Think You’re A Skilled Lover? Well, Baby, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet. Enter: The Dog Lovers Show.

Slow down there, cowboy.

They’re not into that kind of thing.

But if you’re passionate about dogs in a way that doesn’t involve bestiality, this is the event for you.

They bring joy, they bring love, they alleviate you of your loneliness and your idiocy.

Because someone constantly excited to see you and willing to eat their own excrement is the ideal being.

Make your hearts melt with something other than the price of pet food and having to explain to your guests why your house smells that way with over 800 beautiful dogs, 200+ Exhibitors, celebrity vets, incredible Dog shows, over 15 visitor features and a veritable quagmire of other people who love beings that can’t possibly compete with them on an intellectual level.

It’s safe.

You’ll feel smarter than usual.

Just be willing to deal with a lot of shit.

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