Top 10 Brisbane Revelry On this week 24/01/2021

It’s time to debut your lockdown alcoholism in brand new venues!


10) La Parranda Summer Fiesta

25th January

What: Tuesday is a public holiday…so let’s party on Monday. Let loose with a night of salsa, bachata, reggaeton, vallenatos and much more!

Why: Expecting there to be cocaine is racially problematic. Bringing cocaine is racially unifying.


9) The New Calm: Live

29th January

What: The Flamin’ Galah is playing host to a fine selection of killer bands, featuring The New Calm, a brilliant groove grunge 3 piece along with with many others.

Why: A night of grunge. Because the height of eighties cynicism still counts as optimism in 2021.


8) El Primo Presents ETWAS

29th January

What: Gold Coast, last time things were starting to get back to normal…but this time no one can stop you! IT’S TIME TO DANCE!Experience this new and pumping venue with one of the best techno DJs and producers in Melbourne ETWAS!

Why: Rejoice in the fact that from now on the only thing you’ll have to worry about is all of the STIs!


7) Hello Krissy presents Punks Underground

28th January

What: Presenting Punks Underground live at Vinnie’s Dive Bar. Supported by Med3vil (DJ set), Bentley Boy, Gameboysoul. Dance into the abyss.

Why: They’ve not been totally clear with exactly what ‘Punks Underground’ is, but if there’s anything we know about rebellious underground music it’s that they’re always put exactly what they are in their band name, lest they accidentally fool someone going to Vinnie’s Divebar in search of a Debussy retrospective.


6) Youniverse

29th January

What: On the January full moon weekend, experience infinite life under the lunar light with an amazing array of artists and workshops in the blissful hills of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Featuring Zen Mechanics, Eartheogen, Sumiruna, Psychotria and many other international acclaimed DJ’s as well as the best local talent!

Why: This definitely isn’t a cult.


5) Terror Parade with Sentiment and Tetrament

28th January

What: It’s time we start the new year off right and the only right way to do that is with some heavy metal! This night will open with the lead laden riff machine known only as Tetrament who have been cutting their teeth throughout 2020 despite all that sh*tshow of a year could throw at them. Following them will be Sydney’s Noveaux, an unwashed quartet of central coast slime and soundscapes. They’ll be bringing their aggressive industrial sound to Brisbane for the first time in their career.  The night’s aural festivities will climax with a performance equally dark and talented Terror Parade. This female fronted, horror themed outfit managed to drop a well-received EP “Hollywood Dead” as well as drop a killer film clip that was nominated twice for awards at the Hellbound Horror Festival. When they hit the stage it isn’t just another band, it’s a horror filled night out. Come see these amazing acts with your own eyes!

Why: There’s no better way to toast the near end of a viral pandemic than by bathing in the spit flecks of some sweaty guy with a blonde mohawk.


4) Australia Day River Party Cruise

26th January

What: Come celebrate Australia Day in style on the Brisbane river! Board the double decker James Cavill, with bottom floor dance floor and chilled undercover top floor. There’ll be a playlist of Aussie classics combined with some dance party tunes, a full bar and an Aussie beach dress theme!

Why: Get pissed and pretend you have money before facing an unstable economic future and almost certain redundancy!


3) Knifer ‘Electric Songs’ LP Launch

29th January

What: Come and celebrate the release of speed metal outfit Knifer’s first LP ‘Electric Songs’. Joining the evening will be Guppy (horn-soaked avant garde for fans of acid) and Stress Pleasers (nice guy noise rock cave people), plus more.

Why: Your money back at the end of the night if you’re able to distinguish three coherent words from the LP.‘Electric-Songs’-LP-Launch/78793fb0-5d24-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


2) The Return of Shokk Events

30th January

What: Shokk Events, the gods of Queensland’s leading hard EDM raves, are going to begin 2021 and their return in the biggest and best way possible! Expect a full-scaled Shokk Events production at Brisbane’s iconic Fortitude Music Hall with support from Queensland’s finest local DJs!

Why: Shokk Events – the OG super-spreaders of the rave pandemic.


1) Sumoclic Nights

29th January

What: This is Sumoclic Night, a night aiming to highlight a project or an artist, and surrounding that, house + techno DJs. This will be Akurei’s first headline show, following the release of his latest project ‘Clover’. Also on the night will be Golden Vessel DJ set + Monseiur Truk, Squidgenini & DJ Borderforce. Experience a years worth of dancing backlogged.

Why: Because that’s exactly what the genre of generic techno needs. More exposure.

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