Top 10 Brisbane Revelry On this week 21/03/2021

There’s something in the air. And it’s not another airborne pathogen. You know, probably.


10) Demi Casha: Return

26th March

What: Demi Casha is a Australian singer, songwriter and musician based on the Sunshine Coast. She combines soulful vocals and a powerful guitar style with heartfelt lyrics. Her new album Return encompasses an intimate story about the many choices and decisions one must work through on their personal and creative journey through life, about never losing control of who they are, and always returning to their true self. Experience it live.

Why: Another twenty something year old singing about their ‘true selves’. Is this why everyone hates this generation?


9) Say Yes To The Sesh

27th March

What: Experience 8 amazing bands, all best mates, sharing a stage together over 2 nights of pure nonsense! With such a stacked lineup there is something for everyone. Heads will roll and drinks will fly as this is your only opportunity to catch all these bands in one place. Catch some awesome collaborations between bands and some amazing performances by very talented musicians. It’s a night you won’t want to miss out on!

Why: The best kind of jam session – the one where you’re drunk for all of it.


8) Alex James Bowen: High On Us

21st March

What: With a powerful re-entry back into music, Alex James Bowen graces us with a night of his powerful pop sensibility and soul bearing songs. In light of his new single ‘High On Us’, Alex invites you to a night of new music, stories, good friends and good vibes.

Why: When someone comes back to the party holding a back of ice and shouts “I’m back!” and no one remembers inviting them in the first place.


7) Strings Attached feat. Vera Blue

27th March

What: Lyrical singer-songwriter and ARIA-nominated artist Vera Blue, known for her ethereal stage presence and soaring vocals will be playing a set with the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra. The set will combine Vera’s folk-tinged moody electronica with traditional string accompaniment from the BSO, and The Fortitude Music Hall’s grand acoustics.

Why: Pop, but slightly worse.


6) In Hearts Wake

27th March

What: Following the release of their huge fifth studio album, Kaliyuga, heavy metal band ‘In Hearts Wake’ are hitting the road to play the record live to fans across the country in March 2021. The shows will also feature some of the nation’s most exciting heavy acts with support from Thornhill, Gravemind and Drown This City.

Why: Wake up from your COVID coma with a drill straight to your ear.


5) The Ramshackle Army: Live

27th March

What: The Ramshackle Army have been consistently bringing their take on the Melbourne and Celtic punk sounds to anyone who’d listen. A full 12 months after they last stepped onstage together in front of an audience, they are finally ready to be back. The RSA are returning to Queensland armed with the new HIGHFLYER EP to add to their arsenal.

Why: Celtic punk! We’re…pretty sure there won’t be skinheads here but we accept no liability.


4) The Drafts: Live

25th March

What: The Drafts are a four-piece indie rock band from Brisbane. The group’s core members consist of Justin Frew (Vocals & Guitar), Dan ‘Deebs’ Border (Lead Guitar & Back-up Vocals) and brothers Jack (Drums) and Tom Beioley (Bass Guitar). Together, the Brisbane natives have developed a diverse discography, seamlessly exploring various sub-genres of rock. Launching the Triple J Unearthed #1 hits ‘Masquerade Charade’, ‘Calypso’ and ‘Confide’, you best bring a few changes of undies cause it’s going to get messy!

Why: We’re not sure if they mean they’re so good you’ll piss yourself, s*** yourself or ejaculate, or all three at once, but we’re assuming this description was written pre-COVID.


3) Lexi Quinn, Bark, June Cartel: Live

25th March

What: A night of undiscovered Brisbane talent. Opening the night is June Cartel, with their purely improvised progressive Jazz Metal, fusing the improvisational nature of jazz with the high energy of heavy progressive metal. Following up are Bark., with their signature weave of odd blues and funk grooves, laced with hints of psychedelia and indie rock. Closing out are the one and only Lexi Quinn, with their home brewed, hardware intensive Emo-Jazz for noisey queers.

Why: Discover why ‘undiscovered’ isn’t always a bad thing.


2) Lazarus Fest

27th March

What: For the last six months a group of independent filmmakers and musicians have been hard at work making the feature length drama film The Last of the Pretty Boys around Brisbane and Ipswich. The film follows the exploits of a rockstar called Lazarus Graves as he spends a week returning home to Brisbane. To celebrate the end of production, they’ve decided to put on a music festival. All of the artists performing on the day are either contributing music to the film’s soundtrack, acting in the film or both. Featuring: Northern Lights, Your Man Alex Smith, Broken Leg, The Disgruntled Taxpayers, Plant Based Disgrace, Canny and Hall, and Wakan Pheonix.

Why: ‘The Disgruntled Taxpayers’ – worth it just to go and congratulate them on a fantastic choice of name.


1) Airwaves Festival 

27th March

What: They say change is as good as a holiday and within weeks from announcing a reschedule to March due to Queensland border restrictions, the Airwaves Festival commander has instructed her cabin crew to roll the two day adventure into a one day out of this world escape! Punters will now get far more bang for their buck, with eleven acts including Sneaky Sound System, The Beautiful Girls and Ash Grunwald performing at the one event. Earning a name for his wild live shows, Gold Coast musician Paces has also been added to the bill and will be pouring out his creative energy on their shuttle deck. The Airwaves team guarantee the killer line-up will make for an unforgettable live music experience and as Sneaky Sound System’s first release for the decade is titled, they want everyone to “Tell The World”!

Why: 2006 just…won’t…die.

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