Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 02/08/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Moderation is disproportionately overvalued.


10) Ruthie Collins: Love, From Laurel Canyon

4th August

What: Singer/songwriter Ruthie Collins wears her heart on her sleeve, and pretty much always has a sparkle in her eyes. Collins has received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, and American Songwriter, among others. Her songs straddle the line between Americana, Bluegrass, and modern Country. “Dang Dallas”, her latest single, showcases Collins’ ability to weave real-life inspiration into lyrical storytelling with a unique, raw bitterness. Experience her talents in an intimate livestream.

Why: Because in the current climate, the voice that really needs to be amplified is the rich white one with the southern twang.


9) Toque Profundo: Desde la Trinchera 2 

3rd August

What: Toque Profundo, sometimes referred to as Toque, or TP, is a rock group from the Dominican Republic, the most successful of the local Dominican bands to date in the late 80s and 90s. Songs like “El Jevito” and “Mi País”, involve social criticism and issues within Dominican culture. In December 2009, Toque Profundo celebrated their 20th anniversary in Hard Rock Cafe Santo Domingo and a few weeks later released a new single named “El Experimento” which quickly climbed up the charts of Dominican rock stations. They have been active ever since.

Why: Expand your mental image of an entire nation beyond Carla from Scrubs.


8) Slaves: To Better Days

6th August

What: Slaves is an American post-hardcore band formed in Sacramento, California known for their melodic riffs and lyrics pertaining to the band’s history of substance abuse. Experience them live.

Why: It’s hard to believe that a bunch of white guys ever thought this was an appropriate name for their band, even taking into account how high they definitely were.


7) DRAMA: Live

7th August

What: Drama is the passion project of producer Na’el Shehade and songstress Via Rosa. They’re just winging it—no boundaries, no rules. Shehade crafts a beat equal parts dark and dance, while Rosa tries out some lyrics to the beat. She sings. She talks. He remixes. They feel out what works. They find an emotional chord. They literally stand up and test out the danceability of the song. Experience them live.

Why: We appreciate the honesty, but they could’ve just said “consume with MDMA”.


6) Son Lux: TOMORROWS Vol. I 

7th August

What: Son Lux is an American experimental band. Originally the solo project and moniker of founding member Ryan Lott, the band’s first three albums, At War with Walls & Mazes, We Are Rising and Lanterns shaped the band’s unique sound through post-rock and electronica influences. They are known for arranging films like Looper and The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby.

Why: Nothing sounds more experimental and unique than a soundtrack to a multi-million dollar Hollywood box office success starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


5) Melissa Etheridge: Live

5th August

What: Hailing from Leavenworth, Kansas, USA, Melissa Etheridge was born on the 29th of May 1961. She is an alternative rock singer songwriter and activist who became a commercial success in the 1990s. She is known for her husky voice, unflinchingly honest lyricism and several critically and commercially successful albums. Experience her live.

Why: She once had an unironic mullet. That qualifies her for your ‘music was so much better before I was born’ hipster recognition.


4) Dark Sarah: Grim

8th August

What: Dark Sarah is a Finnish cinematic metal band created by Heidi Parviainen, after her departure from Finnish metal band Amberian Dawn in 2012. With their new album, Grim, they’re starting an astonishing new fairytale-like storyline. The beguiling new dimension, coalescing between crystal-clear vocals and propulsive hardness, draws you into the tempestuous maelstrom of their horror fantasy theme. Experience the album release live.

Why: Adding more unnecessary words to the description feels almost abusive. If you’re interested, see it.


3) Ride: Live From London

6th August

What: Along with acts such as My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, and Slowdive, the British experimental pop group Ride helped lay the framework for the shoegaze genre. They are noted for layering sounds into complicated and lush mosaics, while maintaining a strong presence of pop sensibilities. Experience them live.

Why: They’re still downcast, but as of 2015 it’s been symptomatic of arthritis.


2) Unplugged with Allan Harris

5th August

What: Ever since he burst on the jazz scene in the latter part of the twentieth century, The Brooklyn-born, Harlem-based vocalist/guitarist/bandleader/composer Allan Harris has reigned supreme as the most accomplished and exceptional singer of his generation. Aptly described by the Miami Herald as an artist blessed with, “the warmth of Tony Bennett, the bite and rhythmic sense of Sinatra, and the sly elegance of Nat ‘King’ Cole,” the ample and aural evidence of Harris’ moving and magisterial artistry can be heard on his fourteen recordings as a leader. Experience his mastery live.

Why: The unassailably brilliant soundtrack to your inadequacy.


1) Monsta X: Live From Seoul With Luv

9th August

What: Monsta X’s global livestream concert Live From Seoul With Luv, will feature the K-pop group performing songs from their 2020 album, All About Luv, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, and meet and greets.

Why: Catch them quick, before one or more of them commit suicide.

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