Top 10 Brisbane Culture On this week 24/01/2021

Everything else inside you may be dead, but your unbridled passion for contemporary new media art sure isn’t!


10) HOME: Exhibition Opening

30th January

What: Art Lovers Australia opens their Gold Coast Gallery with HOME. HOME explores the emotional and physical landscapes, precious objects and architecture, and the deeply spiritual connection we have to HOME. Feature Artists: Kathleen Rhee, Petra Meikle de Vlas, Kate Constantine, Aylee Kim, Michelle Keighley, Sam Suttie and Grace Brown.

Why: It’s a gallery opening so there’ll be booze.


9) Big Fork Theatre

29th January

What: Inspired by the improv theatres of the U.S.A, Big Fork Theatre’s signature style of anarchic, no-holds-barred, non-stop comedy, will be on display. It’s the best improv comedy show in Brisbane!

Why: Because the worst non-improv comedy isn’t back in Brisbane until March.


8) Australia Day Play: Sailing South

26th January

What: Enjoy this Australia Day play for 2021, performed by Mates Theatre Genesis! “At the end of a long day, in an old English court, sentencing petty criminals to be deported to the colonies, The Honourable Justice Eustace McDonald is horrified to learn that his well to do mother, Lavinia, has enlisted him as a Captain in the Navy. Crewed by a colourful array of prisoners, including Toby the pickpocket; Mabel the cook; ‘Ladies of the Night’ Charlot and Denise; and Ben, the gullible cabin boy. His Honour’s commission, the good ship Venus, sets sail for a rollicking voyage to remember. Anything and everything can go awry with the inexperienced crew and captain. With threats of mutiny, on-board recreation activities, and audience participation, Sailing South is a merry frolic en route to colonial Australia.”

Why: Raise a glass to the best theatre has to offer; the fact that it’s sometimes free.


7) Walking with Gertrude

30th January

What: Immerse yourself in a time-travelling theatrical walking tour with renowned art critic Dr Gertrude Langer (1908 – 1984), one of Brisbane’s earliest and most passionate critics of modern art.

Why: It’s perfect. Theatre with infinite escape routes.


6) Panel Discussion: Art and Crisis

30th January

What: In an era defined by human impact on the environment and overlapping crises, is art’s poetic and critical capacity to influence change—what Elaine Scarry describes as their status as “fragments of world alteration”—being challenged or affirmed? How do artists see their work in this new era? Join artists Kinly Grey, Warraba Weatherall, Tintin Wulia, and host and exhibition curator Tim Riley Walsh, in the second of three panel discussions engaging with key themes of the exhibition ‘On Fire: Climate and Crisis’.

Why: Experience contemporary artists discussing whether contemporary artists are relevant in this live re-enactment of every art major’s post-graduate thesis.


5) Dark Moon Rising and For the Sake of Love: Exhibition Opening

30th January

What: Coinciding with BrisAsia Festival 2021, AFTM brings together two exhibitions by three artists – Louis Lim & Matthew Lys and Tammy Law. Dark Moon Rising showcases the collaborative works of Lim and Lys, in what they refer to as ‘surprising creative outburst.’ Consisting of photographs and videos, this exhibition reveals Lys’ humorous ingenuity through his extravagant performance in front of the camera. Through powerful photographic imagery, For the Sake of Love explores the experiences of Tammy Law’s mother leaving the stability of her family and friends in Hong Kong and migrating to the Sunshine Coast in the 1970s. In particular, the exhibition illustrates the way in which her mother was confronted with renegotiating her identity.

Why: If you experience your own surprising creative outburst, don’t worry, it’s normal. None of us have been around other people in a long time and it’s normal to get a bit over-excited.


4) Graze Lunch

30th January

What: Cloudland’s Graze is the only way to ‘lunch’ on a Saturday afternoon and it’s back for a big summer event! Step out and settle in with a grazing-style lunch menu, featuring bottomless beverages. Nestle into Cloudland’s urban oasis and indulge yourself this weekend.

Why: It says something about the non-pandemic-related consequences of living in the 21st Century that at first we thought the last sentence in the above description contained a nonsensical trademark violation of a mass slavery outfit.


3) Australia Day on Brunswick

26th January

What: Brisbane Council is creating more to see and do in the Valley. Head to Brunswick Street Mall for live tunes from local musicians. Kick back and enjoy an array of free entertainment. The main artist on show will be Harry Phillips. Harry is a singer-songwriter from Brisbane and the 2020 Billy Thorpe scholarship recipient at the Queensland Music Awards. Harry combines his love of writing memorable melodies with a social conscience to create pop songs with depth, that stands out apart from anything else on the Australian music scene.

Why: The further you travel away from your house, the further you are away from the screaming demons that manifested there during lockdown.


2) The Sound Society

29th January

What: Tune into the smooth vocals and unique sounds of up and coming Brisbane artists in the afternoon at The Sound Society.

Why: Because an area where buskers have congregated is, as of the pandemic, no longer something to avoid.


1) Green Jam: Monster Edition

30th January

What: To welcome Shrek The Musical into the Lyric Theatre this month, QPAC’s much-loved Green Jam is back with a monster-sized edition! Green Jam: Monster Edition will feature the best in up-and-coming artists from around South East Queensland. Start the year right with a visit to the Melbourne Street Green for your end of week knock-off drink, a treat from Green Jam Eats and a boogie under the stars (socially distanced, of course).

Why: If getting drunk amidst a bunch of Shrek-themed crap isn’t a perfect toast to the last twenty years, we don’t know what is.

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