The Longest Nightmare of the Year (It’s Not Another Snap Election)

“The Longest Nightmare of the Year”.

Seems a bold claim, doesn’t it?

Considering this year is barely halfway through and we’re all already screaming for someone to turn on the lights and tell us it was all a dream.

But then, nightmares aren’t real.

We all love scary movies until a rapist in a cheap mask turns up who has somehow found a way to install a landline phone in our apartments without our knowledge.

So consider The Kraken’s Black Spiced Rum’s ‘nightmare’ at Kings Cross Hotel a break from reality. Giddy fear without the stakes of civil war, redundancy or landline phones.

Yes, The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is giving Australians a different way to welcome the winter solstice.

After screaming the night away walking through a bar inhabited by a sea of the undead, you will experience a never-ending seafood grazing table; live-entertainment; reptiles straight from your worst fears and a nightmarish selection of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum cocktails.

With playful, interactive nightmares, sexy undead sailors, a tonne of sea animals fried to well beyond recognisable form and the most pleasurable way to drown yourself Рrum Рthis is the well-earned simulation of terror you deserve.

Though…you know…still make sure you don’t leave your drink unattended. This is 2019.

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