Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 11/08/2019

Sense that? It’s victory. And two straight weeks of cheese-induced constipation.


10) Burlesque at The Woodlands

17th August

What: Join one of Coburg’s iconic venues for a night of seduction and glamour. Revive the good ol’ fashioned late-night cabaret dinner and show. This flurry of feathers showcases world class international and inter-state burlesque performer Jazida and Miss Burlesque Victoria, Ira Luxuria!

Why: Nothing puts one more in the mood for a show of complex eroticism than a fat piece of RSL beef fermenting in one’s stomach.


9) Come From Away

11th August-10th November

What: Come From Away tells the remarkable true story of thousands of stranded passengers and the small town in Newfoundland, Canada that welcomed them. Cultures clashed and nerves ran high, but uneasiness turned into trust, music soared into the night, and gratitude grew into enduring friendships. Don’t miss this breathtaking new musical written by Tony and Grammy nominees Irene Sankoff and David Hein.

Why: We have to admit, we’re warming to this new trend of post-political scandal musicals. A poetic, jazzy refrain is a much more enjoyable ear-worm than ‘SNC-Lavalin’ or ‘incomprehensible tweet no. 8300’.


8) Lunch with Winemaker Lennie Lister of Arlo Vintners

17th August

What: Enter The Wine Loop to explore the stories and insights of Rutherglen winemaker Lennie and sample his hand-picked tasting line up over Chef Tony Moss’s matched five-course grazing menu. Look forward to an afternoon of food made with passion and a great deal of wine knowledge to complement Lennie’s handpicked selection of Arlo wines.

Why: Nothing says ‘harbinger of classy gourmet fare’ like the name ‘Lennie’.


7) A Midnight Visit

11th August

What: An immersive experience like no other – part choose-your-own-adventure, part performance, part playground, part sound world – with over 30 rooms to explore freely and a cohort of troubled characters to encounter on your journey. An ever changing dream inspired by the works and worlds of Edgar Allan Poe.

Why: Well, we do want to make a small disclaimer here; there will be no underage cousin-banging on the menu.


6) Hot Chocolate Festival 

11th-29th August

What: Enjoy 31 hot new delicious and exotic hot chocolate flavours to warm up your winter. A selection of eight flavours will be available each day throughout the festival with each one served with an extra shot of hot couverture chocolate plus a handcrafted giant marshmallow.

Why: Write the above down. Send it to your doctor. Set an appointment for the end of the month. Check if your insurance covers insulin shots.


5) Indian Film Festival Of Melbourne 

11th-17th August

What: The Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) is the largest festival of its kind in Australia, celebrating the best of Indian cinema in all its forms, from Bollywood’s Hindi blockbusters to regional cinemas in various languages and films from the Indian sub-continent. The theme of this year’s film festival is ‘courage’.

Why: One of the newest cultural fetishes of film-goers the world over is opening itself out face-ward, skyward, frontward and backward and you better get in damn quick to be able to consider yourself as one of the cultural elite who liked it before it was cool.


4) Craft Cubed Festival 

11th-31st August

What: Now in its tenth year, the Craft Cubed Festival, a month-long, state-wide celebration of making, community and creative experimentation returns with a program embracing events, exhibitions and happenings from across the Victorian maker landscape. The theme of Crafting Culture invites the community to think about the ways in which the act of making connects and forges our cultural lives, be it across generations, across time, across geography. Expect both traditional and experimental interpretations of what it means to be involved in craft in 2019.

Why: Come one, come all to the sacred land of things Vinnie’s considers ‘unsaleable’.


3) West Projections Festival 

11th-18th August

What: West Projections Festival Inc. and Victoria University are proud to present the Festival in its sixth year. The artists involved have been invited to investigate their sense of place and their own definition of home using the eclectic canvas of Footscray, Seddon and West Footscray. The theme of ‘Home’ will be illuminated in shopfronts, bars, artist galleries and studios, public spaces, Victoria University campuses and laneways.

Why: A living monument to the capacity for contemporary artists to confuse and intimidate the living f-k out of tourists and Melbournians alike.


2) MOULD: A Cheese Festival 

16th & 17th August

What: Australia’s favourite cheese festival, MOULD brings together the best artisan producers from across the country for a day of cheese, wine, masterclasses and more. Alongside the best Australian cheeses, there will also be a full food program featuring dishes from local cheesemongers and others available to purchase.

Why: In a few more years, rising temperatures will make the announcement of this festival obsolete. Just stick your head out the window and the miasma of cheese sweating in the sun will punch you in the face.


1) Melbourne International Film Festival 

11th-18th August

What: MIFF is one of the world’s oldest film festivals, alongside Cannes and Berlin. Presenting a curated global program of innovative screen experiences and the world’s largest showcase of exceptional Australian film-making, MIFF is an accessible, iconic cultural event that provides transformative experiences for audiences and filmmakers alike.

Why: One of the oldest film festivals in the world is hobbling its way back onto the screens providing hundreds of contexts wherein you won’t have to figure out how to strap a secret whisky flask to your person without danger of spillage. In other words: it’s practically a film festival mandate to be buzzed 95% of the time.

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