Top 10 Brisbane Culture On this week 18/04/2021

Goodnight room, goodnight moon, goodnight liver.


10) Embrace Light

24th April

What: Join Shehab Uddin for this hands-on workshop that teaches you to see and shape different qualities of light. You will learn to establish the main light and fill light to create the perfect balance between them and expand your lighting from there.

Why: Learn how to get that tit glow just right for the ‘gram.


9) Snake Gully Bush Band

20th April

What: The iconic Snake Gully Bush Band will perform Aussie bush ballads and bush dance classics for you to dance and sing along to. Musical numbers including ‘Click Go The Shears’, ‘Diamantina Drover’ and ‘Botany Bay’ will have you dancing in the aisles.

Why: All the worst music you remember from your childhood, but trapped in a chamber with insanely excellent acoustics.


8) Mixed Bag of LOLs

23rd April

What: Get your laughing tackle around Birdees sweet new night of non-stop laughs at Mixed Bag of LOLs. Brisbane’s funniest comedians will hit the stage for a stand-up show that will leave you crying tears of joy. Bring the tissues — LOL!

Why: Remember the pre-COVID awkwardness of being in the same room as a stand-up comedian who’s bombing on stage. Remember, also, that sick rush of sadistic pleasure you get from having that much power over someone’s self esteem.


7) Boadicea: A Celtic Cabaret

23rd April

What: An opera depicting the life and times of Boadicea, the Celtic British Warrior Queen, who in 60 AD led an uprising against the Romans. Written by Judy Stevens and Clarry Evans, directed by Denny Lawrence.

Why: Because what the world really needs right now is a reminder of Britain’s fetishistic adoration of nationalistic folk heroes.


6) Beer Schools

22nd April

What: Experience a 60-minute guided tasting of Brisbane’s favourite brews where one of the friendly Cicerone-trained crew members takes you through the ultimate beer tasting experience. With five beers of differing styles, this experience will give you an insight into the evolution of brewing, and the wonderful world of craft.

Why: Kill your liver in order to better yourself intellectually.


5) Dim Sum Disco

25th April

What: Indulge in 2 hours of bubbles, beer, cocktails, a dim sum banquet, and some killer tunes!

Why: Cram yourself with food and booze to avoid thinking.


4) ‘Recent Acquisitions’ and ‘Singing Up Spirit of the Land’ Floor Talk

18th April

What: Experience morning tea and hear from Jo Fay Duncan and Uncle Bob Anderson (Singing Up the Spirit of the Land) and Lizzie Riek and Emma Bain (Recent Acquisitions) concerning their latest exhibitions.

Why: Hide your colonial guilt face behind a plate of tea and biscuits.’Recent-Acquisitions’-and-‘Singing-Up-Spirit-of-the-Land’-Floor-Talk/6e2ddce0-9f33-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


3) Artist Talk: Jennifer Andrews

24th April

What: From ‘Within the Littoral’ is an exhibition completed in fulfilment of the requirements of Jennifer Andrews’ degree of Doctor of Visual Arts. Drawings of the inner-city littoral zone of the Brisbane River provide an evolving visual experience of the elusive present.

Why: Worried about redundancy? Come listen to someone who’s been paid to draw pictures of rivers for four years tell you how important her drawings are.


2) Saturday Wine and Cheese

24th April

What: Experience a Wine & Cheese Afternoon with a guest speaker from The 42 for 42 and select number of Artists from the Light & Dark Exhibition. Held at the Petrie Terrace Gallery as part of the fundraising exhibition Light and Dark. This exhibition calls on artists to depict the concept of light and dark in general or how it can reflect in the realms of mental health.

Why: Eat and get pissed with smart things going on in the background so you don’t feel so ashamed.


1) Gin Live

23rd April

What: To celebrate the opening of Eleven Bridges Gin Bar & Distillery, meet master distiller, John Bradbury. On the night, John will walk you through the full gin making and tasting experience, including tasting your way through Eleven Bridges small batch gin as well as other local Gins from the back bar.

Why: Get drunk in the name of boosting Brisbane’s cultural economy.

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