Top 10 Australia Culture On this week 12/07/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Come walk through the minefield with us.


10) Ruth Connell: Live

18th July

What: Scottish actress and dancer Ruth Connell, known for her role in CW’s Supernatural as Rowena, will be holding a live, interactive ballet dance lesson.

Why: Because the notion of celebrity somehow validates a person enough to think that anyone would want to listen to them talking about a proper grand jeté when the world is in flames.


9) Seeing The Racial Water: A Virtual Half Day With Dr. Robin DiAngelo 

19th July

What: This offering with Dr. DiAngelo is a 3.5 hour workshop that offers the bulk of her research, systemic analysis of White Supremacy, and work around Whiteness and White Fragility. Dr. DiAngelo takes participants through topics including white socialization, systemic racism and the specific ways racism manifests for white progressives. This will be a combination of lecture, structured reflection, and small group discussion designed to provide a comprehensive system analysis and identify personal complicity.

Why: Because asking, “Do you watch Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj?” with a dually knowing and accusatory look isn’t actually enough to prove you’re more enlightened than everyone else in the room.


8) ‘The Photograph’ Virtual Screening and Live Q&A with Director

12th July

What: Join Women’s Weekend Film Challenge for a virtual watch party of “The Photograph” (starring Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield), followed by a live Q&A with director Stella Meghie! STELLA MEGHIE’S film “The Photograph” tells a sweeping love story about forgiveness and finding the courage to seek the truth, no matter where it leads you. TIME hailed it as “a class of movie that barely exists anymore on the big screen;” and Variety said “Meghie stages it with an exploratory spirit and just enough craft to mirror the love jones of almost anyone who sees it.”

Why: Discover if you’re still able to feel emotions at all or whether the constant stream of screaming content into your eyeballs in quarantine has rendered you a sociopathic nub of a human being.


7) Royal Albert Home: Classical For Kids 

15th July

What: Albert’s Band’s pianist Dawn Hardwick will deliver an exclusive set from her home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. Featuring new music by Colin Riley, Adrian Sutton, John Psathas and Julian Jacobson, this delightful introduction to the piano will be sure to entertain the whole family.

Why: COVID has revealed to us all how much you truly hate your abrasively loud children. Give them a desire to create even more noise with a big expensive thing they’ll definitely grow disinterested in within two weeks.


6) James Darren: Live

19th July

What: Sit in with James Darren, well-known accomplished singer and “Vic Fontaine” from Deep Space Nine for a great Q&A session, where he’ll answer questions about his time in the Star Trek universe and more!

Why: Because in times such as this when we’re perpetually exhausting content, this is not considered unnecessary.


5) Up, Up and A Ray

15th July

What: Check out this livestreamed variety show created, hosted by and starring The Adventurer of Rock and Roll, Amelia Ray. The show features selections by Ray herself, performances by guest musicians, the comedic genius of Lauren Flans and a chance for one lucky contestant to play a game for prizes.

Why: The best kind of indie stand up comedy is the kind when they can’t see your pity face-to-face.


4) UnCabaret: The Zoom Edition

13th July

What: UnCabaret is a legendary comedy innovator largely responsible for the revolution in alt comedy. It’s a place for wildly fun idiosyncratic, intimate, conversational comedy. A place where comedy luminaries share the stories ripped from the headlines of their own lives. Always different and always about the now. UnCabaret has been breaking ground in comedy for 25 years live and on Amazon, sirius and Comedy Central. Why the Un? Unhomophobic, unxenophic, unmysogynistic. Unhacky. Experience the chaos live at home.

Why: Unwashed, unhygienic unmentionables. Unravelling. When you pick a prefix and apply it with no comedic value and for no other reason than to pretend to be superior than the majority of comedians out there without actually proving yourself, expect that prefix to fight back in whatever way it chooses to apply itself.


3) Hershey Felder: Beethoven

13th July

What: Based on Dr. Gerhard von Breuning’s factual memoir, “Aus dem Schwarzspanierhaus,” (Out of the House of Black-Robed Spaniards, Beethoven’s final residence), Hershey Felder brings Ludwig van Beethoven to life through the eyes of the Viennese Doctor Breuning who spent his boyhood by the Maestro’s side.

Why: Enjoy this one as much as you like but maybe don’t start blasting Beethoven out of your open window. It might attract the…wrong crowd.


2) Living Poetics

15th July

What: Living Poetics is a Live Stream that includes avant-garde international artists ranging from dancers to music producers hosted by divinebrick, a local LA interdisciplinary artist working with the body. Streams include work by divinebrick that range from butoh dance to sound compositions.

Why: See a guy named divinebrick contort himself into extraordinary positions without constantly being upsold on the hot Live Cam experience.


1) Celtic Thunder: Live

17th July

What: Celtic Thunder is an Irish singing group and stage show known for its eclectic, theatrical style show. The group is backed by the Celtic Thunder Band on their concert tours, and their live shows are known for the use of dramatic set pieces, visual effects, and highly choreographed staging. The guys want ALL of you to join them on this adventure while they share their memories along with footage and personal photos not seen before. The guys will interact with YOU, the fans, and answer some of your questions.

Why: So, we’re not going to say you shouldn’t express pride in your Celtic heritage, if you possess one, we’re just saying that now may not be the best time to whip out the kilt and talk about how the Irish were also persecuted.

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