Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 17/05/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

The longest night approaches.


10) Michael Lington ‘Stay With Me’

18th May

What: Danish-American contemporary saxophonist, songwriter, producer, recording artist and purveyor of soul will be performing songs from his world-renowned folk art, jazz album ‘Stay With Me’ live in an intimate, interactive performance.

Why: Another blowhard broadcast to the masses, but this time, at least, he knows how to read the notes that’ve been written for him,


9) Nicky Doll ‘Experience The Doll’

23rd May

What: Nicky was the first French queen to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Enjoy an intimate, interactive moment with your favorite French cabaret seductress, Nicky Doll.

Why: Zhuzh up another depressing reminder that this is what intimacy now looks like.


8) Postmodern Jukebox

18th May

What: Prom is going virtual this year in the Postmodern Jukebox Universe, and you’re invited! Come join Postmodern Jukebox star performers as they bring back the style, finesse, and great songs of the ’50s. Featuring: Scott Bradlee with Sunny Holiday, Rogelio Douglas Jr., Ariana Savalas, Benny Benack III, Maiya Sykes, Casey Abrams, Puddles Pity Party, Nicole Atkins, Joey Cook, Allison Young, Emily & Juliette Goglia and Blake Lewis.

Why: Nothing like 50s era nostalgia to distract you from the looming 30s era depression.


7) Rebecca Harkin (Live)

22nd May

What: Singer/Songwriter Rebecca Harkin from Ireland has achieved more in her young career than most musicians can only dream of. Having toured the USA, Ireland, UK, France, Holland, Caribbean & Asia, Rebecca has impressed audiences, tv and radio stations worldwide with her strong vocals and impressive songwriting abilities. Her latest album release “Things Man Be Someway” has attracted much attention in the press and radio with its strong vocal lines and thick string sections with reviews comparing with Carol King and Joni Mitchell. Experience her talents in an intimate interactive virtual performance.

Why: A Joni Mitchell for the COVID age, for all those who thought the original represented the pinnacle of depressing folk fatalism.


6) Brian Friedman ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’

17th May

What: Choreographer Brian Friedman (Beyonce, Britney Spears, Cher, Normani) will be breaking down the steps to his original choreography for Britney’s iconic “I’m a Slave 4 U” music video. A portion of the ticket proceeds go to UNICEF USA.

Why: And here we thought ScoMo’s flip-flopping would be the most pathetic display of an old man’s two-step we’d see this week.


5) The Dollyrots ‘Our Albums Go Acoustic’

18th May

What: The Dollyrots are staying home to #BEATTHEVIRUS (and so should you) but that doesn’t mean they can’t play for y’all! This is an acoustic-style live stream, with lots of stories and interaction with fans in the chat room. Hopefully by the time they get through all of them we’ll ALL be through the thick of this! This show will feature all the tracks they’ve released on other formats! They have several EPs, Singles, and B-sides that have come out over the years and some rarities on those releases that have never been played live before. Like, EVER! Planning to jam tracks off the most recent Single “Make Me Hot”, along with cuts from “Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out”, “Arrested Youth”, “California Beach Boy”, “Get Radical”, and more!

Why: There’s nothing like the live visceral piss, blood and sweat of punk music as processed through a 13 inch computer screen with a couple of acoustic guitars interspersed with charming anecdotes about married life.


4) Blue October ‘The Singles’

17th May

What: This one’s for all of you who work at night or live in other countries and aren’t able to make Blue October’s show on Friday. Blue October will be playing all of their singles, like Hate Me, Into The Ocean, James, Oh My My, Home, Fear, Say It, and so many more!

Why: Judging by the name of the band, this’ll be a light, poppy reminder of the importance of optimism. Otherwise they would’ve called themselves something more realistic like ‘Mass Death and Economic Apocalypse October’.


3) Royal Albert Home: Scouting For Girls

22nd May

What: Scouting For Girls shot to fame in 2007 with their chart-topping eponymous debut album, which spawned the singles She’s So Lovely and Elvis Ain’t Dead, and last year celebrated the release of their fifth studio album, The Trouble with Boys. The band headlined the Royal Albert Hall in 2013 and they are delighted to present this show as part of the Royal Albert Home series to bring their catchy indie pop melodies straight to your living room.

Why: The most nonthreatening scouts since…ever.


2) A Night Of Covenant House Stars

19th May

What: Jon Bon Jovi, Dolly Parton, Meryl Streep, and other big names are set to perform for ‘A Night Of Covenant House Stars’, a live-streamed concert benefiting the Covenant House charity. It will be hosted by Broadway veteran Audra McDonald and 60 Minutes anchor John Dickerson. Other stars scheduled to make an appearance in the virtual concert include Diane Keaton, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Brosnahan, Robin Thicke, and Dionne Warwick. A Night of Covenant House stars will be streamed on Youtube, iHeartRadio Broadway, Facebook, Twitch, and on the Stars in The House website in addition to Broadway on Demand.

Why: A covenant with Robin Thicke that does not involve a nondisclosure agreement.


1) One Night Only

23rd May

What: They’re back. Powderfinger, arguably Australia’s biggest guitar band of the century, are reuniting for a one-off fundraising virtual concert. Dubbed One Night Lonely, the gig will stream on YouTube and will raise much needed money for Support Act, the national charity that helps artists, roadies and music workers in crisis, and Beyond Blue, an organisation that provides advice and support on mental health issues.

Why: All it took for them to reunite was a mass pandemic. Fingers crossed for 2021’s North Korean biochemical assault.

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