Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 22/03/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

This is our COVID-19 survival edition. Just because you have to stay inside does not mean you have to surrender to cabin fever. We have a whole list of things to experience with their own accompanying forms of mental illness.


10) Diplo/Major Lazer DJ Set 

23rd March

What: Diplo’s musical creds speak for themselves, remixing Gwen Stefani, Le Tigre, DJ Shadow (amongst others) and producing for Kano and the very fine M.I.A. to name only a few shows this guy has a talent or two. Experience his talents live-streamed alongside Major Lazer.

Why: If the worldwide thirst for the dulcet sound of a jackhammer violating an industrial shredder doesn’t quiet your aching fear that things won’t return to normal, nothing will.


9) Peter Michael Marino’s ‘Desperately Seeking The Exit: Uncut’

23rd March

What: Writer & Performer Peter Michael Marino will be Facebook live streaming his solo comedy show about his failed 2007 West End musical DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN. The streaming edition features behind-the-scenes tidbits and footage from the actual musical!

Why: Thought your days of sitting awkwardly in a club whilst a quasi-failed Broadway artist attempts to make the jump to comedy were temporarily over? This is 2020. Nothing is ever over.


8) Atish: All Night Show

22nd March

What: New York-based electronica music producer & DJ Atish will be livestreaming his All Night show. Join Atish on Facebook live for an evening of music! The Atish experience is dynamic, emotive, ecstatic. Yet it is more than the sounds emanating from the speakers, it is also the man behind the decks: warm, compassionate, inviting. He is an entertainer and a catalyst: a magician who mixes deep melodies and sophisticated rhythms into musical journeys.

Why: In times of crisis, the ingenuity of humanity reveals itself in relation to mass dissemination of anything one could imagine. Unfortunately it is 2020 and so that includes the musical equivalent of ‘douche-bag with a SoundCloud account’.


7) PornHubLive 

22nd-28th March

What: At PornHubLive, you can chat with amateur performers while watching them live on camera. There are performers of every type! Search for any keyword or browse through the categories to find what you’re looking for. You can interact with performers and create a unique experience just for you.

Why: We know you already know about this one, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it. Sometimes your lost keys are actually in your pocket.


6) JP Cooper (Live) 

24th March

What: John Paul Cooper is an English singer and songwriter. He is best known for featuring on the Jonas Blue single “Perfect Strangers”. The song was certified platinum in the UK. His follow-up solo single was “September Song”. In the age of COVID-19 he’ll be taking to Instagram to live stream an audience-requested performance.

Why: Another generic indie musician to add to the bloated gamut. At least he won’t be singing, “Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in New York city?”. Though we can’t help but imagine what a metal revamp of that song would be like in age of COVID-19.


5) Shut In and Sing with Jill Sobule, Emily Scott Robinson, Anthony D’Amato, Chance McCoy 

22nd March

What: Jill Sobule, singer and songwriter best known for the hit song Supermodel featured in Clueless, North Carolina native Emily Scott Robinson, one of Rolling Stone’s “10 New Country and Americana Artists You Need to Know”, Anthony D’Amato acclaimed indie musician and Bright Eyes collaborator and Chance McCoy, grammy winning Indie Folk musician and guitarist in Old Crow Medicine Show, will be live-streaming a 2 hour intimate concert in aid of musicians struggling from the repercussions of the virus.

Why: Because over the past few years the world just hasn’t heard enough of the grating American vocal twang.


4) Rufus Wainwright’s Musical Everydays

22nd-28th March

What: Singer Rufus Wainwright and cause of the term popera will be live-streaming lush live vocal performances every day for the next few weeks.

Why: This makes perfect sense. You name a child Rufus and there’s at least a 90% chance he’ll grow into a multi-millionaire haircut in an ascot serenading a global pandemic.


3) Ben Gibbard: Live From Home

22nd-28th March

What: Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard has begun a series of live-streamed performances from his home studio, as many fans continue to self-isolate due to the coronavirus outbreak. Dubbed ‘Live From Home’, the shows will see the singer perform from his home studio, where he may be joined “digitally” by various guests. Fans will also be able to request songs.

Why: We’re increasingly being forced into social isolation. So there is absolutely no more perfect time to force your neighbours to realise that your taste in music is cooler than theirs by pushing your speakers up to the wall and blasting Gibbard’s ‘Unemotional Emotional Series of Obscure References’ album live and uncut.


2) In My Room

24th-28th March

What: With the coronavirus crisis rapidly unfolding, artists and venues around the globe are coming up with innovative ways to keep the lights on and the music playing. Rolling Stone is launching a new IGTV series titled “In My Room.” The first episode kicked off with a very special performance by Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson. Sitting at the piano in his California home, Wilson begins with a short instrumental performance of “In My Room,” the Beach Boys’ early classic from 1963. From there, Wilson goes to a bright, upbeat solo piano version of the group’s 1968 comeback hit, “Do It Again,” followed by a heartfelt take on his 1988 solo single “Love and Mercy.” They’ll be releasing episodes every three times a week on Rolling Stone’s Instagram — with legacy artists and newer names; with artists across genres and across the globe. It will be an intimate, unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss.

Why: In terms of multi-millionaires attempting to pretend they understand what the true impacts of COVID-19 are for the dirty regular people through song, at least these ones aren’t literally tone-deaf.


1) Really Nice Fest

22nd-27th March

What: Ron Gallo has announced Really Nice Fest an “ongoing, ever changing digital festival” via the Instagram Live channel @reallyniceinsta. REALLY NICE FEST is named after the creative outlet Gallo launched in December, REALLY NICE WEBSITE. Initial performances scheduled will feature Ron Gallo & Chickpee, Natalie Prass, Naked Giants, Not From England, No.Stress (Paul Horton of Concurrence & Alabama Shakes), and Ohmme. The livestreaming festival will also feature comforting/positive reading material, DJ sets, tutorials, a talk show hosted by Gallo, with many more artists added to the schedule daily.

Why: In times such as these when a genuinely terrifying global pandemic is scorching the world, emphasising not only the massive cracks in our healthcare system, our economy and, for some reason, the ones between our legs, but also the insanely corrupt people who sought to profit from the pandemic itself via insider trading weeks before the public was made aware of the true nature of the pandemic, it’s somewhat of a comfort to know that that which we previously perceived as insidious, such as the proliferation of generic indie music under the name ‘Chickpee’, still remains a constant.

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