Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 30/08/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Shoot for the moon. It’s not technically a crime yet and gunplay can be tension-relieving.


10) Lillie Mae: Live

1st September

What: Lillie Mae Rische is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist known to bluegrass and country fans as a member of all-sibling outfits the Risches and Jypsi. Rock fans discovered her fiddle and mandolin playing in Jack White’s live band. Experience her multi-instrumental brand of indie bluegrass live.

Why: It may seem like there’s an endless stream of virtually indistinguishable disposable young quirky vocal-frying indie twangers. But this one’s different. She’s got a mandolin.


9) Brandy: Live

1st September

What: Brandy went from sittin’ up in her room to sitting on top of the world. The R&B superstar with the ear-to-ear smile was a force in the music industry from an early age, releasing her quadruple platinum, self-titled debut album at the age of 15. There would be no sophomore slump either, as Brandy’s second album, Never Say Never, achieved quintuple platinum status and earned her and duet partner Monica a Grammy for the mega hit “The Boy is Mine.” Experience her live.

Why: She was big in the 90s. Being not from this millennium is enough to sell a thing to anyone these days.


8) Hot Chip: Live In Streamland

6th September

What: Hot Chip is a five piece indie-electro band from London, UK. They’ve released five studio albums including “Coming on Strong”, “The Warning”, “Made in the Dark”, “One Life Stand” and “In Our Heads”, and have been nominated for a Mercury Prize and a Grammy. Experience these electrified Brits live.

Why: Take their accolades with a…grain of salt. We’re sorry. We’re sorry for that joke.


7) The Aces: Under My Influence

2nd September

What: The Aces (formerly The Blue Aces) are an American alternative pop band from Provo, Utah. The follow-up to their debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic – a hidden gem of stylish pop ended up on several critics’ end-of-year lists in 2018. The sequel, titled Under My Influence, was markedly more assured, being more adventurous and calibrating the band’s exuberant choruses and feel-good guitar riffs with more intimate, thoughtful moments and some dusky sonic twists. Experience their version of indie pop live.

Why: Another day, another indie pop band. How anyone could possibly think that alcoholism is a choice in this era is beyond us.


6) Yam Haus: Live From Nashville

2nd September

What: Yam Haus is an indie rock pop band hailing from Minneapolis. According to their lead singer, “We want to be songwriters first…it’s not easy to write pop songs that make you feel something.” Lars Pruitt wants Yam Haus to become an enduring addition to the “four-headed monster of a pop band” category. “Obviously, the Beatles invented it,” he says. “The Stones perfected it and challenged it.” Experience Yam Haus live.

Why: It’s a good name for a generic indie pop band. When you expect German techno, anything that’s not German techno is a pleasant surprise.


5) Seether: Locked and Live

31st August

What: Since forming in Pretoria, South Africa in 1999, Seether has amassed a global metal fan base that has grown organically with the quartet’s sense of purpose and commitment spreading outwards, offering their fans around the world camaraderie, comfort and a sense of personal power. Experience them live.

Why: There’s nothing more personally empowering than repeatedly screaming “there’s something dead inside me”.


4) The Snuts: Live

5th September

What: The Snuts already have an undeniably magnetic following, having captured the imagination of fans across Scotland with their early demos and infamously anthemic, all-encompassing live show. They describe their style of indie rock as “every day s**t”. Experience them live.

Why: They’ve set the bar low with their own description. So our job’s done.


3) Society of Broken Souls: Live

31st August

What: Society of Broken Souls is the folk noir songwriting duo of multi-instrumentalists, Dennis James and Lauryn Shapter.  While their music is deeply rooted in the time-honoured tradition of storytelling, their songs move seamlessly from the darkly fictitious to the profoundly personal — meaning they come by their name honestly. Experience them live.

Why: Be alert. The dark and broken are uniting. Expect a lot of…beleaguered sighing.


2) Kodaline: One Day At A Time

5th September

What: Kodaline are an Irish rock band. Originally known as 21 Demands, the band adopted their current name in 2012 to coincide with the changing of their music. Kodaline’s sound is variable, diaphanous, and graceful – moving from motivational to nostalgic to quietly optimistic to encapturing a simple view of love – they can do it all. Experience them live.

Why: Never has a band of Irish rockers sounded so much in name like a laxative for constipated children.


1) An Evening of Words and Music with Patti Smith 

5th September

What: Patricia Lee Smith, aka ‘Patti’ Smith is a multi-talented performer who is a seasoned poet, visual artist, and singer-songwriter. She was a leading figure of the punk rock movement in New York City in 1975 with her debut album, Horses. Experience her live.

Why: A punk poet from an era when punk and poetry existed.

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