Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 03/05/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

We know you can’t control yourself any longer.


10) Daybreaker Live

3rd May

What: To celebrate the Earth’s wildest party of all, you’re invited to bloom anew for Episode 6 of Daybreaker LIVE, Blossom & Bass House Party. Get ready to transform your home into a floral oasis where colours are vibrant, the language is music and the dancing is wild. To spice up the vibe, Cuban-American DJ Dude Skywalker will bring some Miami Latin house fire, Yogi Karine Plantadit will lead you through a yoga-into-dance-flow and you’ll cha cha real smooth with a dance party to bring you back into your body. Throw some flowers in your hair, dress in your fave floral prints and come as vibrant as a fresh-cut bouquet. Together with friends around the world, bring the wonders of Mama Earth to the great indoors.

Why: We assume, as a result of the restrictions, that your supplies of MDMA ran out days, if not weeks, ago. Now you can experience what the rest of us experience at a f***ing House Party.


9) Shut In and Pluck: Luke Brindley, Christian Sedelmyer, Séamus Egan and Tammy Lynne Hall

10th May

What: Shut In and Pluck is a roster of some of your favorite instrumentalists, and some people you’ve never heard of. This edition will feature folk fingerstyle guitarist Luke Brindley, bluegrass fiddler Christian Sedelmyer, Irish multi-instrumentalist Séamus Egan and jazz classical pianist Tammy Lynne Hall.

Why: We all need a good fingering and a fiddling these days. The carpal tunnel already kicked in about two weeks ago.


8) Shut In and Blue: Jontavious Willis, Kam Franklin, Cat Clyde and Ruthie Foster

8th May

What: Shut In and Blue is a roster of some of your favorite blues musicians, and some people you’ve never heard of. This edition will feature dynamic multi-instrumentalist Jontavious Willis, soul singer and activist Kam Franklin, velvet-voiced slide guitarist Cat Clyde and expressive folk-blues singer Ruthie Foster.

Why: ‘Shut In and Blue’. Not just the cause of death written on the coroner’s report when they find your bloated corpse still halfway through the fortieth bowl of whisky-marshmallow-Panamax cereal.


7) Shut In and Sing: UK Take-Over with Robert Vincent, Elles Bailey, Martin Harley and Ferris & Sylvester 

7th May

What: Shut In and Sing is a roster of some of your favorite artists, and some people you’ve never heard of. This edition will feature blues singer Robert Vincent, smoky roots singer Elles Bailey, folk singer and slide guitarist Martin Haley and bold folk and blues duo Ferris & Sylvester.

Why: Three blues singers, a roots singer, a folk singer and a slide guitarist walk into a bar. Because apparently that’s already allowed in America.


6) The Frights (Live)

8th May

What: Experience the dark and bouncy sounds of American surf punk rockers and Coachella alumni ‘The Frights’ in an intimate livestreamed set.

Why: There’s nothing like a musical reminder of the pre-pandemic existence of Coachella to spark a feeling of premature nostalgia for the days wherein a mass crowd sweatily grinding in a pool of their own s*** was illegal.


5) Miz Cracker: Everything’s Fine

8th May

What: Miz Cracker’s ‘Everything’s Fine’ brings comedy and laughter to a time when everything is falling apart. This show has it all with brand new stand-up comedy and acrobatics, and Cracker talks back, takes questions and jokes around with the audience throughout. This show for anyone whose life is a rolling disaster.

Why: Nothing makes you feel better about your pathetic state of affairs like watching a multi-talented artist groomed to perfection claiming her life is a disaster.


4) Remote Utopias

3rd May

What: Experience a 24hr takeover across two live channels, bringing together musicians, DJs, artists and filmmakers from across the globe for a whirlwind of music of all genres, exclusive premieres, radio and live video streams. The full Remote Utopias line-up ranges from guided meditation hosted by Erykah Badu to grime giant JME presenting a radio show of his favourite video game music. Elsewhere the broadcast bounces from psych-rock titans Tame Impala to rising Brazilian funk carioca producer Iasmin Turbininha in a blink. The likes of Skrillex, JPEGMAFIA, Jonah Hill, Weyes Blood are just some of the other acts on this special radio programme. NTS will also be hosting happenings and performances by visionary musicians, photographers and poets such as Kahlil Joseph, Klein, Wolfgang Tillmans and James Massiah. Special video streams and premieres will be on offer, including a live video stream of performances from the YEAR0001 collective, a video project entitled Therapy Garden from Mica Levi, Powell’s new collaboration with filmmaker Michael Amstad and visual artist Marte Eknæs, and the magnetic Miss Jason hosting Remote Utopia’s digital backstage.

Why: If your notion of a utopia contains Skrillex, well done. There’ll be no need for flesh and blood. We’ll just kill ourselves now.


3) Cinco de Mayo Altísimo Live Festival 

6th May

What: Latin music stars Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Luis Fonsi, J Balvin, Diane Guerrero and Ana Brenda Contreras have teamed up for Eva Longoria’s virtual Cinco de Mayo celebration, hosted by iHeartLatino, RetroPop Media, CIEN+, The Latinx House, WFHN-TV, Hispanics in Philanthropy, Hispanic Heritage Foundation and farmworker-serving organisations led by Justice for Migrant Women, among others. In support of the millions of farmworkers across the U.S. who help feed the country, the Altísimo Live Festival benefit concert will raise necessary money for their COVID-19 relief fund with live musical performances and interactive Q&As. Additional stars taking part in the benefit include Becky G, Edward James Olmos, Jenny Yang, Juanes, Nicky Jam, Rosanna Arquette and Steve Aoki.

Why: The end is nigh but it’s not here yet. It’s time for the conga. The last horrific frontier in the endless expanse of your insanity.


2) SAFE Music Festival

8th-11th May

What: S.AF.E Virtual Music Festival is an opportunity to be part of something amazing, to come together and begin new waves of virtual experiences. Undergo a personal experience with an artist or virtually travel with your friends to a festival from the comfort of your own home. The time of change is upon us. Carpe Diem. Call it what you will, an online festival, digital festival, or a virtual festival. Either way, experience the EPIC Virtual Music Festival experience called S.AF.E. The festival will include virtual yoga sessions and workouts, contests for Best Created Meme and Best Shared Photo, interactive chat rooms and, of course, some incredible live music. The lineup will feature Cade, Danny Quest, Dwilly, Jake Bartley Band, Jared and the Mill, Mammoths, Mahalo, Snyder, Vegabonds, Winston Ramble, Waves, Young Bombs and more!

Why: See whether the sweaty, gassy, condescending essence of a yoga class translates through a screen whilst listening to the sweaty, gassy, condescending sounds of White Hipster No. 3002.


1) 320 Festival

9th-11th May

What: The inaugural 320 Festival, a mental health and music event that was set for later this year, have partnered with KNEKT-TV to bring the event to those self isolating during the current pandemic. People around the world may check in via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, the KNEKT.TV network on Roku and Apple TV as the now online festival will provide educational sessions, musical performances, workshops and more. In addition to the wealth of non-profit partners on hand to discuss mental health, the 320 Festival will include live performances from Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld, Lindsey Stirling, Everclear’s Art Alexakis, Social House, Bruce Wiegner, Dylan Dunlap, Elohim, Evaride, Frank Zummo of Sum 41, Gnash, Holy Wars, Moontower, Rouxx and more.

Why: Be reminded about the importance of mental stability during a severe economic downtown by a mass gathering of indie music clones whose collective net worth is larger than the most optimistic projected wealth of Australia in 2025.

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