Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 05/07/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Let’s get over the mental illnesses we all rapidly developed as a result of quarantine together.


10) Concert Confessions: Cailin Russo

9th July

What: Go behind the scenes with Cailin Russo, American model and musician, best known for her appearances in Justin Bieber music videos.

Why: Who are we to say what’s wildly unnecessary? At least she has the validation from other people to confirm why she should exist.


9) Beach Slang: Debt Sounds

12th July

What: Experience self-confessed ’embarrassing’ American punk rock band, Beach Slang, live in a unique livestreamed concert.

Why: Somehow this is one of the few times in which ownership over one’s inadequacies has completely failed to make one’s product palatable. But, hell, we could all use a palate shocker once in a while.


8) Michael McDermott: The American In Me

6th July

What: What invisible lines drawn on the earth mean to people on both sides of that said line? How ideologies shape our world, how nationalism is on the rise, and what has happened to the sacred? Are we all in this together? One of the most soul-stirring singer songwriters ever will explore these questions in an intimate, interactive livestreamed performance as only a musician can.

Why: Bob Dylan’s insight was insufficient to save a morally ailing world from a horrific reality…so here’s Michael.


7) The Glass Child: This Is How Ghosts Are Made 

13th July

What: Welcome to a musical journey that will take you all the way through The Glass Child’s 10 releases of EPs and LPs, leading up to a brand new full-length album at the end of 2020. As the 2nd concert in this series, you will rediscover her 2nd EP “This Is How Ghosts Are Made”.

Why: If only real children were replaceable with a trip to Ikea and didn’t eventually turn into the kind of resentful people that liked indie singers with the sole purpose of being contrarian…we’d really consider acquiring them.



9th July

What: Spirited, anthemic indie pop duo, IAMDYNAMITE, has been busy during Quarantine writing and recording new material. Experience their acoustic side in this intimate livestreamed performance.

Why: Nothing suits a talent for loud, anthemic pop like an entirely acoustic set.


5) Liquid Circus: Hump Day Hang

9th July

What: 1996 was a whirlwind year for the original members of Orange County rock band, Liquid Circus. Within the same year of formation, the band released a self-titled debut album, were recognised as Best New Artist (North America), and as a result, were featured on a compilation CD alongside Motley Crue and Sponge. Today, founding member and song writer, Rick Maestas has teamed up with long-time bandmate Benjamin Sanders to reform the band’s sound and vision.

Why: Hey hipsters, pretend you alone remember the 90s in a way that no one else can with a band that no one remembers!


4) Royal Albert Home: Marian Hill

12th July

What: Philadelphia duo Marian Hill will deliver an exclusive set from their homes as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. The genre-crossing duo is made up of production artist Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol. Following the release of their two EPs, Play and Sway, Marian Hill released their acclaimed debut album, Act One, in 2016 and follow-up Unusual in 2018. 2020 has seen Marian Hill release a new EP, Was It Not.

Why: A generic indie duo with an album actually called ‘Unusual’. They’re just skipping the middle man of affected implication entirely now.


3) Backstage with the Goo Goo Dolls 

9th July

What: Join Goo Goo Dolls’ John Rzeznik in conversation with their production coordinator, Dan Cooper, about everything he does behind the scenes to help their live shows.

Why: Turns out there’s a lot of complex goings on behind that one infernal track Target played on an insanity-inducing loop in the early 2000s.


2) Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup): Improv Mondays

7th June

What: Infamous American goof-pop rock band originally formed in Wichita Falls, Texas, best known for its singles “Girl All the Bad Guys Want”, “1985”, “Almost” and “High School Never Ends” are hosting a livestreamed interactive acoustic improv session! You suggest what the song should be about, Jaret will make it up!

Why: Listen to someone named Jaret talk about his music without waiting 30 minutes for a coffee that’s been incorrectly prepared.


1) The #Undistanced Dance Party

11th July

What: Join Gideön, DJ, activist and NYC Downlow co-creator from his home in London for a special Pride 2020 live-stream. Having devoted 29 years to sound tracking the international queer underground, he will be spinning his classic mix of US Deep House, Acid and Garage. Resident and co-booker at London’s legendary party Adonis and The Black Madonna’s ‘We Still Believe’ events, Gideön will be raising urgently needed funds for All Out’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

Why: Because the musical underground is mainstream now, the only way to display your contrarianism to the generations above you is to exploit your own and others’ queerness. Your parents will never fully be comfortable with you. So, ROCK ON!

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