Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 26/07/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Don’t blame 2020. Reality has never been your friend, it’s just been easier to ignore.


10) Herman Li of Dragonforce: Live 

28th July

What: DragonForce are a six-piece power metal band based in London, UK. They are renowned for their fast and lengthy guitar solos, fantasy-themed lyrics and video-game influenced sound. Experience their unique sound in a stripped down livestreamed performance by lead guitarist and founding member Herman Li.

Why: A holy confluence of loud things that use exclusionism as a marketing tactic.


9) The Kennedys: Everly Brothers Tribute

27th July

What: American folk-rock band, consisting of husband and wife Pete and Maura Kennedy, are beloved for their harmonies and instrumental prowess, blending elements of country music, bluegrass, Western swing and janglepop. They’ll be livestreaming a tribute to the Everly Brothers, a country-rock band from the 50s and 60s whose harmonies influenced bands like The Beatles and the Beach Boys.

Why: Jangle or jingle-jangle is a sound characterized by undistorted, treble-heavy electric guitars (particularly 12-strings) played in a droning chordal style (by strumming or arpeggiating). The baffling nostalgia of today’s youth for the mid to latish nineties via aggressive abuse of Tom Petty through at-home synthesizers means we’re all going to have to know the definition of the term.


8) Code Orange: Live

31st July

What: Molten hardcore punk band Code Orange, formerly known as Code Orange Kids, will be live streaming directly to an international audience in an explosion of virtual grindcore.

Why: The violent, bloodthirsty, blunt imagery and growling doom-laden vocals of grindcore is often noted as therapeutic for its fans, acting as a kind of stress relief. Well we’ve been living through 2020 for around seven months. The grinders must be perpetually floating on a cloud of fairy floss.


7) Braids: 24 HR WWWorld Tour

29th July

What: Braids are a band hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who formed in 2006. Since their debut in 2008 they have become one of the most acclaimed bands in Canada’s thriving indie rock scene, releasing four E.Ps and three studio albums in total. Experience their good vibes in a livestreamed concert.

Why: If you thought indie rock couldn’t get more nonthreatening than a ukulele and lyrics about toast and the quirky toppings ex-paramours favour, you didn’t factor in the existence of Canadian indie rockers.


6) Lucius: Live

31st July

What: Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, US, Lucius are an indie-pop act known for their three-pronged vocal attack full of luscious harmonies, infections melodies and tantalisingly danceable rhythms. They’ll be debuting new tracks in this intimate livestreamed concert.

Why: Dance with a hivemind named Lucius without having your bank account drained in order to ascend to the rank of Level 5 Auditor.


5) Diet Cig: Live

1st August

What: Self-titled slop pop band, Diet Cig, also described as an indie rock duo and defined by high-energy, emotional, super-catchy pop rock, which has attracted a cult following, will be performing an intimate livestreamed set.

Why: A self-deprecating white indie rock duo with a cult following. Someone needs to alert Wes Anderson now before they accidentally tweet something that could be construed as unironic.


4) Nelly: Country Grammar

26th July

What: Rapper Nelly is marking the 20th Anniversary of his diamond-certified debut album, Country Grammar, with a special live performance of the album in its entirety for the first time ever. The show will be broadcast in 360 degree virtual reality across the globe via MelodyVR.

Why: This isn’t really our wheelhouse, but if you like references to 70s dancehall deejays, 90s NBA matches, MC Hammer and pre-2016 Trump, you’re going to love this.


3) Gracie Abrams: Minor

31st July

What: Pop singer Gracie Abrams is kicking off her virtual tour Minor (Bedroom Shows) in support of her debut project, Minor. The intimate performance will — as the title suggests — be streamed from her bedroom. Visit her website for a chance to win tickets.

Why: Nothing speaks to the pain of a youthful generation facing possibly the worst economic catastrophe since The Great Depression, a massive environmental crisis and the violent resurgence of right wing bigotry like a 21 year old white millionaire singing, “I’m sorry your house is in Glendale”.


2) The KVB: Live in Dreamspace

31st July

What: In celebration of their new Live at La Cigale album, electronic, psychedelic punks, The KVB, will be hosting a globally live streamed immersive AV presentation across 5 virtual stages in which they will perform using holographic volumetric technology in digital landscapes created by themselves during lockdown.

Why: Welcome to the future. We have holograms but everything still sounds like the 80s. It turns out a generation raised on TV raising a generation via TV has consequences beyond political bedlam.


1) Stone Temple Pilots: Core

1st August

What: Beloved American rock band Stone Temple Pilots will perform their iconic debut album Core in its entirety for a livestreamed show. They will also be releasing special audio recordings from two of their previous concerts.

Why: Thirty years later and they’re still not buying our apathy.

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