Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 06/12/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Restrictions have been relaxed and bars are more open than they have been in months. It’s time to…stay inside because you’ve become pathologically incapable of dealing with people!


10) Zane Carney: My Favorite Songs

8th December

What: Dubbed ‘The Future Of Electric Guitar’ by Huffington Post is a singer-songwriter, and Grammy nominated guitarist, most known for his work with John Mayer and Avril LaVigne. He’ll be performing an intimate virtual set for his fans around the world.

Why: The future is named Zane. We’ll never understand the fear of sudden death.


9) The Farm Must Go On 

10th December

What: Mickey Guyton, Dustin Lynch and more country stars are participating in a live benefit concert The Farm Must Go On to raise money for Farm Rescue, a non-profit that is helping farmers impacted during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why: Country music for a good cause. Who’d’ve thought that was possible?


8) Kiana Ledé: Live 

9th December

What: Kiana Ledé Brown is an American R&B singer, songwriter, actress and pianist based in California. Experience her unique and soulful sounds in a livestreamed performance.

Why: The closest to apolitical moaning you’ll get out of the US for at least another year.


7) Goldfinger: Live from The Roxy Theatre

11th December

What: Celebrating the release of their new album ‘Never Look Back’, American punk rock and ska punk band Goldfinger brings you a live performance from the Roxy Theatre!

Why: If the words ‘ska punk band’ didn’t immediately hook you in…we understand completely.


6) Vienna Teng: Close To Home

13th December

What: Vienna Teng is a singer, songwriter and pianist based out of Boulder. Her albums Waking Hour and Warm Strangers both reached the top five of Amazon’s bestseller list, and she won the 2010 Independent Music Awards’ Vox Pop vote for her album Inland Territory. Experience her unique and delicate sounds live in an intimate virtual performance.

Why: Introducing indie pop singer #180001. This one sometimes stands up when she performs. And sometimes she doesn’t.


5) Dolly Parton: ‘The Library That Dolly Built’ Premiere

11th December

What: Experience the exclusive Australian Facebook premiere of ‘The Library That Dolly Built: Celebrating the People Who Made Dolly’s Dream Come True’.  The film is a feature-length documentary, covering the history, impact and future of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Australian ambassadors for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and multi-award-winning husband and wife duo O’Shea will be on hand to kick off the evening! The film features the music of Dolly Parton and is narrated by actress and author, Danica McKellar.

Why: The multi-millionaire with her own theme park needs some attention for once.


4) Nnenna Freelon: Concert with Conversation

11th December

What: What links exist between Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra? Who are some songwriters of the Great American Songbook? Who can we look to today? Join this Grammy-nominated vocalist and North Carolina-based artist and her accompanist for an intimate, informal program that explores some popular music of the 1940s—and some from the current day. The music, and the stories, will take us on a surprising journey.

Why: An intimate deconstruction of jazz music in which they’re not actually playing jazz the majority of the time. There’s a definite upside to this.


3) Lang Lang: Live 

13th December

What: Sam Smith, Wyclef Jean and many others will be performing for the Lang Lang International Music Foundation’s first virtual concert.

Why: They’ve chosen Sam Smith for their first virtual concert. It makes sense. No one’s first time is that great.


2) Bad Religion: Decades

13th December

What: Bad Religion celebrates 40 years with the release of Decades, a four-episode streaming event filmed live at The Roxy in Hollywood, California.  This episode will feature Bad Religion performing songs from How Could Hell Be Any Worse, Suffer, and No Control. They will discuss what it was like being young punks in a world of Pacman, Reaganomics, and Televangelism.

Why: Hear your cool older relatives talk about the 80s as though they were fraught with uncertainty.


1) Gorillaz: Song Machine Live

13th December

What: World famous British virtual band Gorillaz are performing three live shows across different time zones for their first live set since 2018.

Why: They’re coming out with their next hit that’ll be played on repeat in Targets across the nation. Hear it here first before it’s overlaid with announcements about child vomit and lay-by items.

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