Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 08/11/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Yes, we know. But other countries exist.


10) Niall Horan: Live

8th November

What: Niall Horan is playing London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall for a livestream concert benefitting his touring crew.  He’ll perform hits from his Billboard 200 No.1 album Flicker and his sophomore set Heartbreak Weather, which will be filmed by a multi-camera crew.

Why: Young people these days may be the most sociopolitically astute of all the generations, but that doesn’t mean they won’t spew out their own version of Robbie Williams.


9) 311: Music

12th November

What: American rock band 311 is performing three shows, with each set to feature one of their classic albums. The November show will focus on ‘Music’. The band will be playing live from their Hive studio in L.A.

Why: Consider the inverted commas around the word ‘Music’ as indicative of more than one implication.


8) Jerry Joseph: Happy Book Live

13th November

What: Captured with muscle and blood by Joseph’s longtime trio The Jackmormons, Happy Book presents Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons at their most diverse and confident; it’s a record with a wide swing that dextrously moves from whisper closeness to Technicolor expansiveness. Experience the album live.

Why: A man named J.J. is releasing something actually original. We’re shocked too.


7) Mike Cooley: Live

12th November

What: Whether battling valiantly from behind the enemy lines of his dive-bar-underground past or blowing the doors off sold-out theatres as he’s done with Drive-By Truckers for the last decade, Mike Cooley has proved his mettle time and time again. Experience this high-octane rocker in a unique livestream.

Why: “Blowing the doors off sold-out theatres”? This promo was clearly written pre-2010. So that probably means he’s just irrelevant enough to be cool.


6) Yinz Citizen

13th November

What: Rapper Wiz Khalifa, Punk rockers Anti-Flag and more are set to appear for virtual concert Yinz Citizen. The event benefits 412 Food Rescue.

Why: The existence of Wiz Khalifa, for a good cause. 2020 really is f***ed up.


5) August Burns Red: Thrill Seeker

15th November

What: With so many bands in the heavy music scene seemingly intent on madness, August Burns Red aren’t afraid to branch out, weaving in elements of other influences from punk to indie to rock. There’s an earnest sincerity behind August Burns Red’s desire to continue to warp the constraints of what it means to be a metal band. Experience their performance of their entire Thrill Seeker album live.

Why: We’re guessing this means that instead of screaming incoherently about raping corpses 99% of the time, they’ll only scream incoherently about raping corpses 95% of the time and the other 5% will be some raspy indie lilt about quirky suspenders and the smell of toast.


4) Kylie Minogue: Infinite Disco

8th November

What: Kylie Minogue is doing a global livestream show titled “Kylie: Infinite Disco.” The 50-minute performance will include tracks from upcoming album Disco, as well as some of her classic tunes.

Why: It would be so much easier to get her out of our heads if she just conceded defeat and embraced her irrelevance.


3) Music for the Mind

13th November

What: And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead, Riders Against the Storm and many more alt rock bands are performing in “Music for the Mind,” a fundraising event for mental health awareness.

Why: A fundraising event that creates awareness for the very thing it warps. How satisfying.


2) Metallica: Live

15th November

What: Metallica is playing a live acoustic show from San Rafael, Calif. The “Helping Hands Concert and Auction” will benefit the band’s charity, All Within My Hands, with 100 percent of the money going to help people in need.

Why: Watch them die another day. They’re in their 50s for f***’s sake.


1) Brendan Benson: Live 

15th November

What: Rocker Brendan Benson is celebrating his 50th birthday with a livestream concert from Nashville. He’ll be backed by members of The Shins, Eagles of Death Metal, and Neon Castles.

Why: We’d make some comment about gracefully accepting one’s age quietly, but hell, in these times we’re all desperately trying to cling on to life. Let the old man play.

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