Top 10 Brisbane Culture On this week 04/04/2021

Eat, pray, s***.


10) Street Photography with Shehab Uddin

10th April

What: Follow internationally renowned photographer Shehab Uddin in an exploration of Brisbane’s subtropical street life.

Why: Experience authentic, raw street life for around three hundred bucks.


9) Graze Lunch

10th April

What: Cloudland’s Graze is the only way to ‘lunch’ on a Saturday afternoon and it’s back for a big summer event! Step out and settle in with a grazing-style lunch menu, featuring bottomless beverages. Nestle into Cloudland’s urban oasis and indulge yourself this weekend.

Why: It says something about the non-pandemic-related consequences of living in the 21st Century that at first we thought the last sentence in the above description contained a nonsensical trademark violation of a mass slavery outfit.


8) Landscape in Isolation

9th April

What: Together Adrienne Williams, Terry Swann and Pam Walpole have presented a body of work for this exhibition. Each in their own style and interpretation of the landscape they have experienced. Some pieces are recollections of specific areas – others painted plein air – ‘insitu’. All have derived from the love of the natural world to be shared and admired and are combinations of Watercolour and Acrylic.

Why: Why be in nature when you can avoid it entirely in a sterile gallery space?


7) Rosé and Cheese Party

10th April

What: Welcome to Bowen Hills has teamed up with Nelson Wine Co and will be featuring a selection of local and international wines from NZ, France and Italy along with Brisbane’s best cheese and cheese-related market stalls.

Why: Alcohol, salty lactose. Do you need another reason?



10th April

What: This Is Art is excited to present their next collaborative showcase and first of 2021, teaming up with Gold Coast based co-creatives, Mint Art House. Made up of a family-like group of diverse talent and ideas, Mint Art House brings an all inclusive energy wherever they go, being open and ready for new perspectives, and having an indubitably good time while they are it. Featuring names such as Shmick, Owlet and Natpop, all artists will draw from the Arcana Major tarot card deck and then paint a live piece of their interpretation of the card, which will be hung for exhibit as the evening progresses.

Why: Yes, this sounds stupid. But…it probably will also look stupid. And be stupid.


5) Got a Gut Feeling

8th April

What: Over the past two years, Brisbane-based artist Charlie Donaldson conducted archival research into the actions of the Queensland Police. Throughout the 1980s, the Special Branch served as the secret police of premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s corrupt government. Reconstructed here are two spaces uncovered by the artist – a hidden room in the former MetroArts building, used to spy on artists, and a storage locker belonging to a UFO awareness group, in reality an undercover surveillance ring.

Why: We piss on stuff a lot, but this actually sounds interesting.


4) Beth Mitchell Exhibition Opening

9th April

What: An evening of art and music to celebrate the opening of underwater photographic artist, Beth Mitchell’s new solo exhibition “Firewater”. Beth’s new underwater collection explores the monumental changes experienced environmentally and socially in 2020. Her work uniquely expresses the exploration of femininity beyond beauty through the rebirth following aloneness and environmental & cultural devastation.

Why: We’d make some kind of joke referring to the above comment about how happy we are to be able to piss on something…but this is underwater. Who’s going to notice?


3) Melody Graves and the Hokum Redemption

6th April

What: Digging deep into the delta of early jazz, ragtime, swing and prohibition blues, Melody Graves and the Hokum Redemption emerge with their own musical stylings bringing new life to the rustic sounds of the past. Armed with a tuneful artillery of two lead vocalists, twin guitars, the rattle of the washboard, double bass and the slide of the trombone, they’re winning musical hearts and dancefloors with their old-time tunes and enthusiasm for this infectious music that strikes a chord in all. Experience them live.

Why: Remember when the presence of a washboard as a musical device meant incest and not rich hipsters?


2) Stellar Earth Gathering Festival Camp Out 

9th-11th April

What: Following the sold-out success of the Stellar Earth Gathering in February 2021 comes the all-new Stellar Earth Gathering Festival Camp Out, a three-day family-friendly event featuring sharing circles, tree planting, workshops, meditation, live music, dance and yoga in the Hinterland! The workshops include gardening in small spaces, voice liberation sessions, yoga, sound healing, dance, massage, all-day kids activities and many more. Through this diverse and interactive workshop program, organisers aim to create a safe space where one can develop meaningful connections and deepen their relationships with their family, friends and growing tribe.

Why: We’re not saying there are definitely going to be a s***load of anti-vaxxers here, we’re just saying there are almost definitely going to be a s***load of anti-vaxxers here.


1) Big Picnic

10th & 11th April

What: Take up residency across Celebration Lawn’s sun-dappled green and rejoice in the biggest sub- tropical Parkland, southside of the globe. Taste test a variety of food truck offerings or spoil in specially curated picnic hampers from the Parklands grazing ground, The Garden Room Café. Sway to the sounds of Gypsy Jazz, with a line up of musical talents including Jazz Australis, Javier Spicer Trio, Mimi & the Cats and more. Guests are welcome wine and dine on the Parkland’s green, or simply raise a celebratory glass to 20 years of Roma Street Parkland, with the outdoor venue licensed.

Why: No better reason to endure jazz than an orgy of gluttony.

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