Top 10 Brisbane Culture On this week 07/03/2021

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10) Alex Williamson: Live

13th March

What: Fresh from sold-out shows in the UK and across Australia, don’t miss the ‘Loosest Aussie Bloke’ and ‘Bogan Aussie Commentator’ Alex Williamson’s new LIVE comedy show! With 3m+ online followers, Alex sells out everywhere he goes. His twisted outlook will shake your faith in humanity before restoring it ever so slightly, then smash it beyond repair. But hey, at least it’s entertaining.

Why: He’s loud, mediocre and on YouTube. Considering what we’ve seen of his content, if you’re curious, you might want to see his act before he’s accused of assault.


9) SFX Cinema Night

12th March

What: Bring your family, friends and loved ones for a movie on the big screen! Bring a bean bag/blanket, enjoy unlimited food, unlimited drinks, popcorn and a mystery movie!

Why: Sure, you don’t know what the movie is. But you’ll be outside and in the presence of other people without having to talk to them.


8) Sustainable Fashion Walking Tour

13th March

What: Join Britt’s List founder and editor Brittanie Dreghorn on a small-group sustainable fashion walking tour in Brisbane. Over 2 hours, you will learn about sustainable fashion while being introduced to ethical and locally made brands alongside like-minded people.

Why: By “like-minded people“, we assume they mean rich and white.


7) Lord Mayor’s City Hall Concerts: Mambo Italiano

9th March

What: Mambo Italiano celebrates the influence of Italian American musicians on the golden age of 1940s and 50s popular jazz. In an energetic, romantic and passionate concert event, award-winning cabaret artist and chanteuse Nadia Sunde takes audiences on a journey into the music of Louis Prima, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Sophia Loren, Tony Bennet and more. Come along and be swept up in the ambience of an evening in Roma!

Why: Because our society has too few terrible impersonations of Frank Sinatra.’s-City-Hall-Concerts:-Mambo-Italiano/fab44620-7e1a-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


6) Bemac Live: A Garland of Languages

13th March

What: ‘A Garland of Languages’ brings music and memories from India and Bangladesh to the heart of Brisbane. Well-loved Classical, Semi-Classical, and film pieces will be featured against a backdrop of digital storytelling. Come join us at the Queensland Multicultural Centre for an evening of relaxation, nostalgia, and blissful sounds.

Why: Add a little cultural diversity to your evening blaze.


5) J Valenzuela Didi & Michelle Caitens: Exhibition Opening

12th March

What: Brisbane artists J Valenzuela Didi and Michelle Caitens celebrate their new exhibitions at Lethbridge Gallery. J Valenuela Didi’s new exhibition is a diagrammatic representation celebrating life, with all its highs and lows, and its great mysteries. Michelle Caitens collection of paintings celebrates the superheroes and universes first created in the pop culture phenomenon of comic books.

Why: One step up from ARTEXPRESS.


4) George Gittoes: Augustus Tower

12th March

What: Driven by a desire for peace and social justice, George Gittoes AM has created an exhibition that boldly confronts global environmental concerns, economies, and the implications of both for the future. Created during the period of a global pandemic the exhibition ‘Augustus Tower’ is about globalisation and the economic and environmental erosion of society and culture as we know it.

Why: The most stock standard contemporary art exhibition we’ve ever encountered. That in itself is impressive.


3) White Rabbit Red Rabbit

13th March

What: Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour has literally written himself to freedom in White Rabbit Red Rabbit, now one of the most widely performed plays in the world. Since its first performance in 2011, this audacious theatrical experiment is a potent reminder of the transformative power of the stage. Soleimanpour’s intensely personal story is told with no rehearsal, no director and a solo actor, the formidable Andrea Moor, performing the script sight unseen. Neither the performer nor you will know what lies ahead.

Why: We’re pretty sure there’s no audience interaction. But we accept no liability if there is.


2) Muses Trio

11th March

What: Muses Trio celebrate International Women’s Day and their 9th season together with HOMEGROWN: striking new world premieres written recently for the Muses Trio by Australian women composers. These tiny seedlings were planted from spring 2019, and carefully nurtured and tended over the following seasons. Some bloomed and were harvested last summer, others blossomed and were plucked fresh from the vine only a few weeks ago. Celebrate our incredible HOMEGROWN talent from across Australia: Sally Greenaway (ACT), Elena Kats-Chernin (NSW), Nicole Murphy (QLD), and Natalie Nicolas (NSW).

Why: Once people reach the age of 30 they very rarely listen to new music. All we’re saying is you’re not obligated to buck the trend.


1) Arts in the Alley

12th-20th March

What: Cavill Lane Surfers Paradise is hosting a debut arts festival and aligning with the community and celebrating local artists and performers to reconnect the fringe of the Gold Coast to the heart of the city. This creative showcase will take over the beautiful hidden laneway with a plethora of pop up art shops & exhibits, live DJs, immersive art installations and a live radio broadcast.

Why: Funny how a phrase like ‘arts in the alley’ can have a completely different meaning when sanctioned by the local council.

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