Top 10 Brisbane Culture On this week 14/02/2021

Self-acceptance is a journey. The end of that journey is the liquor aisle.


10) Kevin’s 2020 Vision

15th February

What: Experience this fantastical musical psychedelic adventure, travelling between dream and cosmic journey to Woodstock..and back!

Why: Niche contemporary musical theatre. Look if you’re into it, you’re into it. If you’re not, there’s no way we’re going to be able to convince you.’s-2020-Vision/da708770-6be6-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


9) Mixed Bag of LOLs

19th February

What: Get your laughing tackle around Birdees sweet new night of non-stop laughs at Mixed Bag of LOLs. Brisbane’s funniest comedians will hit the stage for a stand-up show that will leave you crying tears of joy. Bring the tissues — LOL!

Why: Remember the pre-COVID awkwardness of being in the same room as a stand-up comedian who’s bombing on stage. Remember, also, that sick rush of sadistic pleasure you get from having that much power over someone’s self esteem.


8) Graze Lunch

20th February

What: Cloudland’s Graze is the only way to ‘lunch’ on a Saturday afternoon and it’s back for a big summer event! Step out and settle in with a grazing-style lunch menu, featuring bottomless beverages. Nestle into Cloudland’s urban oasis and indulge yourself this weekend.

Why: It says something about the non-pandemic-related consequences of living in the 21st Century that at first we thought the last sentence in the above description contained a nonsensical trademark violation of a mass slavery outfit.


7) Beer & Cheese Tasting

19th February

What: Go on a journey into the wonderful world of beer and cheese pairing! The friendly Cicerone-trained staff will talk you through six styles of beer with cheeses that compliment them perfectly. This experience will be tailored to your group’s level of beer knowledge and will provide you an insight into a match made in…well, a fermentation tank!

Why: Kill your liver, clog your colon. We can’t think of a more enjoyable afternoon.


6) Gin Discovery

20th February

What: Whether you’re an experienced juniper junkie or new to the world of gin, sit down and enhance your appreciation of this amazing spirit. The sessions are part background theory but predominantly practical so you can enhance your drinking experience!

Why: Nothing so effectively evokes the image of ‘enhanced appreciation’ as downing a substance that smells like an industrial paint thinner.


5) Bridging Borders 2.0

20th February

What: There’s no better way to start 2021 than with a relaxing long lunch, Pig ‘N’ Whistle style. Enjoy an amazing long lunch with live music and local legends Sea Legs Brewing and Byron Bay buddies Stone & Wood providing the liquid refreshments.

Why: Nothing brings a sense of elegance to one’s dining experience like drinking Sea Legs beer and eating meat in a place with ‘Pig’ in its name.


4) Game, Set, Swing

20th February

What: Brisbane City Big Band swings out of summer with an early evening concert of jazz standards and swing classics. This will be the debut concert for the Brisbane City Big Band at the Queensland Tennis Centre so come on down and enjoy the music!

Why: Remember Big Band? No? Ah! So that must mean you still have intact ear drums!


3) Rose Room Reveal

16th February

What: Gather your nearest and dearest for an evening of elegance and glamour as Cloudland unveils its new space alongside the very best from Brisbane. Experience live entertainment, interactive cooking stations and beautifully curated styling as you sip delicious summer cocktails and take in The Rose Room’s breathtaking transformation.

Why: The only way getting pissed on a Tuesday is socially acceptable. When it’s fancy.


2) Outdoor Gallery ‘Sunny Side Up’ Curators’ Walking Tour with Kinly Grey

19th February

What: As part of Brisbane City’s Outdoor Gallery exhibition Sunny Side Up, you are invited to join us for a curators’ walking tour throughout the Outdoor Gallery with curator and exhibiting artist Kinly Grey. Sunny Side Up is a collection of vibrant artworks by emerging Brisbane-based contemporary artists that explore Brisbane’s subtropical identity, unique physical features and cultural atmosphere. The exhibition brings to the fore the optimism, abundance, and playful spirit of the Sunshine State.

Why: Quick, before Brisbane’s climate shifts from subtropical to Mad Max.‘Sunny-Side-Up’-Curators’-Walking-Tour-with-Kinly-Grey/9b24a6e0-6be7-11eb-833c-8d4622c61372


1) Underground Opera: Operarte

14th-21st February

What: Operarte is a marriage of the genius of ARC Living Master Artist, Mr Gordon Hanley, and The Underground Opera Company…and it’s all Gold! “Operarte” will combine our exceptional live performances with the visual spectacle of Mr Gordon Hanley’s artworks. The Reservoir will house an exhibition of Mr Gordon Hanley’s, photo realistic, Gold Point art works. Time lapse photographs are taken and combined to create a visually moving masterpiece. These moving masterpieces will be projected on the walls of the Reservoir to create a magical backdrop for each performance. The world class cast will bring the roof down with incredible arias, duets and ensemble pieces from Opera’s most memorable moments.

Why: Opera, for the masses. Because we all know how well ‘Love Never Dies’ turned out.

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