The Void with the 320 Festival

Lack of surety is more pervasive than ever.

Not only because of the recent pandemic, but because of things that were on the precipice of change before we were aware of it and its ramifications. Things which, now the end is somewhat in sight, will be pushed off the cliff under entirely new and economically devastated circumstances.

As we all learned from Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, lack of surety can make you sick. And it has. We are more afraid, depressed and anxious than ever, and the grim reality of having to confer with a psychiatrist over Zoom only serves to exacerbate the problem. How exactly are you going to smell their feet if you’re not in the room with them?

There was no hope in 2016. In the dawn of 2020, there was no toilet paper. Now it’s May and we have our toilet paper. But no amount of toilet paper can plug that empty, sucking vortex of emptiness.

Since you’re dead inside and no longer have the ability to discern between positive and negative emotions, why not plug yourself into the 320 Festival?

The inaugural 320 Festival, a mental health and music event that was set for later this spring, have partnered with KNEKT-TV to bring the event to those self isolating during the current pandemic. People around the world may check in via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, the KNEKT.TV network on Roku and Apple TV as the now online festival will provide educational sessions, musical performances, workshops and more.

In addition to the wealth of non-profit partners on hand to discuss mental health, the 320 Festival will include live performances from Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld, Lindsey Stirling, Chris Martin, Everclear’s Art Alexakis, Social House, Bruce Wiegner, Dylan Dunlap, Elohim, Evaride, Frank Zummo of Sum 41, Gnash, Holy Wars, Moontower, Rouxx and more.

It’s millionaire indie musicians telling you everything’s going to be okay. It’s exactly what your colourless reality needs. Nothing.

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