Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 12/07/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

There’s seemingly no end to the horrors of 2020. But there’s jazz.


10) Uncle Floyd LIVE at Roy’s Hall 

15th July

What: Uncle Floyd’s now legendary TV show aired in New Jersey and New York from 1974 to 1998. It could be read as a children’s show or a parody of a children’s show. Much of the humor had a twist aimed at adults, in the style of Soupy Sales and Pee Wee Herman. The show featured character comedy, puppetry, some audience participation, musical guests, and Floyd’s piano playing. Tune in for comedy and song in the spirit of old-time vaudeville and burlesque.

Why: Interestingly, the more a puppeteer makes uncomfortable sexual innuendos, the less likely it is that he’s an actual pervert.


9) Lena: Live

15th July

What: Lena Johanna Therese Meyer-Landrut, also known by the mononym Lena, is a German singer-songwriter. She rose to fame after representing Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo, winning the contest with her song “Satellite”. In this intimate live performance she will be singing French classics to pay tribute to Bastille Day.

Why: Never have all of us deserved to belt out, “Non! Je ne regrette rien!” less.


8) Keith Harkin: Live

13th July

What: Keith Harkin is an Irish singer songwriter and guitar-playing minstrel who has been singing his way into the hearts of music lovers since the wee age of four. His musical talents have brought him across the world from the UK to Canada to Australia to America and back. The self-described “singer-songwriter-surfer” does not fit into any particular role in Celtic Thunder. As an avid surfer, though, he’s not afraid of taking risks, and is able to enjoy the sense of artistic achievement he’s already attained, over and over again in his past eight years touring. Experience his brilliant talents in a unique livestreamed performance.

Why: The softest, most lyrical melismatic singing you’ll ever hear.


7) The Dollyrots ‘The Ramones’

13th July

What: The Dollyrots are staying home to #BEATTHEVIRUS (and so should you) but that doesn’t mean they can’t play for y’all! This is an acoustic-style live stream, with lots of stories and interaction with fans in the chat room. Hopefully by the time they get through all of them we’ll ALL be through the thick of this! They want to have fun with these livestreams, and there’s one band’s songs that are more fun for the to play than practically anyone, and that’s The Ramones!

Why: The tribute act. Unfortunately not one of the many casualties of COVID. Likely because we’re all far more drunk and far less discerning now than we ever were in a pub.


6) Riff Raff: Vanilla Gorilla Weekend

13th July

What: Rapper Riff Raff is officially in album mode. The neon icon is putting the rap game on notice while hinting toward some new music with Ronny J.

Why: Just so you get a feel for this guy, he decided he still wasn’t too white for the genre and then coloured his teeth silver.


5) Sy Smith: Live From Syberspace

18th July

What: Sy Smith is known for her songwriting as well as her interpretation of classics and her knack for improvising sweet, on-the-spot arrangements of soul & jazz alike. She’ll do just that in this debut performance, with keyboardist/producer Dominique Xavier (Toto, Prince, Ghost Note) providing his unique progressions and head-nodding beats.

Why: Jazz improv; because if years of disinterest didn’t kill it, nothing will.


4) The Crystal Method: Live

19th July

What: The Crystal Method is an American electronic music act formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland in the early 1990s. They were pioneers of the big beat genre. The Crystal Method will perform a 2-hour DJ set LIVE from Las Vegas on the DRIP MEGASTAGE.

Why: Get a vision of 2020’s Rome before the fall.


3) Royal Albert Home: Nashville Meets London

19th July

What: A selection of some of the most exciting names in country music will deliver exclusive home sets as part of a Nashville Meets London takeover of the Royal Albert Home series. Launched in August 2016 as a music festival, Nashville Meets London (NML) has developed into a global music brand, providing opportunities that support the spread of country and Americana music. For this special online concert, they’ll be presenting Nashville’s most versatile band The Cadillac Three, American country music singer Michael Ray, Canadian singer-songwriter Tenille Townes, and Yorkshire-native, Twinnie. The night will be compered by Country Hits Radio, Mainly Music and No Chords But the Truth presenter Matt Spracklen.

Why: See if Country music’s salt-of-the-earth storytelling about hitching rides through the burnt country-land translates to the harrowing experience of being a bit bored in a well-appointed apartment for five months and occasionally sponsored by the Royal Albert Theatre.


2) Hilarity Charity Gala (At Home)

13th July

What: Wolverhampton’s legendary Comedy Fundraiser returns ONLINE with very special guests raising money for the city’s own Central Youth Theatre featuring Joel Dommett, Kiri Pritchard McLean, Josh Widdecombe, James Acaster, Isy Suttie, Tim Key, Nish Kumar and Spencer Jones. Live, online and streaming into your homes! Hosted by Ben Clark and Tom Parry!

Why: Did you ever notice how you’ve been locked inside your own mind for five months? What’s up with that? Am I right, folks?


1) DC JazzFest From Home

19th July

What: The DC JazzFest From Home Series is an event occurring on the DCJF YouTube Channel and Facebook page that will feature never-before-seen footage of performances from year’s past as well as live-streamed shows from DCJF artist alums.

Why: If ever there were a time to get into Jazz, it’s now when you’ve listened to bands you actually like so much that you can no longer tell the difference between Trent Reznor and Johnny Cash.

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