Top 10 Brisbane Revelry On this week 21/02/2021

Biting someone else’s tongue is better than biting your own.


10) Reggaetonland

27th February

What: For the first time in history, come along and experience the sexiest and craziest Reggaeton party of the year in one of the best and most exclusive venues in Brisbane.

Why: Look, it’s getting drunk in a club to loud music. If that’s what you want to do, then go to this.


9) Burnout Century, shfeet, The Day After: Live

25th February

What: Grab a perch at the Brightside Saloon for some hard blues-infused desert rock grunge feels from locals Shfeet, The Day After, and Burnout Century.

Why: Shfeet. If you’re into them, you’re into them. You’re not harming anyone.


8) Amity: Live

21st February

What: Amity is an emerging Brisbane hip hop artist who is turning heads and raising eyebrows of everyone along the way. The pensive poet demonstrates technical, introspective rhymes and tongue-in-cheek wordplay over a contemporary update of boom bap and lo-fi beats. Experience him live.

Why: A modern-day minstrel. So instead of some jerk with a lute, you’ve got some jerk with a mixer.


7) Plutos ‘Weekend At Laguna’ EP Launch

25th February

What: To celebrate the release of Plutos debut EP ‘Weekend At Laguna’, they are putting on a show at The Bearded Lady on! Featuring The Swich & Blue The Magi. Plutos is a Brisbane based collective comprised of three members; Ambrosio, SAEI & Saul Harvey. Featuring a prominent mix of Hip Hop, R&B and pop, they lend each of their unique musical backgrounds into a melting pot of genres that has a little something for everyone.

Why: Essentially, an inoffensive music soup.‘Weekend-At-Laguna’-EP-Launch/db8d4d80-7246-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


6) BrisAsia

21st-28th February

What: Sample a slice of Asian culture at this year’s BrisAsia Festival with a rich range of extraordinary live entertainment, outdoor activity and healthy and active events to enjoy. The BrisAsia Festival is a month-long celebration of Asian culture which is embedded in diversity, creativity and inclusion. This year’s festival highlights include: Bush Kindy Japanese Kamishibai storytelling and crafts, BrisAsia Bizaar, a destination of Asian culture inspired by food, art, and performance, BrisAsia Food Festival, BrisAsia Sound performances and Lunar New Year!

Why: We’re nearly out of the infectious woods. Time to press our bodies together in several venues and feed each other exotic foods!


5) Sheppard: Kaleidoscope Eyes

26th February

What: To celebrate the release of their upcoming third album, Kaleidoscope Eyes, Sheppard, your favourite pop-powerhouse Brisbane band, have announced their live performance album launch. Be a part of this one of a kind event, the album launch will be streamed on youtube worldwide! This is your chance to be a part of the all ages audience showing Brisbane’s love of live music to the world!

Why: Having a favourites pop-powerhouse band has always struck us as the same as having a favourite skittle flavour. You’re either under the age of five, or should’ve moved out of your parents house years ago.


4) Jane Street ‘Cheap Wine’ Single Launch

25th February

What: “Being formed in late 2019, indie four piece, Jane Street, have already begun captivating audiences with their unique sound. Describing themselves as a mixture of bad decisions and too much booze, their music style is hard to pinpoint. One minute they’re playing an upbeat, reggae infused rock track about partying too much, the next their doing a stripped back acoustic ballad about the bittersweet end of a relationship. Their only constants are the lyrically driven, emotional stories they craft, and their searing guitar tones.” – Triple J Unearthed. Experience the launch of their new single live.

Why: It’s nice to know contemporary bands still have classic alcohol issues, rather than being solely blasted on something called Meow Meow or Toot.‘Cheap-Wine’-Single-Launch/09f68f10-7247-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


3) The Lazy Eyes: Live

26th February

What: The Lazy Eyes are back playing their first shows since the June release of their debut EP, which received high praise from NME amongst others. The Lazy Eyes’ carefully crafted songs, blended with their unique brand of psychedelic rock, is what makes them such a formidable live outfit, and is why they have already graced the stages of Laneway Festival, Farmer & The Owl, and many more in the early stages of their career.

Why: ‘Lazy eyes’ can also be another way of saying ‘high as f***’. Just a piece of pre-concert advice.


2) HOLY HOLY: Live

26th & 27th February

What: Alongside the announcement of an east coast tour this January and February, today HOLY HOLY reveals new single Port Rd feat. Queen P and the accompanying video via Wonderlick Recordings. The urgent and ambitious new single showcases the latest progression in their shapeshifting sound as they maintain an unshakable sense of what has come to define them. Port Rd, inspired by a quote from author Arundhati Roy, focuses on the terrifying-yet-exciting nature of change and what awaits on the other side.

Why: Because we all need another terrifying insight into the nature of change right now.


1) Trip The Switch

27th February

What: Live music is back! Australian music fans are ready to rock again…and ‘Trip the Switch’ is ready to deliver! Willowbank Raceway, Ipswich will welcome festival-goers back with open arms for a huge day of Aussie hits… from a huge line-up of Aussie artists! Featuring: ICEHOUSE – James Reyne – The Angels – Shannon Noll – Killing Heidi – Boom Crash Opera – and Blues Arcadia. It’s time to get back out there with your friends, soak up the excitement and witness the magic of these iconic Aussie acts in full flight, live on stage.

Why: Yes. Shannon Noll is still alive. And you know what? Spicks and Specks is also coming back this year. Who said the pandemic has had lasting effects?

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