Top 10 Brisbane Culture On this week 09/05/2021

All that is holy is not cheese.


10) Australia Through the Eyes of Herman Pekel

13th May

What: Herman Pekel is an internationally-renowned artist who has been with Red Hill Gallery for over two decades, and whose reputation and artwork spans across the globe. Much known and much loved by gallerists, artists and art-enthusiasts alike, Pekel’s paintings contain compositional balance and internal pictorial rhythms, a lucidity of colour and surprising tonality.

Why: So rarely is the name ‘Herman’ associated with lucidity. This’ll be noteworthy just for that.


9) Bernard Ollis: The Artist’s Garden

14th May

What: In his typical whimsical style Bernard Ollis has produced artworks of lush, kaleidoscopic renditions of gardens of artists from all over the world as well as his own.

Why: Remember kaleidoscopes? How cool were they? Ah man. So cool. Anyway, this guy has an exhibition.’s-Garden/3839d690-b057-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


8) Street Art Cycling Tour

15th May

What: BSAF is making it easy to see some of the latest and greatest murals of Brisbane with Street Art Cycling Tours! Led by self-proclaimed “your Nan’s favourite artist”, Tervo, you’ll be taken on a guided ride along Brisbane’s beautiful bike paths – exploring new works from BSAF 2021 and the iconic murals of past years.

Why: An art tour with a baseline speed at which you must travel. It’s perfect.


7) Music in the Mulga

13th-16th May

What: This unique four day festival encompassing great country and country rock music has the atmosphere of a large family gathering. In true outback style everyone is made to feel welcome and the main rule for the festival is to simply have fun. The Outback gathering is an opportunity to meet up with friends, old and new, have a chat, a drink, enjoy yourself and the whole experience.

Why: Keep in mind “everyone” in the outback refers to a very specific demographic.


6) Response: Carol McGregor & Fragments: A Printed Environment

14th May

What: Experience a collision between two up-and-coming multimedia contemporary artists.

Why: We’ll be sorely disappointed if this doesn’t involve some kind of MMA tournament with paintbrushes and chisels.


5) Queerstories x QAGOMA: The Power of Being Seen

15th May

What: In this special edition of Queerstories held in conjunction with ‘William Yang: Seeing and Being Seen’, hear stories about the power of being seen for who you are, unexpected tales of pride, discovery and resilience shared by incredible local storytellers.

Why: Carrying on the tradition of ‘anything that isn’t straight is bound to be more interesting’.


4) Town & Country Weekend

14th-16th May

What: Saddle up for the biggest country music takeover at the Regatta Hotel! With a line-up of over TWENTY of Brisbane’s best country music artists, you don’t want to miss out on this FREE event! Regatta will be alive with the coos of country music as it’s transformed for the weekend, from the main stage in the laneway to country acts in the open-air Courtyard, Wild West Ranch in the Main Bar to a underground honky-tonk hideaway.

Why: The best way to experience contemporary country music. Away from the rest of the hearing populace.



15th May

What: The Third Quarter return with another pop-up event, as part of this year’s Brisbane Art and Design Festival. LIGHT WORKERS is an experimental sound and light activation curated by The Third Quarter and presented at Little Street Studio. It encompasses a physical exhibition and light activation by Jay Jermyn, with installation and sound facilitated by ENTER and VEOPLE.

Why: Take the mushrooms a little earlier than you were planning. There’ll be a lot of wankers hanging around this thing.


2) DEMOS: Reconfigured

12th May

What: Join trained mediators as we move, change and shape Andreas Angelidakis’s DEMOS (Sandstone), which consists of fifty light-weight foam blocks inspired by The University of Queensland’s sandstone buildings. With your help, the artwork may form a seat, a stage, a study space, a wall, a monument, a hallway, an archway, or even a ruin.

Why: Prove through ineptitude that art actually has objective standards.


1) Sandra Selig and Primitive Motion: Infinite Space

15th May

What: ‘Infinite Space’ is a site-specific installation and live performance work that draws on the architecture and atmosphere of the heritage-listed St Patrick’s Church in Fortitude Valley. Selig casts St Patrick’s as a vessel for the accumulated sounds, movements, and memories that are contained in spiritually potent spaces. The church acts as a speaker box for the amplification of sound and light—vibrations that spill outward and reverberate infinitely through time and space. Across the evening visitors are invited to explore a large-scale drawing on the lawn of the church, soak in a live durational musical performance by Primitive Motion (the collaborative project of Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig) and watch light and shadows dance around this atmospheric venue. ⁠

Why: Have a revelation in a church. We know, we know. Sounds insane, right?

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