Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 27/09/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Lose an hour, gain three hundred new indie bands. Such is life.


10) GiGi’s Playhouse, Inc: Marlow Rosado 

28th September

What: Nonprofit GiGi’s Playhouse, Inc. is hosting a free virtual concert with salsero Marlow Rosado, a two-time GRAMMY-winning pianist/composer/producer who has worked with most renowned artists in Latin music across genres from salsa to rock, from merengue to hip-hop, from bachata to reggaeton. Donations will benefit GiGi’s At Home educational and therapeutic programs, helping to break down barriers for individuals with Down syndrome and promoting global acceptance.

Why: Salsa music, for a good cause. So at least there’s something good involved.


9) Goodbye June: Live

30th September

What: Fusing hard rock licks with deep South blues and gospel swing, these three cousins are fuelled by their desire to craft timeless, catchy and anthemic rock songs. Experience them live.

Why: Yeah they’re all white. Modulate your expectations concerning their blues competency accordingly.


8) Modern English: Live

27th September

What: Modern English are a new wave/post-punk band from Colchester, Essex, England formed in 1979 and best known for their songs “I Melt with You”, “Hands Across the Sea”, and “Ink and Paper”. The group disbanded in 1987, only to reform two years later and then disband after another two years. They’ve reformed again. Experience them live.

Why: We’ll admit we felt a sense of relief when we found out this was an indie band and not a consolidation of 2020’s new youthful vernacular. We didn’t want to have to spend ten minutes trying to decipher an explanation written in vague disjointed threats, emojis and dick pics.


7) Bad Suns: Language and Perspective 

27th September

What: Bad Suns is an Indie-rock band hailing from Southern California, USA, melding 80s post-punk with Elvis Costello’s melodic sensibilities to create their angst-ridden, hook-heavy indie rock. Experience them live.

Why: Access to a new, hidden realm of superiority for anyone in their fanbase who knows who Elvis Costello is.


6) Machine Gun Kelly: Tickets to My Downfall 

2nd October

What: Rapper Machine Gun Kelly is livestreaming two sets from L.A.’s Roxy. For this set, he’ll be playing his new album, Tickets to My Downfall.

Why: We have no idea how to appeal to his fanbase, so we’ll simply say that if you are a fan of Machine Gun Kelly and manage to position the railroad spike that’s stuck in your brain in a way that it doesn’t impede your line of sight, you might want to watch this.


5) Magnolia Bayou: Strange Place

2nd October

What: Forged in the heart of a Mississippi swamp, Magnolia Bayou’s sound is appropriately reminiscent of the golden age of rock, and it is simultaneously flavoured with a heavy, southern swagger that is distinctively theirs. Their bluesy aura can be traced back to the group’s origins, where they submerged and steeped themselves in their home state’s profound, musical wealth. Experience the band in a unique livestreamed performance.

Why: Because the world collectively just hadn’t heard enough loud shouting from the f***ing USA.


4) Whitney: Live From Space 

1st October

What: Indie rock band Whitney has long been a full-fledged band with keyboardist Malcolm Brown, guitarist Print Choteau, bassist Josiah Marshall, and trumpeter Will Miller backing them live, along with Asrar. Happiness can be fleeting but their music proves that even when it feels like time is turning on its head and there’s either a moment of clarity or crippling doubt, there’s still beauty in figuring it all out. Experience them in a unique livestreamed performance.

Why: It becomes all the more beautiful when you’re able to market that crippling doubt to a mass fanbase whose appetite for generic indie rock is seemingly endless.


3) Corey Taylor: Forum or Against ‘Em

3rd October

What: Corey Taylor is hosting a record release livestream called “Forum or Against ‘Em” at The Forum in Los Angeles in celebration of his debut solo album, CMFT. He is set to perform songs from the album, plus Slipknot and Stone Sour tracks and some cover songs.

Why: If you’ve ever wondered what someone growling lyrics about decapitation sounds like without being buried under an ocean of horrific jangling distortion, this one’s for you. You f***ing weirdo.


2) Cults: Album Release Show 

2nd October

What: The songs of this indie rock band are deceptively charming, with lush, airy arrangements that belie their dark, weighty lyrics, and the production is rich and multifaceted to match, blending retro and futuristic palettes into a spellbinding swirl of high-def indie rock and lo-fi bedroom pop. Experience them live.

Why: They abused a decent portion of the dictionary in the above explanation. We don’t want to abuse it further.


1) Lilly Hiatt: Swallow Hill Live 

3rd October

What: At once electrifying and dreamy, the follow-up to Hiatt’s breakout ‘Trinity Lane’ cements her as a vital voice. Holed up last winter, she wrote the songs that tie together her exhilarating new album Walking Proof. It’s a potent listen, shored up by indie rock atmospherics, jangly R.E.M. guitars, and Hiatt’s straightforward country-like songwriting. Experience the album in a livestreamed performance.

Why: Experience someone who produces music in isolation as opposed to a raging bacterial infection and an impacted bowel.

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