Top 10 Brisbane Culture On this week 28/03/2021

Fill that hole. Fill all your holes. Fill everyone’s holes!


10) Life Out Loud Storytelling: RUMOUR

28th March

What: Life Out Loud is all about the art of storytelling. Come along and listen to real people telling real stories. From first timers to seasoned speaking professionals, these are people from all walks of life telling their stories. The storytellers will share a true story from an interesting moment in their lives around the theme. On stage just a storyteller and a microphone, while the audience is encouraged to listen, laugh and cry along with the experiences shared.

Why: Everything profoundly uncomfortable about stand up comedy, but without the jokes.


9) Eat Street Easter Egg Hunt

4th April

What: Hop along to Eat Street Northshore on Easter Sunday and join in the mammoth Easter Egg Hunt with prizes to be won! Eat Street Northshore will be hiding 20 Chocolate Easter Eggs around the venue, with 19 containing delicious consolation prizes and one a grand prize of $1,000 CASH. Random Easter Eggs will contain vouchers for Doughnut Fries, Burgers, Cheesecake Sundaes, Conuts, Slinkys, Banana Sundaes, Fairy Floss, Pizzas & Miss Flossy Drinks and one special egg will have $1,000 in CASH. So don’t be a bunny, get hopping and win yourself a prize!

Why: Because scrounging around on the floor with thousands of other adults desperately trying to win $1000 after the mass loss of income due to the end of JobKeeper isn’t dystopian enough. It has to be on Easter.


8) Graze Lunch

3rd April

What: Cloudland’s Graze is the only way to ‘lunch’ on a Saturday afternoon and it’s back for a big summer event! Step out and settle in with a grazing-style lunch menu, featuring bottomless beverages. Nestle into Cloudland’s urban oasis and indulge yourself this weekend.

Why: It says something about the non-pandemic-related consequences of living in the 21st Century that at first we thought the last sentence in the above description contained a nonsensical trademark violation of a mass slavery outfit.


7) Andrew Butt Trio +

1st April

What: This group has been regularly featured on radio, major venues and festivals across the world including the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, Le Baiser Salé & Sunset – Sunside Paris, the Brisbane International Jazz Festival, iF Jazz Café Budapest, U Malého Glena Jazz Prague, Tanks Arts Centre Cairns, Bennetts Lane and the Paris Cat Jazz Club Melbourne. This performance will feature some of Queensland most creative musicians playing original compositions and eclectic standards. Expect the unexpected!

Why: Ha ha ha. Butt.


6) Beer & Cheese Tasting

2nd April

What: Go on a journey into the wonderful world of beer and cheese pairing! The friendly Cicerone-trained staff will talk you through six styles of beer with cheeses that compliment them perfectly. This experience will be tailored to your group’s level of beer knowledge and will provide you an insight into a match made in…well, a fermentation tank!

Why: Kill your liver, clog your colon. We can’t think of a more enjoyable afternoon.


5) Nature Spirit

1st April

What: Pianist Alex Raineri, described by Limelight Magazine as “a soloist of superb skill and musicality” brings a varied and colourful program of music about nature and birdsong, to the beautiful acoustics and glorious concert grand Steinway of UQ’s Nickson Room.

Why: Because truly experiencing nature is overrated. But you know what’s even more overrated? Contemporary experimental piano music. It’s time you one-upped the one-uppers!


4) Gin Therapy

4th April

What: Forget retail therapy. Gin Therapy is better for you…and more fun! Select 4 gins from the special Gin Therapy menu and receive ice & Fever Tree tonic to make your own mini G&Ts! To help you navigate your selection, tasting notes will be provided so you’ll be an expert in no time! On top of that, indulge in a cheese board featuring your choice of two of pave d’affinois double cream, Quickes cloth cheddar and Berrys Creek Tarwin blue plus lavosh, quince, dried fruit & grapes.

Why: Double cream cheese and four different kinds of gin. It’s an interesting reversal. Therapy before the life-threatening medical condition.


3) Bach Out Loud

3rd April

What: Imbued with unparalleled inventiveness, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach has a universal resonance which speaks to all humanity. Jonathan Henderson on flute, Tania Frazer on oboe, Katherine Philp on cello and Alex Raineri on harpsichord form an intimate quartet offering a recital of quintessential works from the baroque period.

Why: The only one you like because he’s the one in Clockwork Orange.


2) Yossa Haile: Live

2nd April

What: Yossa Haile was born in Addis Ababa and studied the traditional “KRAR” a 5 stringed Ethiopian harp. When he was accepted to study at the revered “Jazzamba music school” he turned this technique to electric guitar. His unique style emerged. After 3 years he moved to Melbourne, Australia and continued to shape his “ethio-jazz” sound with the new musicians around him. Experience his unique experimental sound live.

Why: Prove you’re a profound, culturally sensitive, worldly person by enduring this for two and a half hours. Don’t worry, there is a bar.


1) Triple X

1st April

What: The first trans love story on the Australian mainstage, Triple X is a hilarious, honest and emotionally affecting play from the wickedly funny pen of Australian-born, New York- based playwright, comedienne and performer Glace Chase. Triple X examines the relationship between straight ‘Wall Street banker bro’, Scotty (Josh McConville, Top End Wedding, STC’s Cat on a Hot Tim Roof), and Dexie (Chase), a trans performer with whom he starts an affair, just a few months out from his wedding to his ‘perfect’ fiancée.

Why: See how even the most interesting and fresh literary concept can be butchered by the universally dull medium of contemporary theatre.

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