Top 10 Australia Culture On this week 05/07/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Did you think you’d never get to experience the majesty of the Royal Albert Hall in London? Well, you were wrong! Hope costs nothing. Especially when you factor in a deadly worldwide pandemic.


10) Up, Up and A Ray 

8th July

What: Check out this livestreamed variety show created, hosted by and starring The Adventurer of Rock and Roll, Amelia Ray. The show features selections by Ray herself, performances by guest musicians, the comedic genius of Lauren Flans and a chance for one lucky contestant to play a game for prizes.

Why: The best kind of indie stand up comedy is the kind when they can’t see your pity face-to-face.


9) Victoria Gordon’s Summer of Showtunes

13th July

What: Victoria, who holds the distinction of being the youngest-ever vocal soloist at Walt Disney Concert Hall, is bringing you a season’s worth of beloved theater classics and a few surprise selections. Each themed show (with themes including Andrew Lloyd Webber, Disney, and American History Musicals) will give you just the perfect taste of musical theater magic for summer, wherever your plans take you.

Why: Disney’s had a corporate plan instilled in the minds of human incubators before the notion of a streaming service ever existed.


8) Royal Albert Home: Classical For Kids

11th July

What: Albert’s Band’s Alex Caldon (trumpet) and Alexandra Caldon (violin) will deliver an exclusive set from their home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. This stream will give little ones a fun introduction to these two orchestral instruments and the music that they can create.

Why: Nothing like instilling a lasting love for expensive screaming horns in your own expensive screaming horns.


7) Don Schlitz: Live

8th July

What: Don Schlitz Jr is a country music genius. For his songwriting efforts, Schlitz has earned two Grammys, as well as four ASCAP Country Songwriter of the Year awards. Experience his livestreamed return to the spotlight.

Why: Make sure your browser’s in incognito mode for this one. He’s a country singer. We can’t be certain his next return to the spotlight won’t be staged in front of a burning cross.


6) Watch Party: Cinderella In-The-Round 

9th July

What: Re-live the glorious Cinderella In-The-Round by Christopher Wheeldon (Tony Award-winning choreographer), filmed at the Royal Albert Hall in 2019. This inventive production combined magnificent sets and costumes, surprising theatrical tricks and lively choreography to delight, move and astound – all to the melodious tunes of Prokofiev’s sublime score, performed by English National Ballet Philharmonic.

Why: It’s still intellectually okay to appreciate the sexist tale if you throw in things like ‘Prokofiev’ and ‘Philharmonic’.


5) Living Poetics

8th July

What: Living Poetics is a Live Stream that includes avant-garde international artists ranging from dancers to music producers hosted by divinebrick, a local LA interdisciplinary artist working with the body. Streams include work by divinebrick that range from butoh dance to sound compositions.

Why: See a guy named divinebrick contort himself into extraordinary positions without constantly being upsold on the hot Live Cam experience.


4) Royal Albert Home: Jess Gillam 

9th July

What: Saxophonist Jess Gillam will deliver an exclusive set from her home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. The Classic BRIT Award winner was the first saxophonist to reach the final of BBC Young Musician. In 2019 her debut album Rise, which featured a selection of her favourite pieces ranging from Marcello and Shostakovich to David Bowie and Kate Bush, shot to No. 1 in the Official UK Classical Charts.

Why: Kate Bush’s voice through an abrasive horn not made of skin.


3) LeAnn Rimes (Live)

10th July

What: Join LeAnn Rimes as she performs Remixes in celebration of Pride with special guest Dave Aude.

Why: The prototype of Taylor Swift that came out of the oven a little too developed in brain function.


2) Royal Albert Home: Nitin Sawhney

11th July

What: Multi-award-winning musician and composer Nitin Sawhney will present a special session from lockdown as part of the Royal Albert Home series. Sawhney has had a rich and varied career, working across music, film, television, theatre and dance as a producer and composer, and was the recipient of the Ivor Novello Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. He has played the Hall on numerous occasions, including last year’s Beyond Skin Revisited, which saw him recreating Beyond Skin, the culturally iconic album, live and in full for the very first time.

Why: A little appreciation for the glories of the past of a more solemn leant than Back to the Future or The Safety Dance. We’re not disparaging the latter two, we’re just saying that your browser history could use a little padding when your potential employers are vetting you.


1) Royal Albert Home: Justin Adams

10th July

What: Guitarist, producer and composer Justin Adams will deliver an exclusive set from his home in a Serious Livestream Session as part of the Royal Albert Home series. This set will see Adams draw together the musical strands of his life. From his childhood in the Middle East, his years in London collaborating with Jah Wobble and others, his travels to Morocco and meeting Tinariwen in the Sahara, to his work with Robert Plant. Each fascinating anecdote will be illustrated with a song or guitar instrumental straight from his home studio – an Aladdin’s cave of instruments and artefacts from across the globe.

Why: The fewer words you can pronounce in the description, the more superior you’ll feel listening to the actual music.

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