Top 10 Australia Culture On this week 18/10/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

The past is history, the future is a mystery, today your toilet’s clogged. That’s why you need to call a plumber.


10) How to Talk to Kids About Pornography

23rd October

What: Seeing pornography isn’t that it’s about sex, but that it’s about unrealistic sex. Want to learn more about the long-term impacts of pornography viewing? Want to learn how to talk to your kids? Then this workshop is for you!

Why: So kids are the ones racking up all those views on PornHub and skewing the ‘most popular’ algorithm! We knew there was no logical mass market, involving people actually capable of enjoying sex, for 10 minutes of ball-smacking jackhammering followed by 20 different butthole shots.


9) Understanding the Roots of Racism: Transportation

22nd October

What: The struggle for people of colour to access public transportation has a long history – from Frederick Douglass entering a train car reserved for white passengers in 1841 to the 20th century bus boycotts in the South which lead to landmark civil rights legislation. Transportation affects where we live, work, play and go to school, and it serves as a key issue in addressing poverty, unemployment, health care, and education.  Join an important discussion about transportation and why it remains a civil rights issue in many communities.

Why: Getting a little tired of rounding the same corners of conversation concerning race politics in the US during semi-political family arguments? Incorporate a sudden left turn into the realm of public transportation. A topic universally known to unite people in collective hatred of all governing bodies.


8) Atlas Obscura: Dino 101 

24th October

What: Attention dinosaur nerds and science stans! Join Dustin Growick, host of the YouTube channel The Dinosaur Show, and leader of Atlas Obscura’s Dinos and Dunes in the Colorado Desert trip, and Kristina Gustovich, middle school teacher, geologist, improviser, and museum megastan, for an interactive, adults-only dinosaur party. Each live night session of Dino 101 will have a different adult-focused, dinosaur-inspired theme, replete with a bingo board drinking game.

Why: The third-most interesting and second-most arousing ‘adults-only dinosaur party’ you’ll participate in this week.


7) Crazy Funny Asians

24th October

What: Inspired by the blockbuster movie, see some of the Bay Area’s top comedians at San Francisco’s Crazy Funny Asians comedy showcase! Celebrate the Bay’s Asian-American culture and heritage with laughs.

Why: They’ve decided to cite that movie in order to entice you. So…that probably should give you an indication as to the overall quality of the lineup.


6) Judith Lucy & Denise Scott: Disappointments

19th October

What: In 2017/18 Judith Lucy and Denise Scott toured their smash hit show ‘Disappointments’ to every capital city and regional centre in Australia selling more than 70,000 tickets. The premise of the show was that their lives were perfect but the reality was that this was bullshit and both had taken to their beds because of personal and professional setbacks. Scotty and Jude sensed that talking about their mediocre lives and shattered dreams might strike a chord with the public and they were right! People loved embracing not just the comedians’ regrets but their own! Failure had never been this much fun! Now thanks to the unravelling of the arts sector and, indeed, the planet due to COVID- 19 they feel the time is right for ‘Disappointments’, the zoom-cast. Join Scotty and Jude as they talk about NEW disappointments.

Why: Well it’s the second-least progressive person off Studio 10 and Charlie Pickering’s foil, so at least the title of the show is accurate.


5) Virtual TRiPTease

22nd October

What: To keep your week spicy, check out Virtual TRiPTease! A virtual online variety party every Wednesday hosted by the Original Dame/Producer Lola Boutée alongside TRiP’s one and only sassy pinup bartender, Shira Roman. Grab a cocktail or mocktail and tune in each week on Zoom for a hilarious late-night “happy hour” event every Wednesday featuring different cabaret segments each week and special guests!

Why: Because even though bars are open, we’re still a few months away from collectively being able to go full Minnelli all over the chairs.


4) Nightlife on Mars

25th October

What: Since 2010, Nightlife on Mars has been producing live stand-up shows in San Francisco. Now that we’re all stuck at home, they’re taking the show named Best Underground Comedy Show by San Francisco Magazine and taking it online.

Why: They’re talented enough to make San Fransiscans laugh! So we assume the comedy is mostly swearing without context and the hilarious differences between people who travel on the cable cars and those homeless motherf*****s who can’t seem to get their dirty, low-income arses off the docks.


3) Black Laughs Matter: Virtual Comedy Show 

25th October

What: The live comedy scene has been devastated by the closure of all of the comedy clubs, so if you’d like to support black comics, join in on a special ‘Black Laughs Matter’ online comedy show live from San Francisco. Berkeley native and host for the comedy show, Chris Riggins, has opened for legend Dave Chappelle, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Mos Def and Talib Kweli and perfromed at Cobbs, SF Sketchfest and Oracle Arena.

Why: Experience laughter that isn’t the hollow result of bitter, perverted sorrow.


2) Funcheap’s Live Zoom Comedy Roast Night

23rd October

What: Get ready for Funcheap’s live zoom interactive comedy show from Copper Spoon in Oakland. Tune in, put your headphones on and get some LIVE laughs . It’s a mix of stand-up comedy, hilarious rants, plus (if you dare) leave your camera on and you might get roasted by the comedians!

Why: Get roasted! Because your fragility deserves to be pissed on every once in a while. There was a fraction of a second last week when you felt okay with yourself, you arrogant bastard.


1) Teaching and Celebrating Gloria E. Anzaldúa

23rd October

What: Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa was an American scholar of Chicana cultural theory, feminist theory, and queer theory. Join editors Margaret Cantú-Sánchez, Candace de León-Zepeda, and Norma Elia Cantú, and contributors of the new book, Teaching Gloria E. Anzaldúa: Pedagogy and Practice for Our Classrooms and Communities, to discuss this volume’s practical and inspiring ways to deploy Anzaldúa’s transformative theories with real and meaningful action.

Why: We’re assuming they’re going to lay out a plan to address the aggressive monetisation of our universities and resultant devaluation of our educational systems before they pitch how to spin ‘The Bridge Called My Back’ like Robin Williams.

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