Top 10 Australia Culture On this week 21/06/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But dogs aren’t responsible for the institutionalised oppression of millions. So maybe stop rubbing Rover’s face in his own piss and engage in a little overdue introspection.


10) Uncertain Futures in the Time of Crises

25th June

What: In this panel, Myseum of Toronto will convene different historical, cultural and institutional perspectives and begin to envision what the new normal might look like. They will also be joined by award-winning Futurist Maggie Greyson who will help us use some foresight tools to envision the futures that both panellists and participants might want to see.

Why: Because the Tommorowland Jetsons scenario envisioned in the 60s really manifested accurately.


9) Jazz and Classical Music from Frankfurt

25th June

What: The musicians of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony and the Frankfurt Radio Big Band have started a live stream with duos and solo performances. One or two musicians will enter the stage of the radio hall and play for their virtual audience.

Why: There’s a WWII joke in here somewhere, but we’re facing WWIII and frankly this time we want Germany on our side.


8) Rogue Opera Live Lounge

26th June

What: Please join Bronwen Stephens-Harding, Director of Rogue Opera, on her Livestream: Rogue Opera Live Lounge. Rogue Opera is a London based professional opera company, now in its third year, dedicated to bringing opera to new audience and spaces. With all their live events on hold for at least the next few months, Rogue Opera has been working hard to bring some of the company’s live performances online. The Live Lounge is an adaptation of popular in-person Opera Cabarets and Galas – bringing the best stories, characters and music of opera alive for both opera buffs and first-timers.

Why: Opera is no longer prohibitively expensive. So you have no excuse. Ignorance of opera is no longer symptomatic of a salt of the earth anti-bourgeois Kerouac type. It’s symptomatic of a lazy, shock-value-addict, actually well-off Kerouac type.


7) Myseum Intersections: Women in Hip Hop

26th June

What: Join the Myseum of Toronto for this panel discussion where women in Hip Hop will share their experience, highlight solutions and challenge the traditional role of Black women within the male dominated space of hip hop while exploring the intersecting experiences of race, sexuality, ability and gender. Across all sectors Black womens’ artistic and creative works receive significantly less public visibility, compensation, and recognition. These discrepancies in gender and racial inequality are exacerbated by colourism, featurism, patriarchy, and media narratives.

Why: It turns out understanding the intricacies of racial and gender biases is far more complex than feeling fleeting rage and sadness for twenty minutes whilst skimming the trending Reddit thread.


6) Organising Pride Where It Is Illegal to be Gay

26th June

What: Three fierce Pride organisers talk about the challenges, the danger and the joy of bringing LGBT+ communities together for Pride in countries where homosexuality is still criminalised.

Why: If anyone in your life has ever whined, “Why isn’t there a straight pride parade?”(and you haven’t already ceased all contact with them), show them this.


5) Vienna State Opera: La sonnambula Live 

25th June

What: The Vienna State Opera is sharing past performances via free daily online streams. Experience the majesty of the Viennese opera alongside a worldwide audience. This week they will feature La sonnambula.

Why: They’ll really sleepwalk their way through this performance. That was our first dad joke. We think we understand why our parents are alcoholics now.


4) ART/TALK: Industry SLAM Session

25th June

What: SLAM stands for She Leads an Arts Movement and features female-identifying arts leaders who are calling the shots, making decisions and pushing back against the gender parity issue in the art world. A panel of theatre artists take turns asking the SLAM’er one question about her art. The panel may have a second round to ask an additional question, time permitting. The featured guest for this panel is Trey Anthony, an award-winning writer. She is the first black woman in Canada to have a television series on a prime time network. Her work includes the plays, ‘da Kink in my hair, and How black mothers say I love you.

Why: Shut up and listen.


3) On the Ground with Polish Activists

24th June

What: Since the beginning of 2019, around 100 Polish municipalities have declared themselves “LGBT-free zones,” enabling hate under the pretense of “protecting the traditional family” and backed by powerful, ultra-conservative groups. Come hear the latest on the situation from Polish activists, and explore how these acts of discrimination affect the Polish LGBT+ community and how they fight back.

Why: There’s prejudicial institutional malice underneath the fifteen different kinds of potato.


2) Ramsey Lewis: Saturday Salon

28th June

What: GRAMMY Award-winning pianist and NEA Jazz Master Ramsey Lewis presents an exclusive concert experience. The “Saturday Salon” features a 60-minute performance. At a time when the power of music and art can serve as a unifying force, Ramsey Lewis is looking to reignite the fire and power that can only come from a connection between the musician and the audience. A portion of the proceeds from each performance will benefit The Jazz Foundation of America.

Why: Jazz is a brilliant unifier. As one, the audience, no matter their race, gender or sexual orientation will mutter, “Huh. So this goes on for an hour?”.


1) Watch Party: Are You Proud?

25th June

What: Combining rare archive footage with interviews from leading campaigners, Are You Proud? charts the LGBTQ+ movements momentous journey charting the joys and divisions toward equality. Celebrating the community’s greatest achievements, the film calls attention to the fights both past and present while asking tough questions about the future. Following the screening, the Director, Ashley Joiner will be in conversation with two of the activists featured in the film and will take questions from the audience.

Why: A bracing reminder of the overarching pettiness of your life.

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