Top 10 Brisbane Revelry On this week 31/01/2021

Join us. Join us. Join us.


10) The MET pres. Macky Gee + K Motionz

6th February

What: The jump up Drum & Bass kingpin Macky Gee returns to Brisbane for an exclusive club show with special guest K Motionz!

Why: If the sound of the entire world shrieking in mass confusion at a terrifying viral outbreak really got you jamming to the beat, this one’s for you.


9) Brisbane RnB Jam

2nd February

What: Showcasing some of the best artists going around in an environment that suits all music lovers from soul, hip hop, RnB, and just all-round good music. If RnB is your jam then you have come to the right place.

Why: And if it isn’t your jam, come anyway. It’s any place that’s not your house.


8) Vibe on Vibes: Alt Groove Party

6th February

What: Experience a premium Afrobeats groove party to celebrate the summer vibes! Warm your soul as you groove away the night on a non-stop awesome mix of good music.

Why: Or stay home, turn on any random club music off a Spotify mix, get drunk and just microwave your soul.


7) Burlesque Idol

6th February

What: Created to help support emerging talent, Burlesque Idol is a high-energy and deliciously entertaining evening, jam-packed with talent, humour and audience participation (from your seats). The perfect night out for parties, friends, and lovers, you don’t want to miss the best of burlesque!

Why: Because what an art form struggling to be taken seriously really needs is an ‘Idol’ competition.


6) High Fi feat. Bobby Singh & Na Moja

5th February

What: Experience a night of experimental jazz. Set one will be a focus on the psychedelic Afrobeat Jazz ensemble that is Na Moja. This trio is a highly inventive jazz outfit that seamlessly integrates electronics to fill out the sound ,as if many more musicians took the stage. Joined by Bobby Singh Tabla virtuoso the second set will be dynamically matched to the nuances of indian classical drums. Bobby And Ben have traveled to India countless times and when they combine become a fantastic percussion duo over 15 years in the making.

Why: What a genre that already sounds like a bunch of cats screwing needs. More instruments.


5) MoZza 2021 Launch

4th February

What: Start the new year right! Join MoZza and mates for their first gig of 2021. Clear your calendar and come to Black Bear Lodge for a bit of live music and grooving. With a line up of Ultraviolet, Lighthouse Mouse and MoZza, its sure to be one hell of a night.

Why: You know what a random capital letter in the middle of a performer’s name means. Authentic, non-gimmicky quality.


4) Capre Homecoming

5th February

What: Capre have come home and will be showcasing all-new music at Black Bear Lodge. This homecoming dance includes some of the best in Brisbane’s electronica scene featuring Abraham Tilbury, Ekhos Dream & Tyra. Come on and support the live music scene at Black Bear Lodge.

Why: So there’s a best and worst in the electronica scene? How can they tell the difference?


3) Tia Gostelow: A Carry 4 Coins

5th February

What: Brilliant indigenous artist Tia Gostelow whose sounds mine the sonic vein of classic Australian indie song writing traditions, will be performing live.

Why: Pretend watching this means you’re aware of issues facing indigenous communities.


2) Custard: Live

4th February

What: Much-loved Australian power-pop outfit Custard return to Earth with a new album and an upcoming live gig. Relax Australia, as the Corona curtain slowly lifts, you will find your favourite 90s rock superstars emerging from hibernation, blinking in the dazzling light of day. Featuring the classic lineup of frontman David McCormack, drummer Glenn Thompson, bass player extraordinaire Paul Medew and guitarist Matthew Strong, the new album Respect All Lifeforms was recorded in a single feverish day in Fremantle, March 2019.

Why: And here we were hoping the virus would also somehow wipe out the entirety of the 90s.


1) To the Point Festival

6th February

What: Sandstone Point Hotel, Regional Touring, Zaccaria Concerts & Touring present To the Point, featuring some of the best award-winning Australian music of this century.  Getting straight To the Point, performing on the shores of Sandstone Point Hotel is Amy Shark, The Cat Empire, John Butler, The Beautiful Girls, Stella Donnelly, Emily Wurramara & more!

Why: John Butler’s still a thing?!

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