewery Company

20th June

What: A passionate beer expert from the Fixation Brewery Co will provide you with their best India Pale Ales from their own incubator, which you can usually find in their brewery in Collingwood, Melbourne. For this special occasion, they will bring their tasting room to the Victory Lounge for an evening!

Why: Fixation. We just love learning alternate terms for addiction.


3) Winter Solstice Secret Supper

22nd June

What: On the shortest day and the longest night of the year, keep your inner light shining bright and join a celebration of local food, wine and new beginnings. Chef Ben McMenamin and the Social Food Project will be hosting a three course feast of food, wine, stories and solstice celebrations.

Why: Drinking secretly in winter in an unspecified location, but this time it’s not depressing because you’re being a ‘foodie’. Wait. We meant that the other way around.


2) Vinosphere

17th June

What: The world of Vinosphere will open at the Plaza Ballroom in the Regent Theatre for the very first time! Showcasing some of the finest, newest and coolest wines from all around the globe, this is an extraordinary opportunity to taste over 500 wines from more than 150 producers. And chat to the people who made them.’

Why: We’ve never heard of wines being described as ‘cool’ by anyone over the age of 13. Plaza Ballroom? Expensive Wine? Cool. They’ve clearly done a brilliant job with their promotional vernacular.


1) Emerging Writers’ Festival

19th-29th June

What: The Emerging Writers’ Festival brings writers, editors, publishers and literary performers together with the reading public for a festival that is an essential part of Australia’s literary calendar.

Why: “Together with the reading public”? Huh. We’ve never seen a whole Festival catfished before.

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