Top 10 Australia Culture On this week 28/06/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Question everything. Except that corner of your room you haven’t gone near in three months that makes a rustling noise whenever you turn off the lights. Never question that corner.


10) Rogue Opera Live Lounge

3rd July

What: Please join Bronwen Stephens-Harding, Director of Rogue Opera, on her Livestream: Rogue Opera Live Lounge. Rogue Opera is a London based professional opera company, now in its third year, dedicated to bringing opera to new audience and spaces. With all their live events on hold for at least the next few months, Rogue Opera has been working hard to bring some of the company’s live performances online. The Live Lounge is an adaptation of popular in-person Opera Cabarets and Galas – bringing the best stories, characters and music of opera alive for both opera buffs and first-timers.

Why: Opera is no longer prohibitively expensive. So you have no excuse. Ignorance of opera is no longer symptomatic of a salt of the earth anti-bourgeois Kerouac type. It’s symptomatic of a lazy, shock-value-addict, actually well-off Kerouac type.


9) Shakespeare’s Globe: Macbeth 

30th June

What: Experience the famous Shakespeare’s Globe’s production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth for free, streaming on YouTube.

Why: Because broadcasting a 17th Century work of feminism interpreted through a performance targeted at schoolchildren is depressingly necessary for the global community right now.


8) Panel: The Fight For Equality and Love in Russia

29th June

What: St. Petersburg is one of the biggest cities in Russia. Despite being known for its progressive and liberal attitude, LGBT+ people are at constant risk of being discriminated against and violently attacked. They risk getting arrested for showing up at public LGBT+ gatherings like Pride parades. While people from all over the world participate in All Out’s campaign action to show solidarity with LGBT+ people in St. Petersburg, All Out will get together with their partners in St. Petersburg to talk about the fight for love and equality in Russia and how people around the world can help make a difference.

Why: Being aware of the global community doesn’t just constitute an air of world-weariness at the age of 23. Validate your haughty air and pill addiction.


7) Vienna State Opera: Falstaff Live

1st July

What: The Vienna State Opera is sharing past performances via free daily online streams. Experience the majesty of the Viennese opera alongside a worldwide audience. This week they will feature Falstaff.

Why: A fat guy with a noble title fumblingly tries to screw two heiresses to gain access to their money. In the 17th Century, this was pitched as a comedy rather than a sobering Netflix political documentary.


6) Panel: Do Corporations Pinkwash Pride?

2nd July

What: Pride has become an important moment for the corporate sector to display its support for the LGBT+ community. Is this a welcome form of support, an attempt to tap into the community’s considerable spending power, or just outright pinkwashing? And how do we tell the difference?

Why: Turns out Bonds scrawling ‘love’ in rainbow lettering on a plain white singlet and charging seventeen bucks for it might have been a shameless corporate attempt to target the sudden upsurge in visibility for a struggling community for s**t loads of cash and the veil of morality. Who knew?


5) Living Poetics

1st July

What: Living Poetics is a Live Stream that includes avant-garde international artists ranging from dancers to music producers hosted by divinebrick, a local LA interdisciplinary artist working with the body. Streams include work by divinebrick that range from butoh dance to sound compositions.

Why: See a guy named divinebrick contort himself into extraordinary positions without constantly being upsold on the hot Live Cam experience.


4) Panel: What Does Pride Mean To You?

1st July

What: Four panellists from very different traditions and backgrounds in Pride movements offer their very personal takes on what Pride means to them – the personal, the political, the social and the sexual. This session will give participants the opportunity to participate in live polling on key questions related to Pride.

Why: Welcome a new chorus into your echo chamber.


3) Royal Albert Home: Nicola Benedetti

5th July

What: Violinist Nicola Benedetti will share stories and music straight from her home during lockdown as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. Nicola is among the most sought-after violinists of her generation. She won the 2020 Grammy Award for Best Classical Instrumental Solo, and was named Best Female Artist at both the 2012 and 2013 Classical BRIT Awards,.

Why: Accoladed just enough to override the immediate revulsive brain impulse that occurs whenever an hour of pure violin soloing is proposed.


2) When The Birds Stopped Singing: Film Screening

1st July

What: Experience a professional film of London Pride’s powerful play raising awareness of domestic abuse within a same sex relationship.

Why: Because the complexities of the LGBTQIA+ experience aren’t entirely laid bare in a two-day binge of Netflix’s Queer Eye.


1) Campaign Action: Stand With Pride in St. Petersburg

29th June

What: All Out and their Russian partners want to bring Pride to the city of St. Petersburg through the power of Digital. Virtually they want the world to turn up in St. Petersburg on this, the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Let our LGBT+ siblings in St. Petersburg feel the solidarity and love of a global LGBT+ community who has their backs. They are calling on a global audience of hundreds of thousands of members to geotag themselves in a central square in St. Petersburg. The actions will come from the web, social media, and messaging apps. The action takers, the community in St. Petersburg, and even the homophobic bigots will feel the power of thousands of people ‘turning up’ in St. Petersburg to celebrate Pride and love.

Why: Couch activism! It’s moral superiority without having to put on pants or move your limbs.

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