Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 04/04/2021

Inhale that pork right up your face hole.


10) futurefoodsystem Dinner

10th April

What: Enjoy an tour experience at futurefoodsystem hosted by Matt Stone, Jo Barrett & Joost Bakker. “We see the future of food coming from our urban environments. Productive buildings with thriving ecosystems which sustain their inhabitants.” Matt, Jo and Joost would like to welcome you into their home for a glimpse into the future. Discover a building that produces its own food and power.

Why: Listen to the worst people you’ve ever met talk about the most boring thing you’ve ever heard of.


9) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

4th April Onwards

What: The magic has begun in Melbourne’s East End Theatre District. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a “wildly imaginative continuation of J.K. Rowling’s wizardry saga” (The Hollywood Reporter). Prepare to experience a thrilling new adventure that the Herald Sun Melbourne calls “Spellbinding – Like nothing on earth”.

Why: We haven’t read or seen it yet. Fingers crossed “the cursed child“ isn’t some reference to Rowling’s latest fun opinions concerning the transgender community.


8) Author Talk: Maria Augustus-Dunn

10th April

What: “Write what you know” is Maria Augustus-Dunn’s mantra. With this in mind, she wrote her first book Married Quarter – Boots, Berets and Bloody Uniforms in 2016 which detailed her 21 years as a military spouse. In 2018 Maria picked up the pen again and started writing her second book Dunnarunna – A Retirement Dunn Right, which follows their first five years of travelling around Australia. Dunnarunna will have you laughing, crying, cheering, and may also have you wanting to take that leap of faith and head off travelling too.

Why: With that many desperate attempts at wordplay, you know it’s going to be good.


7) Hard Quiz: Studio Records

9th April

What: Get ready for the return of Australia’s favourite quiz show. That’s right, Tom Gleeson is back! And he’s found another year’s worth of wannabe HARD QUIZ experts who are just champing at the bit to test their brains and come away victorious with the Big Brass Mug. There’ll be more bizarre topics, offbeat stories, and everyday experts who aren’t afraid to tell the world about their passion – and tell Tom where to stick it. Secure your seats to see a live recording of Australia’s favourite quiz!

Why: See Tom Gleeson prove he does not have the wit nor the charm to host an entire show by himself…in person!


6) Indigenous Dance with Djirri Djirri Dancers

7th April

What: This dance workshop will involve learning dances from the Wurundjeri creation narrative. Djirri Djirri Dancers are the only Wurundjeri female dance group, and, also Traditional Custodians of Narrm (Melbourne). Djirri Djirri means Willy Wagtail in Woiwurrung, the language of Wurundjeri people, the Traditional Custodians of Narrm (Melbourne) and surrounds. The Willy Wagtail the Spirit Bird, gave us dance! Many of their group have danced since they were young children, while others have learnt as adults. Participants will also learn the woiwurrung language through singing and dancing.

Why: Step one in reversing all the racially problematic s*** your children learn in primary school.


5) Arbory Silent Comedy Festival

7th April

What: Don some headphones and laugh out loud at Arbory’s 6th annual Silent Comedy Festival! If you’ve ever observed the spectacle of human ridiculousness that is the silent disco, then you can only imagine what it would be like to watch an audience spontaneously breaking out into laughter in response to what seems like nothing at all.

Why: We initially thought this was some kind of special deaf-friendly sign-language event. Good thing it’s not something that frivolous.


4) Classical Music Fun with Inventi Music

8th April

What: Join the Inventi musicians for a fun-filled family event! Kids will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the instruments as well as ask lots of questions and meet the musicians! These sessions will explore the art of music-making and families will get to hear different types of fine classical music in this highly interactive event that both kids and adults will love!

Why: Meet the most miserable, alcoholic classical musicians in the world.


3) Imaginaria

4th April-16th May

What: Are you ready to step into the future? Imaginaria at The District Docklands brings you a celebration of imagination, technology and play. Fully interactive bespoke sounds, scents and lights activate in response to your movement as you walk, slide and glide through the dreamlike landscapes. Walk into a giant inflatable bubble, navigate a futuristic light maze or jump into a cosmic abyss. Check your shoes in at the departure lounge and prepare to venture into another dimension.

Why: If you can imagine something more olfactorily powerful than athlete’s foot it will help.


2) Man From Snowy River Bush Festival 

8th-11th April

What: Pack your swag, grab your mates and head to Corryong for the best bush hospitality that the Snowy Mountains can offer. There is no better time to visit Corryong than during the annual Man From Snowy River Bush Festival, when the small township comes alive with the history of its unique bush traditions. The Man from Snowy River Challenge, art and photography exhibition, bush poetry and music, re-enactment of Banjo’s famous poem, Aussie Bush Idol and Ute Muster have grown to be events listed on calendars all over Australia.

Why: Pretend anyone living has any kind of attachment to the lifestyle this festival celebrates other than reading that poem on a kitchen towel once when they were six.


1) Sensory Experience: Liquid & Edible Cocktails

9th April

What: In this amazing Sensory Event, you’ll enjoy an amazing night with an edible cocktail menu served with tasty food and matched cocktails to their solid counterparts. Five liquid and edible cocktails from the Pineapple Jam’s signature range including classic cocktails with a surprising twist.

Why: It’s not alcoholism, it’s a sensory event.

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