Top 10 Brisbane Revelry On this week 28/02/2021

Get freaky.


10) Rose Rogers: Debut EP Launch

3rd March

What: Rose has been described to draw in a “creative, raw-like energy” through her sound. ‘Paper Dreams’ was written during Rose’s prime years of her travel bug, it is solely about exploring the universe and ourselves. Experience her live.

Why: Probably expect some version of a ukulele.


9) Foxymoron, Action Slacks, The Funny Jims: Live

5th March

What: Foxymoron are returning from the shadows of quarantine to perform their classics and a few secret new tunes. These indie-rock morons are still foxy as ever. Fresh off their latest hot single Find A Way, Action Slacks brings together powerful pop melodies backed with chorus-soaked guitars and synthetic soundscapes. Combining jazz, pop, rock, and elements of hip hop, ‘The Funny Jims’ offer a unique take on contemporary music.

Why: The hipsters hereby declare that the word ‘foxy’ is making the rounds again.


8) Lucy Francesca Dron: Live

4th March

What: Lucy Francesca Dron returns with her brand new track, ‘What Is Next?’ the lead single from upcoming EP ‘Leftovers’! Experience “Lucy’s ethereal, passionate, and rich inner world” (Triple J Unearthed) live.

Why: Generic indie singer #500,001, come on down!


7) ‘The Japan’ Single Launch

28th February

What: Big Blue Eyes, the solo recording project of Ryan Smart, returns to The Brightside stage, following the release of new single ‘Japan’, an exhilarating post break-up track. With Ethan Paddison on lead guitar, Jakob Lydford on keys, and girl power duo of Mikaela Swan and Paige Cardew on drums and bass respectively, the live show promises an energetic, emotive, and dance worthy set of indie-rock goodness.

Why: An indie band singing about a break up. And they said COVID-19 would cause a lasting cultural shift. Ha!’The-Japan’-Single-Launch/76cdda70-77cf-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


6) Midnight Oil: Makarrata Live

28th February

What: In early 2021 Midnight Oil will perform a handful of special outdoor concerts called Makarrata Live. At each show, the band will be joined on stage by an incredible line up of First Nations collaborators for a unique concert event featuring music from their #1 mini album The Makarrata Project plus iconic Midnight Oil songs of Reconciliation from throughout their career. These gigs will seek to elevate The Uluru Statement From The Heart which calls for a Makarrata – or “truth telling” – to account for the theft of lands and displacement of First Nations people.

Why: A desperate attempt to remain relevant as bald and oily as the lead singer himself.


5) SLAY Mardi Gras Party

6th March

What: The Warehouse (formerly known as The Family) will be transformed into a massive Mardi Gras-themed dance party arena with full main room production! Featuring: Harry K, Kylie Rose, Chris Spicer, Luna Thicc, Beverly Kills, Scarlett Fever, Vollie LaVont and more!

Why: The one time of year when every city other than Sydney actually sucks. But you still can try.


4) Wizards of Kingston pres. Bladerunner 2021

6th March

What: After a string of massive parties in 2019 and 2020, the Wizards of Kingston are excited to invite you to their next warehouse event: BLADERUNNER 2021. This themed throw down will be held at KEPK Studios, featuring house, tech house, progressive and a little dash of techno to help you shake off lockdown like you’re an illegal replicant in the sprawling city of Los Angeles in the year 2049!

Why: Because what we all need right now is the escapism of a dystopia.


3) Chasing Ghosts: Live

5th March

What: Summer is the first track from a forthcoming EP titled Homelands by Indigenous led punk-rock band Chasing Ghosts. Frontman Jimmy Kyle is a proud Koori man. A descendent of the Thungutti mob from the mid-north coast of NSW with a potent mind that he’s finally decided to speak. “I was scared to write these songs, because a lot of the topics are challenging,” says Jimmy Kyle. “But that’s how I knew I was onto something. It made me feel nervous.” Experience this killer band live.

Why: Get pissed and listen to loud music, whilst technically being able to claim you’re culturally woke and therefore morally superior to your friends and loved ones.


2) Darkworld Festival 

6th March

What: This is DARKWORLD: a 1 day, indoor, multi-form festival all crammed into 12 hours at The Triffid. From the glowing exhibits of local visual artists, to the live art growing and swimming around you, DARKWORLD plans to render the iconic Brisbane venue, unrecognisable. Based on the proceedings of a music festival with 12+ bands the dance and entertainment is planned to keep you fully engaged from midday to midnight. Kicking things off in the 11am heat, sunlit strangeness will lead into a full afternoon of art & music creeping patrons through to an upside-down-world, Twin Peaks-like setting that comes to life at night.

Why: Sweat all over each other in a surreal, ominous orgy. Because 2020 just didn’t scratch that itch.


1) Wildlands Weekender

6th & 7th March

What: Wildlands is an Australian EDM festival brought to you by the minds behind the popular Beyond The Valley and Origin Fields festivals. Taking place in Brisbane over two days in March 2021, Wildlands Festival gears up its second edition after debuting in 2019 with a lineup of the biggest and most exciting dance, electronic and hip-hop acts. Featuring: Chillinit, Godlands, Golden Features, Choombas, Cosmo’s Midnight, What So Not and many more!

Why: If you’re unfamiliar with the genre of ‘EDM’, don’t worry. Type EDM into YouTube, click on the first thing and listen to five seconds of it. That’s exactly what all of EDM is.

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