This Bed is Just Right at The Recharge Festival

There’s precious little to appreciate about being alive in an era in which we are able to access the quantity of information that we are currently able to access with the added ability to fact-check our resources and ensure that every act we commit fits within the moral boundaries we have defined for ourselves.

It means not only do we have to have a moral compass, but we also cannot plead the kind of ignorance that allows us to eat cereal or buy cheap underwear without knowingly supporting child slavery and an increasingly consolidated international oligarchy of economic super-villains.

Perhaps that’s why people so often steep their brains in the gooey soup of nostalgia, to relive a time wherein being a good person was conceivable and being a monster wasn’t the mundane status quo.

Of course, we can’t go so far back as to yearn for a time in which we were so ignorant that we lose all sense of moral superiority over our friends and loved ones.

So to soothe all of our taxed consciousnesses in a way that allows us to be both woke and in an induced coma, this coming Sunday will see the inaugural Recharge Festival take place.

Tones And I, Missy Higgins, Pierce Brothers and The Jezabels are among the artists lined up for the inaugural Recharge 2020 Festival. A partnership of streaming event specialist Delivered Live and Victorian Government, the virtual concert is said to represent “the best of Victoria, from its farms to its pubs, from its estuaries to its kitchens,” and will beam out on YouTube to a live audience. Also performing will be The Black Sorrows, Archie Roach, Ainslie Wills, Dallas Frasca, Fanny Lumsden, Hannah Blackburn, Thando and Wagons.

Take a beat and breathe deep the air of the Recharge Festival.

It’s just far back enough to not be too far back and just indie enough to smell like 2004 without reeking of Maroon 5.

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