Top 10 Brisbane Revelry On this week 18/04/2021

Welcome to heaven. It’s a lot like hell, but we’re more sanctimonious and we don’t believe in lubing you up first.


10) Brisbane RnB Jam

20th April

What: Showcasing some of the best artists going around in an environment that suits all music lovers from soul, hip hop, RnB, and just all-round good music. If RnB is your jam then you have come to the right place.

Why: And if it isn’t your jam, come anyway. It’s any place that’s not your house.


9) Victor Bravo: Live

24th April

What: Coming off a few good festival spots, rockers the Victor Bravo boys have alot to offer and are sure to make you get up and move! Teaming up with them is Staples and Bamboo Bonsai to make the night one big party.

Why: Moving seems like a lot of effort. You could just stay home in your underpants and listen to trashy rock without exerting your heart.


8) Dave & The Mudcrabs: Live

18th April

What: Beach punks Dave & The Mudcrabs newest EP ‘Just Sand & Nothing Else’ is out in April! To celebrate The Mudcrabs are putting on a huge launch show with a couple of their favourite bands.

Why: Beach…punks? So…like a vegetarian carnivore?


7) Cupids808

22nd April

What: Celebrating the end of restrictions Cupids808s present…pure unfiltered unadulterated fun. Brisbane’s freshest rooftop party.

Why: COVID’s over! Time to get gonorrhoea!


6) Empire Within + In Eyes, Sentiment, and Never Fold: Live

22nd April

What: Join Empire Within, In Eyes, Sentiment, and Never Fold at The Brightside for a night of Brisbane’s best upcoming heavy music.

Why: You can save time by drilling a hole through your ear drum prior to the performance.


5) EchoWave: I’ll Be Your Friend

18th April

What: EchoWave is back with a fresh new track. Reflecting on the tumultuous past twelve months “I’ll Be Your Friend” is a warm reminder that despite all challenges you can always rely on your nearest and dearest to confide in.

Why: So if you’re lonely and without any loved ones to confide in, just remember, you are not welcome at this performance.’ll-Be-Your-Friend/78e835b0-9f31-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


4) Noah Dillon: That’s Just How I Feel

23rd April

What: NOAH DILLON launches into 2021 with an upbeat macabre summer hit. According to him, “I wrote the song towards the end of 2020 in a stream of consciousness. Lyrically the song is about the things, people and events that make me feel like shit in life and how being with someone you love and being yourself is the perfect anecdote to that feeling. The song is meant to encompass freedom in individualism and being who you are.”.

Why: We usually make some kind of joke, but if this guy’s self-description didn’t fill you with disdain, then you’re his target audience.’s-Just-How-I-Feel/87af0420-9f31-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


3) The Bluebottles: Who Are You

23rd April

What: The Bluebottles are a Far North Queensland-born band, comprised of school mates Connor Wright and Oliver Haug. Since forming in mid-2019, the boys have released four singles – and amassed over 40’000 Spotify streams. Experience them live.

Why: Brightly coloured lumps lying all over the beach existing for nothing but to cause annoyance? Sounds like beach rock.


2) HI FI

24th April

What: A celebration of Alice Coltrane as a composer and inspiration to the foundation of modern Jazz. High Fi will perform a tribute to her genius forming an ensemble to perform versions of her compositions and improvise inspirational pieces from those foundations.

Why: In the words of Seinfeld, “Do you like jazz“? If not, stay home and watch Seinfeld.


1) Hideous Sun Demon: Development Hell

23rd April

What: This is gonna be hot as shit. Hot as hell, even. If you miss it, you will be missing history. You won’t be able to truthfully say “I was at the show psych punkers Hideous did when they came through to promote their Development Hell EP”. You don’t wanna be a liar do you? Or Some cowardly scumbag who misses out on cool gigs and has a weird odour?

Why: The name says it all doesn’t it? We’re sorry if it doesn’t, but we don’t want to subject ourselves to the kind of research it would take to discover the origin or point of the name.

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