Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 06/09/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

It’s going to be a wet one.


10) Ferran Palau: Live

9th September

What: Ferran Palau’s songs play with everything: what’s there and what isn’t, pop and R&B, metaphysics and mundanity, sentences that are as tweetable as they are enigmatic. Shaping time with your hands, and asking questions. Experience him live.

Why: A perfect physical manifestation of where music is currently headed. It’s up to you to decide where you stand on that.


9) Behemoth: In Absentia Dei

6th September

What: Behemoth is a blackened death metal band that formed in 1991 in Gdansk, in Poland. The band consists of Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski, Zbigniew ‘Inferno’ Promiński and Tomasz ‘Orion’ Wróblewski. Experience them in a unique livestreamed performance.

Why: The angry intestinal repercussions of a salted-meat based diet in music form.


8) The Command Sisters: Live

7th September

What: Highlighting high fashion heat and even hotter hooks, Command Sisters exert this effect on tape, on stage, and everywhere else for that matter. The sisterly duo—Charlotte and Sarah Command—turn life’s ups and downs into eloquent and entrancing alternative underpinned by live instrumentation and bold production. From music to fashion, the Toronto band make a statement with everything they do. “We are a yin and yang, my sister and I. Both literally and figuratively; Charlotte’s hair is usually black, and mine is blonde or white. Our look reflects our synergy; the songs that Charlotte writes partnered with the instrumentation I bring. This is our identity.”

Why: If there’s one thing that indicates a new rock duo is of quality, it’s how effectively their hair colours play off each other.


7) Roxanne de Bastion: Live From Moth Club

7th September

What: Roxanne is at the forefront of a new wave of artists breaking with tradition to forge exciting independent careers. As such, Roxanne was invited to join the FAC (Featured Artist Coalition), where she sits on the Board of Directors alongside Imogen Heap, Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, Katy Melua and Dave Rowntree of Blur. Experience her unique brand of quiet indie folk rock in a livestreamed concert.

Why: Another day, another indie artist. But this one’s from Berlin. So…that’s somewhat noteworthy.


6) Hamilton Leithauser: Live! at Cafe Carlyle

13th September

What: Indie multi-instrumentalist and previous lead vocalist of the American indie rock band The Walkmen, Hamilton Leithauser, will be celebrating his Live! at Cafe Carlyle album with a livestream performance from Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY.

Why: Bonus hipster points if you are currently in possession of an actual Walkman.


5) Phish: Live

6th September

What: Phish (formed in 1983) is an American rock, funk, folk, blues and bluegrass jam band known for their enviable musical improvisation from Burlington, Vermont, U.S. Experience them in a livestreamed concert.

Why: Nothing like a band known for their improvisational chops during the inimitable energy of a live concert environment as projected via a 13 inch quarantine screen.


4) MANKind: Fools Gold TV

10th September

What: Stockholm, Sweden quartet MANKIND have long been a hidden treasure of the European underground rock scene, touring across Europe on the strength of a few EPs and singles. Having grown a reputation as a must-see live band it’s easy to see why with their blend of garage rock energy and britpop stylings and with POPHITS the band’s set to introduce themselves to the wider world. Experience them in a livestreamed performance.

Why: See a must-see live band. At…home.


3) Yoke Lore: Live at Gundlach Bundschu Winery

9th September

What: Adrian Galvin, better known by his moniker Yoke Lore, is a multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and visual artist from New York, United States. Before going solo Galvin was a member of Walk the Moon and Yellerkin. Experience his style of rousing indie pop live.

Why: We’re not sure why, as an indie musician, he felt he had to adopt the moniker ‘Yoke Lore’. Seems like a lateral move from his actual name ‘Adrian Galvin’.


2) Didirri: The Critic

11th September

What: Didirri is the son of a painter and childrens singer/songwriter. He first went on the road quite young, as a circus performer. As a teenager, he learned to play music on the piano and later when he completed high school he began a Bachelor of Music, where he picked up the guitar in earnest. It was at a time of his life where he was learning that letting people in is important, he began writing and soon after, busking on the streets of Melbourne. Taking his writing cues from family, philosophers, comedians, friends and lovers, Didirri reveals himself using words and music with unparalleled openness. He compares his songwriting to writing a personal self-help book, littered with advice and observations to avoid repeating mistakes.

Why: If Joseph Gordon-Levitt developed a heroin habit and become 10% less intolerable.


1) Sydney Underground Film Festival

10th-20th September

What: Sydney’s leading festival for cult and underground film, the Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF), is back for its 14th year. In 2020 the Festival will take place entirely online, offering a new opportunity for audiences all over the country to experience the glory of some of the world’s most experimental, subversive and unhinged cinema, right from their own living rooms. For ten days, film fans will be able to stream a fully curated program of pertinent and eye-opening shorts, widely diverse and experimental films, and – most importantly – films that will make you cry with laughter, even in this challenging time. Offering the cinematic trip you can take without leaving the country, the 2020 line-up features over 100 short films from 20 different countries.

Why: It’s a hardcore underground film festival you can enjoy from home. To state the obvious, you won’t have to buy the biggest thing of s****y movie popcorn to disguise the hand down your pants.

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