Top 10 Australia Culture On this week 14/06/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Remember when photos of crispy koalas were trending?


10) Together with Chor Leoni

18th June

What: JUNO-nominated Chor Leoni presents Together with Chor Leoni, an hour of choral beauty and connection. This is a curated online digital concert event, streamed in real time, and hosted by Artistic Director Erick Lichte. Presented in HD on YouTube, Together with Chor Leoni is a celebration of the sights and sounds of Chor Leoni’s concert performances recorded in the greatest concert halls of the world; from Singapore’s Esplanade Theatre to Vancouver’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. This digital concert will also feature exciting and never-seen-before collaborations, plus a few surprises.

Why: Undoubtedly one of the most mellifluous inclusions of the rhotic r to be broadcast globally in recent times.


9) Jazz For Kids: Charlie Bates

20th June

What: Albert’s Band’s jazz pianist Charlie Bates will deliver an exclusive set from his home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. Charlie will entertain us with improvisation and original jazz music, which will be sure to get the whole family foot-tapping along!

Why: Instil a love of jazz in the young ones. Because the already loud, frenetic braying of a three year old just isn’t grating enough.


8) Live Baroque Music ‘To Survive Melancholy’

20th June

What: In collaboration with Bach Club, Pawel Siwczak, concert artist, harpsichordist and a teacher at the Royal Academy of Music, each week chooses one or two works from a baroque repertoire, introduces them and then performs live. The previous episodes featured works by Froberger, John Blow and Nicolaus Bruhns, Johann Sebastian Bach, Louis Couperin and François Couperin. Future episodes will include music by Scarlatti, Frescobaldi, Byrd, Sweelinck, CPE Bach and more!

Why: Reflect upon a time when melancholia still qualified as a mental illness rather than a logical state of mind.


7) Jazz and Classical Music from Frankfurt 

18th June

What: The musicians of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony and the Frankfurt Radio Big Band have started a live stream with duos and solo performances. One or two musicians will enter the stage of the radio hall and play for their virtual audience.

Why: There’s a WWII joke in here somewhere, but we’re facing WWIII and frankly this time we want Germany on our side.


6) Rogue Opera Live Lounge 

19th June

What: Please join Bronwen Stephens-Harding, Director of Rogue Opera, on her Livestream: Rogue Opera Live Lounge. Rogue Opera is a London based professional opera company, now in its third year, dedicated to bringing opera to new audience and spaces. With all their live events on hold for at least the next few months, Rogue Opera has been working hard to bring some of the company’s live performances online. The Live Lounge is an adaptation of popular in-person Opera Cabarets and Galas – bringing the best stories, characters and music of opera alive for both opera buffs and first-timers.

Why: Opera’s not so great when no one can be made to feel lesser by the quality of your theatre attire, is it?


5) Red Note Ensemble’s Digital Noisy Nights

19th June

What: Following a successful first edition, Red Note presents a second round of new music concerts on YouTube that you can enjoy from your own home while connecting with other new music lovers online. Digital Noisy Nights provide an outlet to hear emerging new musical ideas and voices in our new social distanced reality. Five outstanding Red Note musicians will bring you the best examples of brand new music played from scratch from their homes to yours with Ruth Morley on Flute, Jo Nicholson on Bass Clarinet, Tom Hunter on Percussion, Jackie Shave on Violin and Duncan Strachan on Cello.

Why: Realise your efforts to create something of value during quarantine have been futile in comparison to those whose talents were honed prior to the pandemic, and stop bringing up your goddamn mini window box herb garden in conversation.


4) UnDistanced: Dan Glass 

18th June

What: Queer activist and filmmaker Dan Glass reads from his new book United Queerdom: From the Legends of the Gay Liberation front to the Queers of Tomorrow. Includes live Q&A with Dan and special guests, Andrew Lumsden and Nettie Pollard, two of the veterans of the struggle for LGBT+ equality in the UK.

Why: A monologuing Glass with deep insight into forms of oppression other than linear narrative.


3) Vienna State Opera: Věc Makropulos Live 

17th June

What: The Vienna State Opera is sharing past performances via free daily online streams. Experience the majesty of the Viennese opera alongside a worldwide audience. This week they will feature Věc Makropulos.

Why: A lively Czech comedic allegory concerning the meaninglessness of pursuing a longer lifespan and the eventual depressing atrophy of the mind that comes with old age. Of course…the potential of political office was never brought up as a possibility to the characters.


2) Live Talks Los Angeles: Michael Lewis in conversation with Larry Wilmore 

16th June

What: Join a virtual discussion with Michael Lewis in conversation with Larry Wilmore discussing his book, “The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy”. What are the consequences if the people given control over our government have no idea how it works? Michael Lewis’s brilliant narrative takes us into the engine rooms of a government under attack by its own leaders.

Why: Because it turns out Orwell’s dystopia is a little too think-y to manifest in this society.


1) LGBT+ Refugees: Voices from the Frontline

21st June

What: In countless countries around the world, LGBT+ people are denied safety, dignity and meaningful citizenship. The only way for them to survive is to leave. This courageous decision invariably comes with new dangers, harsh living conditions and interminable bureaucracy. Hear directly from refugees who are on the long and difficult journey for the simple right to live with dignity and human rights.

Why: Pick the side of history you want to be on. Apparently it’s still a choice for some people.

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