Top 10 Brisbane Culture On this week 31/01/2021

Feed your demons.


10) Walking with Gertrude

6th February

What: Immerse yourself in a time-travelling theatrical walking tour with renowned art critic Dr Gertrude Langer (1908 – 1984), one of Brisbane’s earliest and most passionate critics of modern art.

Why: It’s perfect. Theatre with infinite escape routes.


9) History of the Dominatrix & Ancient Goddess Sex Rituals by Anne O Nomis

5th February

What: Anne O Nomis gives a Powerpoint talk discusses how she came to research and write the major book in the world on the subject of the Dominatrix. Undertaking a one year dungeon internship in Melbourne, travelling to London to research the topic in libraries in “forbidden books”, in museum storage collections of archaeology artefacts of a Dominatrix Goddess, and erotic female flagellation prints of the 16th – 19th Centuries, and through to the 20th Century “bizarre underground” and first fetish fashion as we know it.

Why: Observe Powerpoint’s incredible ability to make any topic seem like a marketing pitch for canned spinach.


8) Drawn: Exhibition Opening

5th February

What: Drawn explores the edges of drawing – the places where this most fundamental of art forms intersects with and infiltrates other media. Artists Courtney Coombs, Piyali Ghosh, Helen Hardess, Aaron Perkins, Annie O’Rourke, Jude Roberts, Daniel Sherington, Sancintya Mohini Simpson, Branka Sinobad and Natalie Wood bring a local perspective to the international discussion about drawing’s boundless possibilities. Curated by Annie O’Rourke and Natalie Wood.

Why: Listen to a discussion about the medium of drawing without wondering whether the person talking has a disturbing fetish for underaged Japanese schoolgirls.


7) Chilli Festival

31st January

What: Experience a free Chilli Festival where hot and spicy will your middle name…if you dare! Local wheelers and dealers will be showcasing their own produce from jams to plants, hot sauces to ‘nitro nuts’ and there will have an array of dishes available with competitions not for the faint hearted!

Why: Explode out of your arse. Because what else do you have to do on a Sunday?


6) Graze Lunch

6th February

What: Cloudland’s Graze is the only way to ‘lunch’ on a Saturday afternoon and it’s back for a big summer event! Step out and settle in with a grazing-style lunch menu, featuring bottomless beverages. Nestle into Cloudland’s urban oasis and indulge yourself this weekend.

Why: It says something about the non-pandemic-related consequences of living in the 21st Century that at first we thought the last sentence in the above description contained a nonsensical trademark violation of a mass slavery outfit.


5) Gin Discovery

6th February

What: Whether you’re an experienced juniper junkie or new to the world of gin, sit down and enhance your appreciation of this amazing spirit. The sessions are part background theory but predominantly practical so you can enhance your drinking experience!

Why: Nothing so effectively evokes the image of ‘enhanced appreciation’ as downing a substance that smells like an industrial paint thinner.


4) Patrón Cocktail Event

4th February

What: Do you love tequila, cocktails and Mexican food? Well we’ve got the perfect event for you! Experience a variety of handcrafted cocktails and delicious Mexican food, hosted by Patrón Brand Ambassador, Joseph Chisholm!

Why: It’s not just getting pissed and eating pork. It’s fancy because it’s hosted by a brand ambassador.


3) Tahbilk’s 160 Years of Winemaking Dinner

4th February

What: One of Australia’s oldest and most reputable wineries is celebrating its 160th birthday and you’re invited to come and taste 160 years of winemaking experience at Gerard’s Bistro. This once-in-a-lifetime dinner will be hosted by Hayley Purbrick, the fifth generation custodian of this very special winery. Experience the beautiful ageing ability of Tahbilk wines, with aged examples, including their unique Marsanne, tasted alongside their younger counterparts. The four course menu will be curated by Chef Adam Wolfers from ex-Sydney fine dining establishments Yellow, Est. and Monopole who will pair stunning Tahbilk wines from past to present with a Middle Eastern themed menu.

Why: Cram your gut and kill your liver, because you’re a sophisticated, cultured person.’s-160-Years-of-Winemaking-Dinner/5c84e140-61d6-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


2) Adam Cullen Exhibition

5th February

What: Controversial from the start, Adam Cullen gained the moniker of an ‘enfant terrible’ after chaining a pig’s head to his ankle during art school and wearing it for weeks as it deteriorated. His work combined an irreverent humour and an astute reading of the human condition. Until his death Adam Cullen had no thought of changing direction on his interpretation of humanity and its many foibles. He was fearless in his approach, polarising his critics like few before him. Some find his work inspirational others find it questionable, it is nothing if not thought provoking.

Why: See what shocking used to be before streaming services started competing with each other to see who could get the most cannibalism, rape and incest into one original series.


1) Brisbane City Markets

4th February

What: She may be small in size, but don’t think for a minute that Cathedral Square doesn’t pack a punch. With a bigger focus on street eats, this picturesque market is the perfect place for a quick or leisurely lunch (although, we definitely recommend the latter… hello picnic blankets and live music!) But don’t worry, if you want to squeeze a wee bit of shopping in on your Thursday break, you’ll still be able to pick up that fresh produce, homemade goodies and maybe even a bunch of flowers for your boo (or you).

Why: Remember what food consumerism was like before you got to know every Uber driver in your area.

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