Top 10 Brisbane Revelry On this week 14/02/2021

Get wise; wisdom’s overrated.


10) Taking Back Saturday

20th February

What: After 11 months apart, Taking Back Saturday DJs will be back in Brisbane spinnin’ all your fave pop punk and emo tunes until late at The Brightside! Experience a night of MMRS, closing the god damn door and marching to The Black Parade.

Why: Because emo unfortunately never will actually die. It’s just always pretending.


9) Luke Morris ‘I Remember It Then, I Remember It Now’ Tour

20th February

What: This Aussie singer has been busy at work this year releasing singles King Of The Highway, Lay Everything On Me and After All This Time. In just over two months, his latest release Lady Luck has scored almost 200k streams and counting! Luke’s soul-soothing soundtrack radiates a beautiful summer’s day, drenched in nostalgia with Bob Dylan sensibilities. Kick back, relax and escape to total tranquillity as Morris’ dulcet harmonies enchant you live.

Why: Every long-haired blonde dude you’ve ever met in Australia.‘I-Remember-It-Then-I-Remember-It-Now’-Tour/590063e0-6be6-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


8) Nandun x Lucy Korts: Live

14th February

What: Nandun is a Pop/R&B live looping artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Known for his unique style, Nandun uses an array of effects pedals to create a tantalising soundscape of beat boxing, electric/acoustic guitar, combined with an unmistakable vocal style, to create a compelling and dynamic live performance. Lucy Korts in an upcoming solo artist based in Brisbane, Queensland; focusing on pop, R&B and alternative musical styles. From small beginnings Lucy’s unique and distinctive vocal style has taken her from singing in the shower to the festival stages of Australia. Experience them both live in this Valentine’s Day double bill.

Why: If you can tell the difference between their sets, you get refunded the entry fee.


7) Voiid ‘Someday The World Will Change’ Tour

19th February

What: Select Music & Bluebeard Music presents the Voiid ‘Someday The World Will Change’ Tour at The Brightside (outside). VOIID took influence from the likes of L7, Smashing Pumpkins, and Hole, and has released critically acclaimed EP’s Pussy Orientated and Drool. Not just taking influence from the grunge rock revival of the 90s and noughties but giving their modernised answer to the genre almost 30 years later. Experience their new release ‘Socioanomaly’ live.

Why: We always thought this decade’s answer to the 90s was just copying the 90s. Guess this fits.‘Someday-The-World-Will-Change’-Tour/a63fc7e0-6be6-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


6) Life on Earth: Live

18th February

What: ‘Life On Earth’ are a powerhouse musical collective, this show featuring Rohan Seekers on keys (Astro Travellers), Lachlan Swamdog on bass (HRBRT, Church), Tristan Rogers on trumpet (Astro), Nathan McGregor on drums (HRBRT, Captain Dreamboat) and freestyle MC, Roman Is Alive (BULLHORN). Experience this incredible experimental indie collaboration live for one insane night.

Why: We’ve all had moments when we’ve put everything awesome we have into a bowl, mixed it up and ate it. Sometimes it tastes like heaven. Sometimes it tastes like whatever comes out of Mickey Rourke’s butthole. We’re unsure of how this one will turn out. We do know it’s always wise to be high before consumption.


5) DENNIS. Live

19th Febraury

What: Award-winning singer-songwriter, DENNIS., combines her love for swaggering grooves, relatable melodies and angelic yet bitey vocals, inviting listeners into an electronic indie-pop party none of us want to miss. Launching into the new year with her latest single, ‘What You Do’, DENNIS. is certainly one to watch in 2021. Experience her live.

Why: Unnecessary capitalisation and punctuation? Well she must be edgy.


4) COLLAR: Live

19th February

What: Brisbane’s COLLAR take to The Brightside with their multisensory performance.  Triple J Unearthed says of them, “If Blade Runner 2049 had a club, COLLAR would be the house band”. Dive deep into their debut EP “Strangest Desires” and submerse yourself into an audio-visual atmosphere.

Why: The perfect opportunity to break out that post-COVID celebratory DMT you’ve been saving.


3) Deadlights: Live

20th February

What: It’s been 12 months since experimental post-hardcore band Deadlights have last played a show, but they’ll be returning to their hometown of Brisbane for their biggest headline show to date at the Brightside (outside). Joining them will be their label mates in Diamond Construct + their local mates in She Cries Wolf, Homewreck & Deadnerve.

Why: Post-hardcore: same “f*** everything” attitude, usually less screaming. Maybe a viola.


2) MID CITY: Wishing For The Best Tour

20th February

What: Melbourne Indie-Rockers MID CITY are excited to announce a national tour in celebration of the release of their much anticipated sophomore EP Wishing For The Best, a body of work that flourishes in a narrative landscape that explores the human condition in all its beauty and imperfections. The band has built its foundation on monstrous, uplifting choruses and melodies, and is the result of a strong partnership between chief songwriters Joel Griffith and Ben Woodmason.

Why: A band that explores the human condition? What a revelation.


1) BrisAsia Festival 

14th-28th February

What: Sample a slice of Asian culture at this year’s BrisAsia Festival with a rich range of extraordinary live entertainment, outdoor activity and healthy and active events to enjoy. The BrisAsia Festival is a month-long celebration of Asian culture which is embedded in diversity, creativity and inclusion. This year’s festival highlights include: Bush Kindy Japanese Kamishibai storytelling and crafts, BrisAsia Bizaar, a destination of Asian culture inspired by food, art, and performance, BrisAsia Food Festival, BrisAsia Sound performances and Lunar New Year!

Why: We’re nearly out of the infectious woods. Time to press our bodies together in several venues and feed each other exotic foods!

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