Top 10 Brisbane Revelry On this week 25/04/2021

Keep your peckers up.


10) Jazz House

25th April

What: Megan Christensen (Middle Name Dance Band) and Julia Beiers (First Beige) are reuniting their musical friendship alongside special guests for a special public holiday weekend. Chase your dose of live jazz with a healthy portion of house and world music, delivered by some of the best. All live, all improvised.

Why: Jazz, and then worse.


9) McDermott & North: Live

1st May

What: To celebrate the release of their single ‘Georgia’ – out Fri 30 April, indie folk duo McDermott & North will be playing an intimate performance at their hometown venue.

Why: If only Woody Allen had found these guys before the scandal we’d’ve gotten a good three movies out of it.


8) Grinding Eyes: Live

1st May

What: Sydney psych-rock band Grinding Eyes have released their dark new single/video “Until It Falls Apart” lifted from their forthcoming album, Taste The Monochrome, out May 14th via Poison City Records/Little Cloud Records. To celebrate the album launch, Grinding Eyes have also announced a string of tour dates along the East Coast.

Why: Grinding eyes is yet another fun euphemism for hungover. Language is so much fun.


7) Dune Rats: Live

29th April

What: Following the release of ‘Too Tough Terry’ late last year and subsequent placement in the Hottest 100, rock band Dune Rats power through 2021 with the announcement of their DUNIESPALOOZA tour.

Why: Think semi trailer.


6) Redhook: Live

30th April

What: Featuring the core songwriting duo of Emmy Mack and Craig Wilkinson, two strangers from opposite ends of regional NSW whose paths collided after moving to Sydney in 2017 and bonding over the role that music has played in both of their lives, RedHook combine with the young gun drummer Alex Powys to create experimental, heartfelt and attitude-filled alternative music that fuses multiple genres including rock, rap, metalcore and electronica, with lyrics that aim to inspire listeners to keep fighting against the forces of darkness – both in the real world and inside their own heads. Experience them live.

Why: If an alt rock band were to be scripted by a Hollywood executive.


5) Jimna Rocks

1st-3rd May

What: MMK Music Promotions has bought together a 22 band line up in the Aussie bush for the May Day long weekend 2021. Camping, BYO, acoustic artists through to some of the hottest acts and bands in the local South East Qld Live music scene.

Why: You know, the local South East Qld Live music scene. Because that’s a…thing.


4) Violent Soho: Live

1st May

What: Violent Soho fans rejoice! The band will be playing their first headline show since the release of their massive ARIA #1 fifth studio album Everything Is A-OK. Released in 2020, Everything Is A-OK marked the band’s second ARIA #1 after their last release WACO (which scored 2 x ARIA Awards, the 2017 AIR Award for Best Hard Rock, Metal or Punk album and is certified ARIA Gold) topped the national chart in 2016.

Why: If there’s one think punks are all about, it’s mass recognition and awards.


3) The Avalanches: Live

30th April

What: One of the most anticipated albums of last year, We Will Always Love You, builds on the sample-based approach of electro rock band The Avalanches’ classics Since I Left You and Wildflower whilst stepping boldly into new terrain.

Why: The sample-based approach to electro rock. As opposed to the…other types of electro rock?


2) Wintermoon Festival

30th April

What: Nestled in the rainforest alongside St.Helens Creek The Wintermoon festival comes alive every May Day long weekend. A festival of music, stories, dance and workshops, a festival to engage all members of the family. Experience a beautiful and peaceful weekend.

Why: To enhance the beauty and the peace, tie your children to a tree and leave them there for majority of the proceeds.


1) Sunshine Sounds 

1st & 2nd May

What: A boutique two-day all ages music festival, SUNSHINE SOUNDS boasts a line-up featuring Kate Miller-Heidke, Busby Marou, Miiesha, Katie Noonan, Asha Jeffries, Sahara Beck and a host of amazing local (Sunshine Coast) artists including Andrea Kirwin and the Yama-Nui Social Club, The Dreggs and more!

Why: We’ve always felt if the sun did have a sound it would be shrill, operatic shrieking.

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