Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 02/06/2019

We’re launching you into space. You won’t need protein pills. There’s rum.


10) Vogue Codes Summit

5th June

What: Vogue Australia is hosting the second annual Vogue Codes Summit Melbourne at MAIÀ, complete with an aspirational agenda. Hear from international and Australian panellists and keynote speakers who are driving action and change in the technology industry. Listen to creators as they share their knowledge of the tech, business and fashion industries. Join the Vogue Codes Summit Sydney now and be engaged in an environment that encourages women to be empowered by technology and connect with like-minded individuals.

Why: Be empowered by an event inspired a magazine that recently ran the story ‘The Awakening of Kim Kardashian West’. We assume that if the description of the event is an indication of the content of the story they ran, the story concerns a mass marketed sex robot that recently achieved sentience and whose processor then promptly exploded from the logical paradox of its own fame.


9) World Environment Day Symposium

5th June

What: A World Environment Day symposium exploring themes of climate change and the intersection between art and science. Join a multi-layered conversation that unpacks the issues and challenges of the shifting environment and seeks innovative solutions for the future.

Why: What better way to appear as though you care about climate change than an event you can Instagram. It’s only a day, but Instagram will record it forever. Then you can guiltlessly go back to repressing that animal torture documentary and forgetting to recycle.


8) Oz Comic-Con

8th June

What: Oz Comic-Con is back! 2019 will feature exciting multi-genre content from across the spectrum – appearances by film and television stars, comic book artists and voice actors; gaming demonstrations and cosplay competitions; creative workshops and master classes; and hard-to-find, exclusive merchandise from vendors.

Why: Get in on the trend now before it’s entirely overrun by middle aged men clutching little childrens’ pink pony dolls. You don’t have much time.


7) TEDxMelbourne: Limitless

5th June

What: TEDx asks the question – what’s on the other side of impossible? Are we as humans, Limitless?The line up features Future Crunch – a group of scientists, artists, researchers and entrepreneurs that believe science and technology are creating a world that is more peaceful, transparent and abundant. They’re determined to share that story through dynamic and entertaining presentations that are designed to make you think differently.

Why: Nothing says ‘transparency’ like a recent series of highly publicised court cases relating to clandestine data mining. At least turn off your location services.


6) Bonfire Night in the High Country

8th June

What: Wrap your hands around a hot mulled wine by the warmth of a bonfire, braziers and a good dose of community spirit in the alpine foothills. Enjoy live music, sparklers for the kids and fire-roasted delights to keep you toasty.

Why: One of the few remaining times in this world when ‘bonfire’ isn’t a word gravely framed by Anderson Cooper’s lips.


5) Italian Cine-scapes #2: Black Souls/Anime nere

2nd June

What: The IIC Melbourne, in collaboration with Palace Cinemas and Istituto Luce Cinecittà, presents the second edition of the successful series Italian Cine-scapes with a new exciting selection of movies that speak of inner and external landscapes showing both a long gone and contemporary Italy.

Why: Experience a culture beyond terrifying, quasi-racist pasta sauce puppets.


4) Melbourne Rum Club Relaunch

4th June

What: Proof & Company’s Jordan Ashleigh with Plantation Rum and Baranows Emporium’s Joey TAi with Diplomático Rum will be discussing the virtues of Cane vs Culture; does nature or nurture have a bigger impact on the quality of rum? The evening will feature free tastings, complimentary food, discounted drinks, giveaways and DJs.

Why: We might be able to answer the question at hand: no. No matter how neglectful or suffocating your parents were, the quality of rum’s impact on your life will always be the same amount of excellent.


3) Space Paint pARTy: ART MULCH

2nd June

What: Come party and paint on the walls with live performance art going on all around you in this immersive experience aimed at freeing your inner child that never got to draw on the walls. The venue will be full of paint, paint brushes/sponges (you can BYO), giant walls and other housey things to paint and play with, live music and performance art, community artists, liquor and vegan food!

Why: Funny. We always felt that painting on the walls was a childhood desire one grew out of the moment one discovered liquor, drugs sex and tax evasion.


2) Banff Mountain Film Festival 

5th June

What: The original and the best mountain film festival is coming back to the Astor for two nights only. The 2019 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour showcases over 2 1/2 hours of the most enthralling mountain adventure films that will have you planning your next adventure before the credits roll.

Why: A 2 1/2 hour tourism ad. Because 6 ads in a 5 minute YouTube clip just wasn’t enough.


1) Melbourne International Jazz Festival

2nd-9th June

What: The Melbourne International Jazz Festival is an annual, world-class jazz festival first held in 1998. The Festival takes place in concert halls, arts venues, jazz clubs and throughout the streets of Melbourne as the city comes alive with the spirit of jazz.

Why: Sydney’s blanketed with unsafe levels of haze. Come on, Melbourne, join in the fun.

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