Top 10 Australia Culture On this week 07/06/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Everything is illuminated. Gross, right?


10) Jazz and Classical Music from Frankfurt

11th June

What: The musicians of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony and the Frankfurt Radio Big Band have started a live stream with duos and solo performances. One or two musicians will enter the stage of the radio hall and play for their virtual audience.

Why: There’s a WWII joke in here somewhere, but we’re facing WWIII and frankly this time we want Germany on our side.


9) The Mystery Box Show: True Stories About Sex

13th June

What: The Mystery Box Show is a storytelling event where real people tell true stories about sex and sexuality. Since COVID-19 has restricted The Mystery Box Show from performing in a live theatre (as they have done for the past eight years), they have taken to the web and are now live-streaming on their YouTube channel for FREE! Join them for a special Pride-month show as they share true sex stories from renowned queer writer Claire Rudy Foster, RISK! podcast creator Kevin Allison, and more, plus an opportunity for you to bring your own anonymous sex confessions to bear!

Why: A Reddit thread personified. Like a reverse cow birth.


8) Vienna State Opera: Aida Live

10th June

What: The Vienna State Opera is sharing past performances via free daily online streams. Experience the majesty of the Viennese opera alongside a worldwide audience. This week they will feature Aida.

Why: The A in the ABC of opera.


7) One-Page Score Project with Vancouver Electronic Ensemble

10th June

What: Ever wondered what a picture could sound like? Vancouver New Music will host the live premiere of 2 new scores on their YouTube channel. For this special virtual edition of the One-Page Score Project, they invited community members from a wide variety of backgrounds to take part in a free two-day online workshop on how to create a graphic score. Guided by Giorgio Magnanensi, participants learned about and experimented with graphic notation, sound, composition, gesture and figure. The participants were then paired with a member of the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble to collaborate on an interpretation of their score, playing with the musician’s unique instrumentation and musical style. In graphic notation, signs and symbols can be used to represent sounds, textures and various kinds of sonic events. Using graphic notation, composers don’t need any prior knowledge of how to write or read traditional musical notation, just a desire to create and explore sound.

Why: Vancouver’s creative potential made manifest beyond trees for Wolverine to lacerate and the Canucks.


6) Rogue Opera Live Lounge

12th June

What: Please join Bronwen Stephens-Harding, Director of Rogue Opera, on her Livestream: Rogue Opera Live Lounge. Rogue Opera is a London based professional opera company, now in its third year, dedicated to bringing opera to new audience and spaces. With all their live events on hold for at least the next few months, Rogue Opera has been working hard to bring some of the company’s live performances online. The Live Lounge is an adaptation of popular in-person Opera Cabarets and Galas – bringing the best stories, characters and music of opera alive for both opera buffs and first-timers.

Why: Opera’s not so great when no one can be made to feel lesser by the quality of your theatre attire, is it?


5) Yasmin Levy: Live From Home

9th June

What: Yasmin Levy is an Israeli singer who performs Ladino music with a modern twist, an infusion of flamenco in particular. Born in Jerusalem, Levy learned about Ladino music and culture from her father, Yitzhak Levy, a researcher of Ladino, the Judeo-Spanish language of the Sephardic Jewish communities that were driven from Spain in the late 15th century. Experience her beautifully complex talents in a livestreamed performance.

Why: Experience a complex, melodious form of music the name of which requires repeated pretentious correction in any conversation.


4) Here We Go’s June Zoom Fest

8th June

What: Here We Go is back again with their second ever 24 hour ZOOM festival. By using ZOOM as the backdrop of their indie plays, Here We Go aims to highlight all of the innovative art that can be made through this troubling time. Each playwright will find out how large of a cast they must write for as well as meet their director all at the top of the 24 hours. After working through the night, the plays will be performed a full 24 hours later on ZOOM for the public to view live from Facebook. This festival is an incredible opportunity to see how powerful site specific work can be as well as be a chance to discover emerging artists.

Why: Fringe theatre. The only welcome potential casualty of the COVID-19 era just…won’t…die.


3) Serious Livestream Sessions: Duncan Eagles & Max Luthert

13th June

What: Saxophonist Duncan Eagles joins forces with electronic artist Max Luthert to perform their brand new release Spirit Bloom, as well as some tracks from their previous release Between Suns, and an exclusive performance of their new single to be released the following day. Duncan Eagles released his debut album with USA label Ropeadope last year and this led to a UK tour, including opening for Joshua Redman at the Barbican. He joined forces with Max Luthert to create Million Square – a duo of multi-layered electronic beats and accents with jazz saxophone licks floating above.

Why: Who’s heard the most music no one’s ever heard of? You have, that’s who. Let’s oil that beard for you. That feels good, doesn’t it? Who’s a smart boy? You are.


2) Offstage: Opening Night 

12th June

What: The New York Times will celebrate a Broadway season that was brought to an abrupt and painful end by the coronavirus pandemic. The Gray Lady will salute the Great White Way with ‘Offstage: Opening Night’. The event is meant to salute both shows that were in the middle of successful runs when theatres closed, as well as ones that were still in previews when Broadway’s lights went dark. Join the stage’s biggest stars as they virtually gather to perform the songs, scenes and showstoppers that helped define a year like no other. Watch Patti LuPone, Katrina Lenk and the cast of “Company” perform the opening number of the show. See Mary-Louise Parker perform a monologue from “The Sound Inside.” Hear from playwright Jeremy O. Harris, the creator of “Slave Play.” Sing along with Elizabeth Stanley of “Jagged Little Pill.” Check in with Times writers and editors, as they share some of their favorite moments of the year — and the moments they look forward to when the curtain rises again.

Why: Because not even the world burning can stop Patti LuPone screaming, “Good times!”.


1) Luminato Festival Toronto

12th, 13th & 14th June

What: Toronto’s annual international performing arts festival is going virtual! Luminato Festival Toronto will return with 3 days of free, virtual programming, bringing more than 70 artists together with audiences from across Canada and around the world. Experience a virtual weekend of world premieres, theatre, music, film, intense conversations, late night DJs, burlesque and more.

Why: Remember that time your aunt tried to distract you from the gruesome car crash with the coin from your ear trick?

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