This Too Shall Pass with Nurofen and ¡Printing the Revolution!

It’s so easy to lean in to a small moment and believe it will last forever.

And the problem with this is that the moments that seem to be the most enduring aren’t the ones of passion or romance, it’s the s*** ones. The toilet overflowing with last night’s burnt chicken nuggets; the slur yelled from a speeding car window; that person at the checkout that gave you that look when you bought Wizz Fizz and German wine for the third time on the same day.

Moments of romance and passion are emblazoned upon one’s memory but it’s the s*** moments that form the majority of who you come to be as a person.

But it’s important to remember that all moments are fleeting. That terrible feeling is going to disappear with the next moment of stimulation. So, for all those out there currently fighting what feels like a centuries-long hangover, we present to you your next moment of stimulation: ¡Printing the Revolution!.

Celebrate the opening of the landmark exhibition ¡Printing the Revolution! The Rise and Impact of Chicano Graphics, 1965 to Now, which unites historic civil rights era prints alongside works by contemporary graphic artists for the first time. Join artists Juan Fuentes, Ester Hernandez, and Zeke Peña for a moderated online conversation about the social justice roots of their work and the importance of Chicanx graphics in American visual culture.

The hangover will end, the checkout person will die, the toilet usually unclogs itself and, racists are racists, you can’t change that. You just have to move onto the next distraction as soon as possible, and since Corona has really screwed up the street drug trade, you’ll have to, for now, find your next moment of stimulation in contemporary visual art.

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