The Bright Side with Beatport x Absolut NYE

It’s the perfect time of year to appreciate what you have.

It’s “the perfect time” insofar as any time is the perfect time because we live in an amoral universe the maintenance of which involves constant destruction. If this year has proven anything it’s that bed sores are an affectation, mental illness is in the eye of the beholder looking in a mirror, and the only constant state is one that exists on the cumulative brink of several forms of complete annihilation.

It’s important to appreciate your current state of being. In this dirty, godless expanse of a universe, as long as you’re alive, it can always get worse. We know. We’d never ever thought we’d be the ones to promote an optimistic outlook. Perhaps we’ve been filled with the spirit of the season. Speaking of a stomach full of vodka, presenting: Beatport x Absolut NYE.

Beatport x Absolut NYE 2020 kicks off before midnight local time in Melbourne, Australia with Carl Cox, ringing in one of the first 2021 New Year’s celebrations on the planet. From there, the world’s most ambitious New Year’s Eve party will seamlessly bounce to 15+ timezones in all, including Shanghai, New Delhi, Dubai, Odessa, Berlin, London, Saõ Paolo, Miami, Calgary and San Francisco and featuring Machina & Sekitova, RayRay, Mendy Indigo, Jixo & Danz, Nastia, Honey Dijon, BLOT!, Patrick Topping, Jaguar, BLANCah, Nicole Moudaber, Jamie Jones, Sydney Blu and TOKiMONSTA, before finishing up back in Melbourne with a closing set from Carl Cox.

So go across the world in 24 hours!

Realise each iteration of a society is as grating and pointless as the last, no one point on this earth is unique to another, and the era of s*** techno is one that will never end. But you don’t have syphilis.

Happy New Year!

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