Take it Real Slow at the Transitions Film Festival

Change is always hard to accept.

Everyone loses their minds when their favourite diabetic racist cereal mascot suddenly gets updated for the modern era and replaced with something that will be problematic again in five years.

It’s not the potential benefits or losses the change provokes. It’s the inconsiderate suddenness of it all.

When you’re comfortably boiling to death in a pot of water, suddenly being plunged into an ice bath is going to instantaneously piss you off and probably going to really f***ing irritate your sinuses. No one likes to get caught with their pants down unless it’s part of consensual roleplay planned in advance, and the immediate emotional reaction to shock isn’t happiness or sadness, it’s fight or flight.

Change itself isn’t inherently evil, but it’s far less distressing when it happens extremely slowly, in small increments so inconsequential, you’ll be dead before it actually starts to affect your everyday life.

Enter: The Transitions Film Festival.

Showcasing films about the innovations shaping our collective future, Transitions is an event which exists in order to not only shine a light on important environmental and technological issues, but also begin to search for solutions to them.

The films will showcase local and international films and then pair those films with local, expert panel discussions with the hope of showcasing what is happening on the ground locally, and providing a pathway for people to get engaged with their local change-maker communities.

This year’s festival has the overarching theme of ‘Resilience’. This is the ability to adapt, survive and thrive in the face of chronic stresses and acute shocks.

Go on.

Witness change.

And in 50 years you might just experience it.



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