Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 15/12/2019

This week you’ll be taking flight…directly into the blast zone of an atomic bomb.


10) Christmas Cantata (Family Musical)

20th December

What: The Christmas Cantata is a show-stopping musical experience that has amazed audiences all across the world since 2011. Through beautiful music-filled stages, and one eternal message of hope, the Christmas Cantata will infuse your heart with the true meaning of Christmas.

Why: Ah, yes. The true meaning of Christmas. Killing the blasphemous. By which we mean vastly increasing suicidal intent with an interminable Christmas-themed non-comedy musical opera.


9) ‘Light and Noise’ Art Exhibition

19th November

What: Founder and force behind the Do Something For Nothing movement Joshua Coombes and artist Jamie Morrison have arrived in Australia to launch ‘Light and Noise,’ an exhibition that showcases portraits and stories of people experiencing homelessness. Aimed at encouraging conversation and awareness around the complexity and severity of homelessness on a global scale, Light and Noise highlights experiences of those living rougher than most, through portraits painted by artist Jamie Morrison.

Why: Experience the profundity and psychological affect of homelessness. If there’s a guy partially blocking the entrance to the gallery with a sign and an empty cup, just kick him out of the way. That prick’s always trying to ruin the vibe.’Light-and-Noise’-Art-Exhibition/396ed930-1c87-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192


8) The Shutdown

19th & 20th December

What: Come along and enjoy an upbeat comedy romance play that follows an unconventional undercover investigation into a ring of cyber activists. Can the experienced undercover agent Akida equip her new protégé Roger with swagger and charm to effectively infiltrate the ring of activists? Or will the activists be to far ahead in their plan to shutdown public debt?

Why: No, it’s not a parody of a university play. It’s just a university play.


7) House | Museum #2 Conversation Series

18th December

What: The ‘house museum’, even if historically defined, still proves a fundamentally contemporary and elusive subject. Uniting theorists, curators, architects, and historians from around the globe in one-on-one conversations, the House | Museum Conversation Series at the Lyon Housemuseum Galleries aims to clear intellectual space for ranging discussion on the House, the Museum, and the House Museum. By simultaneously traversing these cultural and typological junctions, openings for (re)thinking origins, developments, preoccupations, perversions, failures, futures, and other House Museum things may appear.

Why: And here we thought the higher echelons of the academic community might be reaching a cyclical endpoint when it comes to philosophising about obscure aspects of contemporary art-architecture. We of little faith. How wrong we were. In bullshi**ery we trust.


6) Ale of a Time Annual Awards

17th December

What: Join Dave and Luke with guests Chris Menichelli (Slowbeer) and Will Ziebell (The Crafty Pint) for a robust debate about beer during which you’ll consume more than a few.

Why: Mask your dark addictions with spirited debate. Like a politician but with fewer resultant genocides.


5) Hops & Dreams

15th December

What: Westside Ale Works has teamed up with Agaveria to create a beautifully boozy Sunday. Enjoy four cheeses from Harper and Blhom Cheese Shop to accompany four premium ales. These will both be paired with four expressions of one of the best craft Tequilas in the market, Tequila Arette.

Why: Either you’ll crap out your liver or you’ll never crap again. It’ll be a good time.


4) Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s The Taming of the Shrew 

17th-22nd December

What: Packed with live music, dancing and a dose of comedy, Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s The Taming of the Shrew is a full-scale, fast-paced adventure in the stunning St Kilda Botanical Gardens with a twist. Each night the audience decides which performer gets to play the Shrew and who gets to play the Tame, leading to a wild night of theatre where ANYTHING can happen.

Why: Take your whole family, from the oldest generation to the youngest. Following the play, casually muse out loud on the subject of misogyny. Watch the fireworks.



15th December


FLIGHT is a multi-sensory, multi-universal journey in complete darkness. DARKFIELD once again use their signature 3D soundscape to push the bounds of reality. Expect to reach an altitude very much at odds with the shipping container one is seated within.

Why: Alter your consciousness in a shipping container. Its incredible how the same description, when applied to two different subsets of humanity, can change radically. For example, a white citizen verses a non-white asylum-seeker.


2) Indie Comic Con

21st December

What: Celebrating independent comics, Indie Comic Con will feature a wide selection of comics, zines and graphic novels by local indie creators. Discover new worlds and new stories! Free and fun for all! Enjoy an Artist Market, featuring over 70 independent comic creators, a Comic Art Space with free art activities for all ages, a Library Lounge with a selection of comics to read and relax with, In Conversation an interview panel with creators Chris Gooch & Tatiana Davidson, a Pizza Pony food truck with wood-fired pizza and a Lounge Bar with soft drinks, beer, cider and snacks.

Why: Like the regular Comic Con, but without the exorbitant prices, poisonous misogyny or celebrity worship. So, pointless, really.


1) Saidin Salkic’s ‘The Shocking’ & ‘Swan Lake and the Atomic Bomb’

17th December

What: Experience two films revolutionising the cinematic substance and the structure. ‘The Shocking’: A man enters the stream of subconsciousness, finding the source of the shocking. ‘Swan Lake and the Atomic Bomb’ finds the direct link between representation in art, tracing it back as the real and specific source of the evil in the world.

Why: The best way to experience contemporary art. Via cinema. The viewing area is dark, so you only have to make faces indicating profound thought about 5% of the time.’s-‘The-Shocking’-and-‘Swan-Lake-and-the-Atomic-Bomb’/ecd49960-1c87-11ea-b14f-a713526e5192

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