The Beechworth Celtic Festival Is Here! Quick! Shove Potatoes Down Your Kilt And Scream ‘Freedom’ Before It’s Too Late!

Time is running out.

Not the time between now and Brexit. That’ll probably last until long after our corpses have been cannibalised by a post-apocalyptic society whose monetary system consists of Funko Pops.

No, we’re referring to the tensions that have been reignited by Brexit. There’s only a small window of time remaining in which you can enjoy the nebulousness of the term ‘Celtic’ without having to declare factional loyalty.

So, one could argue that the Beechworth Celtic Festival has come at just the right time, though the claim that there is ever a right time for bagpipe music is dubious at best.

Nevertheless, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Beechworth Celtic Festival and the program is bringing back some old favourite events and characteristics of years gone by.

The Friday Night Celtic Concert will make a return this year with a great line up of Celtic Music. Performers include Claymore, Sasta and the Caledonian Castaways On Saturday, the festival will be coming back to the streets in the centre of town. With loads of free events, such as Celtic music, pipe bands and Celtic dancing.

There will be a food court and Celtic markets all in the main street of town. The Rotary Markets will be held as always in Queen Victoria Park. The Celtic Dinner is set to return and will be held inside the Old Beechworth Gaol.

The theme for this year’s Tattoo will feature the energy of music and dance from Ireland in a 90-minute spectacular from the spectacular opening by the massed pipe bands to the stirring finale. Featuring haunting tunes and popular songs of Ireland matched with the intense energy of dancers, this year’s Beechworth Celtic Festival Tattoo promises another evening of great festival celebration.

So pull down your underpants and pull up your kilt.

Your pantslessness and ignorance of cultural specificity is acceptable for a limited time only.

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