The Curtain Rises, After ‘Offstage: Opening Night’

We could all use a little distraction right now.

But, as it always has been, distraction would be used to alleviate discomfort and skate over vital issues in the name of what has come to be known as ‘self-care’.

The majority of us have been floating around in a haze of self-care for far too long. There’s only so many placenta-based face masks and so much recreational hair removal the human body can take. Now that you’re fully aware of what your tightest corners look like entirely plucked, it’s time to face reality without a sedative and a sideshow.

Just…one last hit before you do, with Offstage: Opening Night.

The New York Times will celebrate a Broadway season that was brought to an abrupt and painful end by the coronavirus pandemic. The Gray Lady will salute the Great White Way with ‘Offstage: Opening Night’. The event is meant to salute both shows that were in the middle of successful runs when theatres closed, as well as ones that were still in previews when Broadway’s lights went dark.

Join the stage’s biggest stars as they virtually gather to perform the songs, scenes and showstoppers that helped define a year like no other. Watch Patti LuPone, Katrina Lenk and the cast of “Company” perform the opening number of the show. See Mary-Louise Parker perform a monologue from “The Sound Inside.” Hear from playwright Jeremy O. Harris, the creator of “Slave Play.” Sing along with Elizabeth Stanley of “Jagged Little Pill.” Check in with Times writers and editors, as they share some of their favorite moments of the year — and the moments they look forward to when the curtain rises again.

There are intense, endemic problems prevalent in society that need to be redressed and that will only begin to happen if they are addressed by every single rational person.

But first…Patti LuPone.

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